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There is a Virus called "hate" which is doing as much damage as Covid-19 - Here's Why I Believe That:

Chris Briscoe, serving as a Missionary/Pastor for over 20 years in South Korea, and is a writer of over 20 books - aspiring to be an Author.


Today,there is an ugly virus called the "hate virus" which renders countless millions stricken with blindness to the truth -blind to see and speak the truth.

This hate virus has infected and is carried by the majority of the U.S. press corps. Today, because of this hate underlying so many of the members of the press, instead of them persuing the truth, they are only pursuing one thing: "GET TRUMP", who in the words of network CNN President Jeff Zucker said in his instructions to his employees.

"Don't lose sight of what the biggest picture is."

when talking on the impeachment of Trump. In other words, the boss of CNN has one objective in his Cable News Network which is to impeach Trump - that's why all news reports and talking points at CNN are focused on this one objective - even now most of these commentators at CNN are relishing this COVID-19 virus because it makes President Trump look bad. During this crisis, they are so poisoned by the effects of their hate, they actually want the number of deaths from this virus to increase - that's how much this pandemic of hate warps peoples' minds and perspective. These people, who are supposed to be champions for truth, actually are willing the U.S.A. and its people to suffer so much so that Trump looks bad. That's how much this virus of hate can blind individuals and can take them captive to its evil will and infect others who listen to them sowing their hate-seeds of constant lies; individuals who were once rational and truth-seeking people - some of them were decent, even good and honest people who went into journalism for noble reasons but who have been infected with this hate-virus and their minds poisoned by their dislike, and then disdain for Donald Trump; who were reasonable but now they have allowed their minds to be taken over by this foreign virus called hate.That's what this virus of hate can do if you let one of its seeds be sown in your heart.

As, Charles C.W. Cooke observes in National Review

"Were CNN to change its website address to ',' would anyone notice the difference?"

Yet, who suffers the most from this political partisanship? The American people or whoever is left to watch.

In the last U.S. election of 2016, it was CNN who acted as the campaign arm for the Democratic Party's candidate: Hillary Rodham Clinton. No wonder CNN also has a nickname which is:

Clinton's News Network.

Also, the New York Times acted as the political wing of the Democratic Party during the 2016 election. Can you believe that the night before the Election they had a poll predicting that Hillary Rodham Clinton had a 92% or 93 % chance of becoming president?

Can you believe the once respected New York Times got it so wrong?


WOW! Can you believe a newspaper which used to be so respected got it so wrong and today has become just another arm of the Democratic Party and their ever shrinking constituency? That's the reason CNN stopped pursuing the truth years ago and instead only pursues Trump at every oppportuny, and manipulates the news to fit their narrative of "Trump is a dangerous man and should be removed from office." In my country of Britain, there is a term for people who manipulate the news to make it fit their favoured narrative: they are called "spin-doctors" and this name was originally fixed to those individuals called, for example, "Director of Communications."

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In the U.S. this problem is particularly bad. I remember there was a time when CNN used to be honest and tell real news. There was a time when they competed with the other news networks like Fox News - but not anymore - they can't even compete with the American cartoon network programing.

But if you are among the few which tune in now and watch it, all of their airtime which is supposed to present unbias reporting of the news, is spent framing Trump in this same negative narrative; instead of reporting facts, they spin the news to fit their own narrative. They are professional "Spin-doctors" and their studios are "Spin-rooms."

And these deceptions can be so misleading they create untold havoc and instability to our society, sowing millions of seeds of hate and divisions in the American society as well as beyond.This is what the enemies of the people of the United States of America want to do:

To divide and conquer.

This is what the Controllers of CNN and MSNBC and the Democrat Party and DMC (the Democrat National Committee) want to do - to divide black against white, and man against woman and left-leaning liberal against right-leaning liberal, so they can empower themselves with their votes, as well as the votes of the millions of illegal migrants.

But what caused CNN to change so drastically from an honest news network to an opinion-airing network where every airtime is devoted to having only Trump-haters spew their own personal message of hate about Trump? If you can answer that question, I would love you to tell me in the comments below. But, please, can I ask you to keep the comments respectful and free from political partisanship?

