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Manipulation of the Public's Opinion, Mood, and Belief


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..

What Truth Do We See After All Masks and Pretenses Are Dropped?

What Truth Do We See After All Masks and Pretenses Are Dropped?

Thinking Out-of-Matrix-Box of a Mass Manipulation

Being intellectually and emotionally impervious to the suggestive assaults from Matrix, or cultural paradigm, may sound like being of a schizoid nature, inasmuch as it involves one's deliberate choice over models of experiencing.

Indeed, those deeply entrapped within the world manipulated by blindly trusted authorities, may readily call it downright "insane" -- because they have hypnotically accepted that sheep mentality as the only possible platform from which reality is to be observed and interpreted.

On the other side, those with a passion for exploring the alternate truths outside of the Matrix, are merely of a different mind frame, which they call "liberated" -- albeit some are seeing their own version of "freedom" that's "granted" to them by their Constitution, or by words of their religious messiahs.

It's not about an intellectual "superiority", so it doesn't involve a criticism, especially one that would be emotionally charged. To truly think out-of-the-box means cultivating love towards the humanity, because any intolerance would mean Matrix slavery, where conflicts are the motoric force running its mental machinery.

However, it's impossible to talk about what is inside of the Matrix box without sounding as if it's being criticized, or even mocked. Could a "concerned diagnosing" help to describe it? Like, when you come to a doctor, and he tells you his diagnosis, you are not taking it as his "criticism", right? Likewise, you don't get offended if he tells you what you are "doing wrong".

And finally, an out-of-the-box thinker will equally be honest about those aspects of their own nature which are based on hypnotic programs -- just inactivated by a liberated consciousness.

So, let' us now get to some of those out-of-the-box observations. Please, reserve your judgement till the end of the article, because some of it may sound downright odd, if not weird.

Freedom Stays an Elusive Concept All Until and Unless We Notice How We Are Not Really Free

Freedom Stays an Elusive Concept All Until and Unless We Notice How We Are Not Really Free

Horseback Ride as a Pattern

How far this thinking-out-of-the-box may go is hard to tell, without maybe creating a mild "intellectual shock" -- where something as common as horse riding can be interpreted as "strange".

Well, living in a city, I see it only in movies, and every time I see it, this notion of "one species using another one for transportation" appears somehow unnatural. O.K., so I saw a bird on top of a rhino, but not using it for "getting there from here", only for eating those bothersome insects from its skin -- which rhino doesn't seem to mind one bit.

However, then I see those rodeo exhibitions where a poor mustang is obviously quite pissed against being saddled, and even more, mounted -- all until its spirit gets broken, and it's practically hypnotized into becoming a "friend" to its owner.

Now, those race horses go a big step further, as they could be said to empathize with the competing spirit of that jockey on their back, giving their best to get ahead of all other horses in the race.

At that point it may be a right time for us to start envisioning all those humans indoctrinated into supporting the games of some huge manipulators -- political, religious, medical-pharmaceutical, and the media, all representing the covert creators of the Matrix.

The only metaphorical difference from that tamed mustang being, that no one is on their back for a ride -- but they are surely "taken for a ride", as the phrase has it.

If we insisted on the metaphor with a race horse for another moment, doesn't it bring to mind all those political adepts, psyched-up to help their political guru in their race. It's almost like a pattern, where once carefree kids' spirit got indoctrinated into molds of manipulation by strategies of mass hypnosis.

How does that hypnosis work?

Mostly by playing on the strongest human emotion -- fear. So, we keep hearing about "perils" coming from trusting this or that candidate or careerist already in power -- and promising a "political-economic salvation".

That well tested formula seems to work every time like a magic.

It works equally when "evil and sin" are used as tools of fearmongering, followed by a promise of a "spiritual salvation".

Luckily, there is something like that confession booth where we get instant forgiveness, so that, after leaving some money on our way out of the church, we have created a credit to sin some more, until the next confession.

It works just as well with the medico-pharmaceutical manipulators who have made us believe how our immunity is weak, that our health is fragile and in a "constant need of their supervision and fixing".

It may give us chills to see the passion used to crush the spirit of those poor mustangs -- while human need to dominate is doing the same to the most of us mentally imprisoned in the Matrix.

The whole tragedy starts with us not being aware of it at all, because a hypnotized person always rationalizes their behavior as "normal", even when a stage hypnotist tells them to do something weird.

There Is a Rasputin's Finger Snap Shifting Us into the Virtual Reality of Matrix in That TV Screen

There Is a Rasputin's Finger Snap Shifting Us into the Virtual Reality of Matrix in That TV Screen

Media, the Modern Tool in Mass Manipulation

Let's face it, folks -- so much of our futile political shadow-boxing would be nonexistent if it was not for the Media, which cleverly creates narratives that keep us locked within the dungeons of the Matrix.

Feeding our fears and angers, the strongest sensations attached to our survival instinct, they are laughing all the way to the bank, under that clever excuse that "public has the right to know."

To know what?

It appears so hard for people to see the bottom of the game, because those Press people never report the ultimate political truth -- simply because they don't know it themselves.

For that will be a "cold day in hell" when the supper-rich elite and their political puppets disclose their secret agendas -- a big part of which is manipulation of the public mood and beliefs.

So, here we see all those political hot-heads cheering for this or that political careerist, and with their constant "involvement " in politics believe that they are somehow "participating" in the way that the country is being run.

