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How Bizarre, How Bizarre: Question the Climate Change Industry, Then Brace Yourself For the Wrath

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


How Bizarre, How Bizarre

The Weather/Climate Isn't Bizarre, It's Ever-Changing; this Obsession with it, is Quite Bizarre

Not too long ago, back when our articles could be commented on, I was called out, referred to as "half human" and accused of "not yet reaching the ideal of humanity"!


Because I dared to comment on an article on the subject of climate change and my comment was not in lockstep agreement with the author and with the majority of the responders

Sometimes my comments are in total agreement with an author, sometimes my comments reflect a mixed bag and other times, I totally disagree with the subject matter and I will express that in my comment(s), no matter the subject!

Often times...make that way too often, I will just walk away, without commenting, for sanity's sake and nothing more.

Perhaps this should have been one of those times -

Is this how it is to be from here on out and when exactly did the weather become such an explosive subject, one in which a person will become completely enraged against another person, losing a piece of their humanity, in the process?

One in which a few people at the top have greatly benefited, as in monetarily, but we aren't to talk about that!

Shouldn't we, at the very least, attempt to have this conversation?

Are we really to the point where we can't comment, unless we are in complete agreement, in total lockstep with the cause, whatever the cause, whatever its bottom-line costs?

Don't attempt to make a case, because the case has already been made and that's that?

Forget all of that nonsense about freedom of speech; nowadays, only certain views, voices, cases, are to be seen, are to be heard, are to be made, repeated, shared, repeated.....

Debate is a healthy thing, always has been!

Any case should be examined from every angle, otherwise, how do children, for example, learn to form their own opinions, make up their own minds?

Has this become one of those off-limits subjects {climate change} where young minds must be made up for them, and it must be done early on?

Cringe worthy and abusive, as far as I am concerned.

Incidentally, my initial comment...although there were no threats, there was no foul language, no personal attacks coming from me, simply, a lone opposing view, was deleted by the author.

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She didn't want it to be seen nor considered

The day that you and I can't debate, volley back and forth, in dialogue, although it may and probably will, get heated at times, is a death knell. We are doomed and the climate won't have a darned thing to do with it!

When debate is done with thought, with structure, when respect is shown one another, there are no losers. It broadens the horizon, it expands knowledge. It's a beautiful thing.

We don't have to come away in agreement, just with a better understanding of the subject matter, because we've taken the time to examine it from every angle.

Let's Talk About the Weather

I cannot tune out, ignore or dismiss, when such vileness has been directed at me, no one should!

I was respectful and it's a crying shame that I couldn't be afforded the same courtesy.

I’ll not let it lie...when it is directed at me and I will have the back of anyone that is treated so disrespectfully.....

To be completely shut down, my comment omitted and then, on top of that, shamelessly insulted in such a fashion, should give every single person pause, no matter their opinion!

Over the years, I’ve had many people disagree with me, I don’t delete their comments, (other than a couple of threatening comments and one from someone who, if not for expletives, had no vocabulary, whatsoever)

Otherwise, I‘ll allow it, I appreciate the debate, although at times, it may get heated, I welcome the challenge. We may both learn something, as a result.

I am secure enough in my core belief system, bring it!

Of course I’d prefer that everyone agree with me, but I’ll not think of you as "less than human", if you disagree with me, I can assure you of that, you are safe with me!

Bottom line, I haven’t signed onto, bought into, the whole....’"climate change is worse than deranged killers" mantra, I have not yet been convinced!

I may be convinced at some point, just not today and not thus far, over a lifetime!

I see no purpose in our Government continually regulating every step we take and taxing every dollar we make, scaring kids half to death....all in the name of combating climate; wherein its descriptions are changed as often as a businessman's socks

In the 1970's, we began to hear about, the "Coming Ice Age"!

Be afraid, be very afraid; it was everywhere; on magazine covers, in documentaries, in some classrooms.

But, it was as bogus as the infamous poor, pitiful polar bear picture, his world melting around him, {since, debunked} but, nevertheless, the 80's ushered in, a brand new era!

A mere ten years later, the 1980's and the new cause/the new scare....."Global Warming is Real".

Designed to scare the businessman's newly changed socks off, once again, one more time:

So Bizarre

So now, with all the wishy-washy ness... the climate "experts" have wised up and now they just call it, "climate change".

Much more convenient and yet, so bizarre, that so many are still as consumed, as they have ever been.

The E.U. ignores and dismisses their current energy crisis; so, apparently in favor of staying on point, on course, with the matter what, they will allow their countrymen to freeze to death this coming winter? If that's what it takes to, what exactly?

Save the world?

So bizarre!

What's not bizarre is that, in the meantime; in crisis, in what oftentimes seems like madness to much of the world, a handful of individuals are getting rich off of this!

Love me/hate me, I speak truth!

As for 'climate change', yep, I can go along with that term; the climate {aka: weather} is ever-changing, no doubt about it, no argument from me.

On that we can agree!

© 2022 A B Williams

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