There was a time when that standard-bearer, the New York Times, was a highly respected newspaper when the paper was regarded as a straight-shooter because they ensured the news would be very starchy and free from opinionated journalism. In fact, in an era when The New York Times was controlled by a private family, you were not allowed to report from your own opinion. How times have changed. They now only write to please their Democratic Party supporting, Trump-hating demograph of subcribers. As Michael Goodwin wrote in the New York Post on

August 11th, 2019,

"The paper was often boring because it presented the news in a dispassionate fashion and didn’t take sides, but that restraint was the source of its credibility.

Because of its plodding thoroughness, it was dubbed the 'Gray Lady' and the 'paper of record'."

But what has happened since then - why has it sunk so low to be a newspaper guided not by unbias reporting but by bias reporting? Well, the head of the New York Times thinks that having Donald Trump as president is a valid reason to have changed the way the newspaper gathers and presents news.He was the one who changed the newspaper and started authorising reporters to state their disdain for Donald Trump. Here's Michael Goodwin writing on this in the same Article:

"The man most responsible for this disaster is Dean Baquet, the executive editor. He broke the mold for fairness during the 2016 election when he authorized reporters to express their intense dislike of Trump.

'I think that he’s challenged our language,' Baquet told an interviewer by way of justification. 'He will have changed journalism, he really will have.'

As I have written, the claim is treated as one of those intellectual insights about a new paradigm that liberals spot about five times a week. In fact, it is another example of the Times missing the story.

Trump didn’t change journalism — Baquet did. And because the paper remains the bell-cow for much of the media, many organizations followed the Times into the abyss of Trump hatred.

The consequences are disastrous. A June poll found that 72 percent of Americans believe most outlets “report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading,” at least sometimes."

The same is true for the Washington Post whose newspaper is also a tool of the Democrat Party.

Without this virus motivating them, these supposed representatives and pursuers of the truth, should instead be asking the really good questions that hold the American Government to the highest scrutiny and accountability; instead, they have become consumed with only one agenda - and that is to destroy Trump, even if that means lying and manipulating the news so that every story, every report, every talking-point is weighted to make the President look bad. Please watch the following report which is from the news network of Sky News, Australia:

Today, in the U.S. most journalists have been infected with this virus called "hate." This virus "hate" motivates them to lie and misinform.It causes "journalists" to not only lose their personal integrity. Therefore, this virus going around called hate can do far more damage than COVID-19 because it has consequences beyond our death and our physical bodies. It means we have to root this hate out personally.

It is so sad to see these individuals so consumed by their hate for Donald Trump, that they cannot make informed and rational decisions.

Please watch the Video below from Sky News, Australia.

ALL AMERICANS NEED TO SEE THIS VIDEO OF Dr. Fauci, only three years ago, just before Mr.Trump was elected, warning publicly "there will be outbreak."

Here you can see Tucker Carson's Report on the political bias in CNN, abc and CBS

As all of us face-off this pandemic called Covid-19, there are twinkles of hope which fill us with the feeling that just around the corner our old life of normalcy might soon return. There has been great excitement and interest in a drug as a possible cure called Chloroquine hydroxychloroquineas - the nearest to a vaccine we can find against Covid-19, and today over two hundred doctors world-wide are publicly endorsing it as it has been showing very promising results when given to sufferers and positive cases of Covid-19. And President Trump has been speaking very highly of the drug. There have been numerous cases of individuals with Covid-19 who were very sick, or else, midly sick, who took the drug and recovered. It has not been approved nationally by the F.D.A. to be taken as a drug against Covid-19, however, you can purchase it over the counter of pharmacies as you should be able to buy this drug because it has been approved as a treatment against Malaria.

But because Donald Trump says that he likes the sound of this drug as he has heard many cases of recovery, he wants to give it a try - he replies to journalists who ask him why he should let the drug be tried on people - "Why not - it may help some people, but if it doesn't do any harm, what have we got to lose?"

