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Imposed Vaccines Behind Globally Declining Mental Health

Val is not a medical scientist, but a free thinker capable of telling apart true science from a politically tailored one.

Covid has become a trigger word for drifting into a trance of brainwashing

Covid has become a trigger word for drifting into a trance of brainwashing

Politics: the art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism and fear-mongering to dupe average person into accepting -- or even demanding -- their enslavement.

-- Larken Rose

Some Crazy Statistics

Let us all get to the same page by first examining one key point:

How much do we really know about this virus, about testing, about the main source of our information, and who is financing that source.

Indeed, everything else is of a secondary significance, and by being able to get these answers straight, we can only judge what is the true information, and what is misinformation.

And maybe that very last question about the source of what we "know" might give us a strong hint at the answers to all those other questions.

So, here are some facts:

-- John Hopkins University, which has been the main source of daily information about all "testing positive and dying of virus" -- is financed by the Bill Gates Organization, which has heavy investments in production of vaccines.

-- The World Health Organization and FDA, get paid by the Big Pharma, as well as Media with its daily reports about covid's numbers -- with the job to disseminate the constant fearmongering to the masses.

-- Medical science has been corrupted into a medical dogma.

Now, if these were statements stemming strictly from my own personal talent for conspiracy theorizing, you would do well by leaving this article as a bunch of lies. But this is something that keeps coming from certain silenced world renowned experts in virology who dared to oppose the mainstream flow of information.

Medicine has become heavily politicized, which makes all its claims highly questionable.

What should maybe bother our logicalness the most is this insane game of some simple statistic numbers.

Namely, if covid-19 is really survivable by the rate of 98.2%, and the effectiveness of vaccines is about 68% -- why bother vaccinating the world?

Back in 2017, some 58 million people died worldwide -- due to a normal mortality to be expected from year to year. It certainly looks like a huge number, but the media is not reporting about it, because it's something "normal" -- and in 2017 there was no pandemic at all.

Now, it should be excusable to assume that the same number of people worldwide would have died anyway during this pandemic -- not from the virus, but from a plethora of other medical issues.

How hard would it be for our lay-person's brains to figure, how many of all those normal yearly deaths have been ascribed to this virus's fatalities?

Hospitals are actually getting paid 50,000 for each covid patient, and 75,000 for those where breathing complications are present. As I mentioned it in another article on this topic -- people get breathing problems from anxiety attacks, because diaphragm, which does the breathing, goes into a slight spasm. And then there is a secondary adrenaline shot even enhancing it due to the fear about its cause possibly having to do with covid. It's not a "theory" but the ABC of human physiology.

And then we come to the reliability of that PCR test, which, by its very creator, was claimed not to be used for infectious diseases at all; while a number of -- silenced -- experts have raised their objections to its use for detecting covid-19 virus.

Can you imagine what the entire story of this pandemic would have sounded like, if this test had been seen as unreliable from the start? Beside the point that "testing positive" doesn't necessarily mean "being sick", that main tool of propagating the pandemic would be missing.

With the true nature of this virus still being an enigma -- how could have a right testing methodology been  developed?

With the true nature of this virus still being an enigma -- how could have a right testing methodology been developed?

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Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.

-- Dorothy Thompson

Is the PCR Test Really Reliable?

Dr. Michael Yeaden, a former CSO at Pfizer company got conveniently discredited after asserting that we may carry the genetic material of the virus long after we have developed natural immunity to it.

Why?-- if to this very date it's official that the true nature of this virus is not completely understood.

Meaning that so much is still merely a theory, so why was it so unacceptable to assume that the PCR test was detecting something other than an active virus?

Is it because, by admitting that possibility, the whole story about a "pandemic" would crumble? Imagine, without all those "testing positive"-- what would be left of all those statistics connecting deaths to this virus?

Really, folks, what if the PCR test is detecting something that the most of the world population normally carry in their bodies, as a part of the "normal" cellular junk? All those who ever developed immunity after getting sick of a virus from covid family -- could carry some dead genetic material of those viruses, now detected by this test, making it an "official covid-case".

At this point, let us remind ourselves that our body is composed of more micro-organisms than there are cells. And many of them are not friendly at all, but our immunity -- that has passed some incredibly heavy tests during its historical evolving -- can handle them.

I might as well repeat my mantra about immunity and pathogens:

A pathogen of any kind is only as strong as weak is our immunity.

By the way, it was that same expert, Dr. Michael Yeaden, who dared to assert that the pandemic was practically over, with the virus weakening already back in June.

I just can't but appeal to the logicalness of everybody, as we could ask ourselves one big question here: That particular doctor, along with so many others that have been silenced -- are they to be viewed as some nut-cases, some ignorants, someone merely "craving for popularity" -- when they are risking their whole career by making such statements?

Really, folks, those are the experts with the same education and expertise of one Dr. Anthony Fauci -- so what is it about Anthony Fauci which makes everyone a believer?