If political supporters' hands could mimic the futility of their minds' passion, we might see them using hair dryers to fix the humid weather.

Those press conferences are nothing but a charade, where those calling the shots are telling the people what they want them to "know". There are departments in every government whose only job is to study the public mood, and use the media to control it.

Indeed, in a sense, media has more power than politicians themselves, as they are also the ones who can make them or break them, depending on who is either owning the station, or paying.

People involving themselves in political show business live in an idealistic bubble, cherry picking from the news what fits in their preconceived picture of what is going on, and "what's the best for the country". So, to expect a Republican to watch a Democrat TV channel is about the same as expecting a Catholic to do their praying in a mosque.

It's a tail-chasing routine going from one administration to another, with no one programmed to seek a common ground, to invent a kind of language that would spell peace, harmony, mutual cooperation -- instead of competition, demonizing, ridiculing, and blaming.

In an almost ritualistic trance of "knowing it all", they have no clue about the true chess game going on nationally and internationally at levels of the market and political influence.

That's what Matrix is all about -- a system of massively followed beliefs in some phantoms and shadows, in a virtual reality where no tangible changes in prosperity markers are ever to be experienced -- no matter who is in the current administration.

In a philosophical sense, it's also a disease in collective consciousness, which is preventing that next step in consciousness evolution -- with a dogma, political, religious, and medico-pharmaceutical, while the Media is just that -- "a medium" between those manipulators and those manipulated.

Please see the video below depicting this theme.

It Takes a Multitude of Those Living in a Bubble of Helplessness and in a Need for a Product -- for a Massive Sale.

It Takes a Multitude of Those Living in a Bubble of Helplessness and in a Need for a Product -- for a Massive Sale.

Fearmongering, the Vaccine Selling Strategy

Every honest doctor may tell us that our natural immune system is perfectly capable of preventing and healing just about anything. That -- providing that we are keeping it in a good shape.

Such a doctor, particularly if they specialized in branch of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology, will further tell us how fear, being the strongest feeling in our emotional repertoire, since belonging to our survival instinct -- is extremely detrimental to our overall well being.

It actually became a household truism that "stress kills", and stress doesn't come any stronger than when it's prolonged, in steady doses of adrenalin and cortisol, two chief stress hormones.

What makes it really interesting is the fact that all those medical authorities who have kept bombarding us with dangers of Covid-19 for the last two years, know exactly what effects that fear will produce on people's health.

It's, so to speak, in a "grammar of modern medicine", that prolonged exposure to stress seriously weakens our immunity and makes us susceptible to just about anything -- whether from the microbes variety, or from any genetic predisposition that we might have, innate, or acquired one.

Namely, we may spend our entire life without knowing about some predispositions to a disease in our genome -- unless and until some strong or persisting stimulus makes them active.

In the view of out-of-box logic, in the past two years those medical authorities have been practically conditioning us for an infection, and the virus itself didn't even have to be "lethal" to affect many people seriously.

People are known to have turned grey overnight because of an emotional trauma -- outside of pandemic scenario. People have been getting heart attacks and strokes, and ulcers, and all kinds of other reactions to stress.

Again, some over 90% of all conditions and diseases are related to stress.

Why would this long exposure to fear be an exception?

When you want to sell something -- say, an astronomical quantities of a vaccine --you have to create a demand for it, and constant trumpeting about dangers of this virus has done the job -- with an incredible help from the Media, of course.

Medicine is not a science anymore, but a dogma -- in words of one honest doctor, who experienced a harsh feedback from the mainstream medicine, as he questioned some of their claims involving Covid-19 and vaccination.

Another was seen on a You tube video putting on one after another five masks, and then put his eyeglasses close to his mouth, which got quickly fogged despite those five masks. That demonstration is telling us that we are sending our breath, clean or infected, into the air, and a sub-microscopic little critter, only visible by electronic microscope, surely can find its way in or out.

The latest are news about women experiencing problems with fertility after taking vaccines -- while we might also remember those few deaths (so far) as the direct result of vaccination.

How much more is there that we don't know?

How many more "variants" are there in plan for enhancing the advertising of vaccines?

Well, keeping ourselves afraid won't do it for our well being -- and no vaccine can save us if we are not nurturing our natural immunity.

Anyone Propagating Out-of-Box Thinking, Has a Deep Respect for Others' Intellectual Individuality

Anyone Propagating Out-of-Box Thinking, Has a Deep Respect for Others' Intellectual Individuality

For a Final Word

As I am daily doing my routine practice of meditation, self-hypnosis, kundalini awakening, Small Universe qigong, and blissfulness at will -- I clearly experience that divine separation of "god from god's things", that liberated consciousness from the Matrix. (Using god's metaphor is figurative, not literal, as I don't see anything "godlike" in anything of who I am, or what I do).

So, as I am writing about all this, I am separated from any desire to affect others' way of reasoning -- simply because that's something beyond my control, and as such, out of my ambitions.

In a true sense of it, I am merely sharing what I think, and you will do with it whatever your particular intellectual taste will let you. As I said it at the beginning, I am not in a Matrix business of conflicts, so anything written here is not to "oppose" others' views.

Being an out-of-box thinker, I'm like a rain, which didn't fall with an "intention" to spoil your picnic, it's simply doing its thing while being a rain. And that's how, by writing all this, I am just having fun while enjoying my beingness.

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