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Is War On Terrorism Real?

Raymond D Choiniere, aka Cagsil Equal Rights Advocate and Activist, shares Life Experiences, Knowledge, Wisdom..


War On Terrorism: Is It Really Real?

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Reader,

The above included photo is to give you an idea, possibly a revelation of sorts about 2 things: (a) Government and (b) Terrorism. Government never wants public to know exactly what it does, because if public did, in fact know beyond any shadow of doubt, Government action was mostly working against public interests, then there would be a huge backlash from general public.

Therefore, public is kept unaware of many actions Government takes. However, if you hold same understanding Cagsil holds about Government, then you would already know what I'm about to say. Government's primary interests is increasing it's own power and control over those governed. If you cannot see that yourself, then by all means, do not consider yourself more aware than others.


Government's Greatest Weapon Against Public Is Fear. Perfect Distraction Tool.

Government's greatest weapon against public is fear. It truly is a perfect distraction tool. It is used to make you fearful of one item, then another, then again another, so you are never paying attention to them or their actions. It uses word management, biased perspectives and perceptions, and lastly divide and conquer strategy.

Government will do whatever is within it's power to ensure public is separated and only united for the "cause"(their own agenda) and no others. A prime example is 2 of the most controversial topics- (a) Gun Rights and (b) Abortion Rights. These 2 are commonly used as a divide and conquer strategy, due to the fact that "Religion" and "Constitution" are both involved.

War On Terrorism Is Both A Psyops and Real.

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War On Terrorism Began On September 11, 2001.

Yes, the War on Terrorism began on September 11, 2001. If you didn't know all of the changes which were made, then you have only you to blame. On September 11, 2001 when Twin Towers were supposedly attacked by an outside source, the following day began the War on Terrorism, along with a host of brand new legislated laws for public to be forced to compromise with.

Why was public forced into compromise? Because, too many details about Twin Towers destruction was revealed and Government needed more power to contain messages which contradicted official narrative. Most of public believes only 2 Towers fell, while others know that at least 3 or more fell or some were heavily damaged. What was obvious to many of public was the manner in which Towers 1, 2 & 7 fell. The other aspect which nagged at public was, how did the Towers fall so quickly considering how buildings were originally constructed. I'll leave you to think about those things on your own.

The Supreme Court of The United States passed all legislation, put forth by Congress, even over challenges. Therefore, The Supreme Court of The United States usurped power and authority. The Constitution doesn't protect against acts of treason. Public has absolutely no clue. Public simply said okay and went about their business, as if nothing happened. The Constitution does not protect Government against Rights Violations and ever since September 11, 2001, that's all Government has done is abuse Rights. Trampled them, as if they do not even exist.

You may be saying to yourself, that I'm nuts or crazy, as many "Civil Rights" have been recognized over these many years. And you would be sorta correct. "Civil Rights" are not Natural Rights. "Civil Rights" are a Culture designed set of "Rights".

Natural Rights every individual on the planet already has, regardless of location, race, gender, sexuality, religion or station in life. No one has more Rights than any other. We're all the same. No one reserves a Right to impose themselves upon another, regardless of reason.

The Greater Good everyone keeps hearing about isn't protection of Life, but protection of Rights, which inherently holds it's own protection of Life. The War on Terrorism is designed to sway you to willingly give up your free will, rights and freedom. Therefore, it is a psyops and real.

P.S. Last checked, America stood for protection of freedom, rights and pursuit of happiness. Yet, it seems as though American society has really gotten lost on what path to go on. Therefore, so many things seem so screwed up and crazy. But, let me leave you on a different note, things are not as screwed up, as they could be. Nor as others are attempting to make them.

Thank you for your time,

Cagsil, aka Raymond D. Choiniere II


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