When he recently claimed that "he represents science, and anyone opposing him is opposing the science" -- I don't know about you, but to me it sounds like a sheer case of intellectual arrogance.

Medicine, like any other science, always benefited by open discussions among those of the same scientific ranks -- because that's how science advances itself, not by dogmatism which turns science into an untouchable religion.

So, back to those tests...

As this new "alleged" variant omicron has become a new suggestive blow to the gullible masses, testing is again taking a new wave of popularity, while the CEO of Pfizer is announcing the "need for the fourth booster".

Well, so far I haven't said much -- directly -- about the effects of all this on the public mental health -- albeit anybody reading all this so far could have got an idea about the impact of this persistent fear mongering on our sanity.

When prospects of staying alive are sized down to one vaccine -- human mentality is in a serious shit

When prospects of staying alive are sized down to one vaccine -- human mentality is in a serious shit

With attention deficit democracy I am trying to wake up people to how the combination of mass ignorance, fear mongering by the government, and lying politicians is putting our entire system of government to a death spiral.

A "Mental Stampede of the Herd" Caused by Fear Mongering

I don't mind admitting that much of everything in this post is a possible paraphrasing of the material from my other posts on the same theme.

But then -- why not, if this suggestive medico-pharmaceutical machinery is doing the same, feeding us the same, but instead following the principle of "a lie repeated enough times eventually becomes truth".

I certainly have no intention to keep repeating my views nearly as much as to make myself more believable.

So, like I said it elsewhere, this prolonged fear mongering is -- in the first place -- terribly weakening the people's immunity. The science of psycho-neuro-immunology clearly says that any prolonged stress is downregulating our genes' expression for health maintenance, which affects our immune system.

Likewise, the studies of so called "nocebo effect" -- which is opposite to placebo effect of our positive expectations having healing effect on our health -- tell us that the "herd fear" may result with -- what I would call a "mental stampede".

Based on the principles of mass-psychology, it doesn't take much for the global populace to go collectively nuts to different degrees -- from chronic anxieties to the marital issues, all the way to suicides that have been on a rise since the beginning of this pandemic.

And especially since the global imposing of these protective regulations and mandates.

We are social beings, folks, and these restrictions are imposing an enormous mental pressure on us.

Not seeing each others' facial expressions in public drives us nuts on subtle level of our basic nature. This paranoid distancing, which, by the way, never resulted with anything promised to us, further enhances our sense of insecurity.

Namely, while we are intuitively counting on the "herd protection", it's now turning into the "danger from the herd".

And it's not anymore just those unvaccinated in the hospitals, but also fully vaccinated, along with the growing statistics of those getting strokes, cerebral palsy, heart problems, reproduction issues, paralysis of limbs, and even dying soon after getting their vaccine shot.

How are these news affecting people mentally? How many more vaccines and boosters before those vaccinated ones lose all patients and stop falling for the massive medico-political propaganda?

I wish the whole world had read Dr. Joe Dispenza's highly scientific book "You Are the Placebo"!

There they would be astounded by what the true science is saying about man's power of either positive or negative expectations concerning health. Suddenly, these daily reports of "positive cases", these public restrictions, and these "promises" about vaccination -- all would be seen in a completely new light.

What makes Dr. Dispenza so believable is not some "theorizing", but the concrete results from his worldwide workshops where attendants are demonstrating astounding health benefits from merely a change in their beliefs about their conditions. Cancerous tumors are shrinking, crutches are dropped, "incurable diseases" get cured, all in a matter of a week.

Their biological markers are measured by some top shelf sophisticated instruments right there, including their brain activity, expressions of genes, energy level, and some others (that I managed to forget because they are too scientific for me, even after having read the book several times).

And then, there is that dark side of our beliefs and expectations, equally powerful, and even though the good doctor is not mentioning this pandemic at all -- the implications are clear.

Also, that holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD -- who got instantly silenced -- might have been right when she bravely asserted that "people were dying more from fear than from the virus."

Thus, the nagging question is: How much longer will people tolerate this "science", and claims of those authorities getting paid over-or-under the table by the Big Pharma -- including that, probably most effective one, the Media?

Look, if the authorities in Norway, Denmark, U.K., Ireland, Switzerland and a couple of other countries, decided to just "live with the virus" with all restrictions removed -- what's making our own medical authorities that much more advanced over theirs, and us some "different species"?

And what will happen with the mental health of the people if this crazy pharmaceutical propaganda continues for another year, or even years?

Will people at some point of going nuts start going violent toward them? Think for a moment, how much less were motivated all those on the January 6th rampaging the Capitol building.

Are the authorities playing with fire, while pretending that "they are doing all this for our benefit"?

There is no rebellious bone in me -- but I am thinking of all those whose getting systematically pissed may reach levels with which no one is counting as possible.

After all, the Greek alphabet has more letters than the public is willing to celebrate the baptizing of every (alleged) future mutation of this virus.

See this video about dangerous and expensive games Big Pharma is Playing

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