All the Trump-haters who are infected with this other more dangerous and more problematic disease of hate, hate that drug and want to paint it as a highly dangerous, untested drug which should be outlawed. And do you know why the Trump-haters want this drug outlawed? Because it could save millions from death and since these Trump-haters know that the more people who die from Covid-19, the more Trump looks bad - the only agenda they have is "GET TRUMP." So since this motive controls them and their thoughts and actions, more than anything, they are willing to relish the hope and revel in the hope that this Covid-19 will kill as many Americans as possible. That is how much their disease of hate has rendered them so sick and depraved, since those in these news networks, which used to tell the truth have been so infected with this pathogen called hate, or hate-Trump syndrome - that's how seriously they need help.

They are engaged in a systematic campaign to discredit this drug Chloroquine hydroxychloroquine even before it is approved as a treatment for Covid-19, just because of two reasons: because President Trump says positive things about about it, they hate it and if it might stop him looking weak or bad as a President, they want to stop it.

Thus, if you look at the so called Media, especially by CNN, there is a systematic campaign to discredit this drug, even though it could save lives and offer us all a life-line from this Covid-19 Lockdown, but because Trump likes it, these perveyors of hate in CNN and MSNBC are trying to discredit this drug. They are actually, scandalously, putting the lives of American people and the lives of others in jeopardy. Consider this:

These so called "journalists" are actually placing their biased hate-Trump agenda before saving innocent people's lives, so that means if people die as a consequence, these news controllers at CNN and MSNBC have blood on their hands.

But what can we do to overcome this virus called hate?

Well, we have to root it out of our hearts before it infects not only our bodies but also our spirits. I don't know, if you believe in God, but whether or not you do, hatred and unforgiveness has eternal consequences. When we hate a fellow human, it damages us more than them. It not only infects us with toxic forces that take away our health, it can take away our very life. There are studies which have found, that people who carry hate and unforgiveness in their spirits can have underlying health problems caused by these toxins residing in their body and soul. It can even cause cancer and cut short our lives. It cannot only take away our lives, it can rob us of our joy and zest for life in the mean time, too.

Since this virus called "hate" motivates us to lie and misinform, it causes us as well as "journalists" to not only lose our personal integrity but to also lose our very own souls because Jesus warned us about the dangers of unforgiveness and hate and what it can do to our soul in Matthew 18:21-35.

That's why this virus called hate can do even more damage than this new virus called COVID-19.

Jesus said in Matthew 10:28,
"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell." Jesus, here, was talking about even though the power of hate, unforgiveness and sin can destroy our lives and future, the One who is more powerful is God, who alone, can save us and has the ultimate power over our soul, over our body and over hell.

It means this virus going around called "hate" can do far more damage than COVID-19 because it has consequences beyond our death and our physical bodies.It can take away not only our physical life but also our spiritual life.

But the good news is that, the only inoculation and vaccine from this virus is the forgiveness and power of healing and love found at the cross of Jesus Christ. It means we have to root this hate out, personally. For many people, this hate began when someone hurt us in our heart - or more more precisely in our spirits. We were wounded by someone, but sooner or later this wound became even more infected by hate and unforgiveness. But the good news is that two thousand years ago, the man Jesus Christ died on a cross, but his death has ramifications on us, today; it meand, if we are ready to forgive, God will pour down the power of his love to heal us and root out all hate; because love is more powerful than hate. And the only way we can do that is by forgiving, and then, asking Jesus to forgive us for our failings - and we cannot deny that we all do have failings because everyone has misrepresented the truth, some time in their lives - everyone has at least spoken one lie, has at least stolen one thing or lusted in our heart over one thing or one person - none of us can deny that. And so ,we all need the remedy and healing of God's forgiveness found at the cross of Jesus Christ. And if we ask Jesus to come into our heart, then we can be eternally inoculated from all sin through God's forgiveness because we will have the greatest remedy for hate, for greed, for lust and every sin which wants to compromise our integrity and pull us down into the pains and spiritual consequences of sin - which is hell, itself. The remedy of this is only the love of God and the healing of God found through Jesus' act of reconciliation found at the cross of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. Whether you believe in a physical hell or not, we cannot deny there is a power so strong, so far-reaching, it can infect us, destroy us and steal our very own lives, not just our journalistic integrity. But the good news there is a power which is far more stronger which is the love of God and the healing and forgiveness of faith in what Jesus' shedding of his blood did at the cross of Calvary, two thousand years ago.

If you want to be healed and have realized that this hate is ruining your life and future, then would you pray this prayer with me to ask God to root out this hate and unforgiveness:

"God, I I realize I have let the virus of hate alight upon my heart and cause there to be a gulf between other men or women, but the biggest gulf this hate has caused is bringing a gulf between you and me. But I know that you have bridged that gulf through what you did in sending your Son, Jesus Christ, to die for me, personally, on the cross two thousand years ago. I ask you, to therefore, to please help me to see the truth and help me with my unbelief. There are parts of me which find it difficult to believe, even to forgive, so please could you send me your love to heal my heart and give me your great power so that I can feel your Holy Spirit healing me, now, and binding up the wounds inside me, and giving me the power to forgive.

I decide as an act of my will, not by my feelings but by my choice, to choose to forgive, and also, I ask you to forgive me, and I know that there is great power in me forgiving and even greater power in you forgiving me. So, I receive and believe all which you accomplished at the cross two thousand years ago; I believe you died for me, please come and heal me and forgive me through the forgiveness found at the cross of Jesus Christ through faith in the free-flowing blood of Jesus Christ. I also want to follow you and follow your will in my life, every day. Come Holy Spirit of Jesus, come and live in my heart and be the most comforting force of good and sweet comfort in my life - my greatest buffer and anchor for my life here in this life, now, but also, in the life to come. I repent of all hate and unforgiveness and lying and stealing, and the lusts of my heart, and all sins. Please save me from what the power of death, unforgiveness, hate and sin can do in my life and has done in my life, and turn my life around so that I would be filled with your Holy Spirit, to be adopted by you as your own child, every day to be equipped with the greatest overcoming power - the power of your love, your peace dwelling in my heart and soul and your comfort as an eternal buffer for all that tries to drag me down and which will even drag me down into the pit of hell, except for the grace of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I ask you and invite you, Holy Spirit of God to come into my heart and live there, forever, so I can always overcome through the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ, and through the word of my testimony of what God has accomplished in my heart and in my life. I choose to follow you all the days of my life. Thank you that you have caused my heart - my spirit - to be born again.Thank you for all you have done for me, personally, and for the many adventures we have in front of us to enjoy, with you as my loving Father, and me as your living child.

I pray all these things in your name and love,


Now, after praying this prayer, it's important for you to seek out good teaching and fellowship from fellow Christians, so when all this COVID-19 business blows over, to find a good, solid church which teaches from the Bible the entire counsel of God, and also teaches about the help, and giftings of the Holy Spirit; which teaches and practices about how to walk with God daily; which teaches how the Holy Spirit and his gifts of grace are to edify the church, and to comfort us daily in our struggles and daily walk with God. I pray that you would go on in your walk with God until you die, and you face God, and he looks at your life - at what you have done - but more than that at what you have dwelling in your heart which is Jesus Christ - the only person and power to allow you to live in God's presence, surrounded by the greatest love, comfort and paradise, forever.

God bless you, my Friend, and keep you, my Friend.

By Chris Briscoe


Chris Briscoe (author) from South Korea on April 11, 2020:

Thank you, Sir, for your nice comment.

Prateek Jain from Madhya Pradesh, India on April 11, 2020:

Completely agree with you, hate is very dangerous just like the pandemic disease. Thank you for sharing your valuable information.

Reid Pinckard from Mount Pleasant on April 08, 2020:

I definitely agree with everything you are saying. Our politics have become subsumed by hatred, and that is how individuals believe they are going to achieve goals. It is this idea of perfection that plagues this whole idea of democracy and every other system in the United States. I want to hear your thought on ableism in politics and social issues. I feel like no one pays attention to it. There is an article on my page about it and how it impacts the school system, so if you want to know more about it, please go read it.

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