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Trump; the Great MAGA King and His Ultra MAGA Supporters

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

The King's Court?

The King's Court?

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Yes I know, many people do make stuff up, especially when it comes to Donald J. Trump, but, no one can accuse me of making this up:

The words, "the great MAGA King", actually rolled off of Joe Biden's tongue, passing right on through, his pouty, pursed lips

Was it a cry for help?

A subconscious plea?

Only Doctor Jill and the good Lord know for sure, but wow, can't you hear the campaign slogans now, if President Trump does choose to make another go of it?

That will not only be a spectacle, it will be fun and entertaining, once more!

I know for a fact, that is what a lot of people want, the great return of the novice MAGA Prince, now promoted/elevated {by his competition} to the "Great MAGA King", back on the perch, he was once shooed away and driven from.

And how have his loyal supporters been described?

They are "ultra" (ultra: beyond what is ordinary) I like that, it so beats Hillary Clinton's choice of description, "deplorable", although many have had a lot of fun with that one too...

Fuel and energy costs are through the roof, ever since, Joe Biden made his way back into D.C., instantly putting a halt to the Keystone pipeline, to oil production, to so many things, which have also caused an increase in hardship and heartache!

Citing, global warming being our biggest fear and that these former workers need to get with the solar energy program!

He not only sabotaged our recently reached level of energy independence, putting hundreds, if not thousands, out of work, with a sweep of his pen, the American citizen has had to put off spring and summer road trips, due to this fiasco!

Trucking companies and (independent truckers in particular) are watching exorbitant diesel prices, day by day they rise, knowing they can only hold on and hang in, for so long!

On top of the unreasonably high prices at grocery stores and big box stores, in restaurants and even at the local fast food drive-thru.

What did we gain by putting Joe Biden into office?

People knew his name, he wasn't Donald Trump, he was going to "restore the soul of America" and put adults back in charge...he wasn't Donald Trump.


He, Joe Biden, can't even get through a reading of his teleprompter without getting all tongue-tied or seemingly completely lost in the interpretation of what it is, he is supposed to be reading!

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His press secretaries, both former and present, same with V.P. Harris, are all equally pathetic, shuffling through their notes for their canned answers, to probing questions and inquiring minds.

It's one big joke - but it's our livelihoods that are at stake, so there's nothing funny about any of this!

That's why people love and support Donald Trump, he understands what the corrupt D.C. insiders do not and wouldn't know where to start - in an attempt to learn!


Working Man

Many pipe fitters and oil production workers have been laid off, scolded and told that solar energy is the way to go.

Joe Biden insulted them further, telling them to go back to school, learn a new trade: such as learning to install solar panels!

While they are back in school, learning a new trade, Joe Biden will be taking up their slack...he will be in Saudi Arabia begging for oil {cringe}

Although we have more than enough to sustain us right here on our own land, in our own fertile soil...

That's how screwed up the Progressive vision of a "transformed" America is!

What a slap in America's face!

Why make a mockery out of their profession?

Why criticize and critique their particular skill set/their particular career choice?

Why destroy their American dream, Joe?

What of the here and now for them and their families?

What about the here and now for all American families Joe?

Our future hinges on your grovelling in the Middle East?

Is that part of that "returning the soul of America" business, because it sure seems crass and heartless to this here, soul!

To take away their jobs and then on top of it, tell them that the Federal Government will take care of it/will take care of them, is such a slap in the face of these hard-working individuals.

They don't want to be "taken care of", that's what you and people like you, don't get...and never will!

You Joe Biden, the entire Democratic Party, the RINOs, the Progressives, just don't understand what it means to find satisfaction in working for a living!

You don't understand the pride that is taken in seeing a project through to the finish and reaping the rewards; not only in receiving a decent wage, but the satisfaction... in a job well done!

Working Man

Trust the Government You Say?

We, the public, have been told to drive electric cars...okay, but where will that really get us, in the long run?

Does the average John and Jill Q. Public, really believe that the Federal Government will not find a way to tax the heck out of them, fueling as much, if not more, angst in the cost, in the long run?

The cost of raw materials are up across the board; electric car costs are rising as quickly as the cost of fuel, States will naturally find a way to charge hybrid and electric car owners fees, to make up for the fuel taxes that they are no longer collecting!

Why does it have to be all or nothing with the Democrats, with the left?

Choices, make the world go round - it makes them smoother and less complicated

Not all can afford, nor have the desire to go the electric route; some of us love the sound and feel of a roaring engine and know full well that there's plenty of fossil fuel to keep those V8's roaring for a long, long time.

We aren't into the whine. But, for those who are; make it easy, keep it easy...and affordable, for them to go the hybrid route!

Don't promise them gifts and incentives, while guilting the rest of us, all while having a plan to spring a ton of taxes and fees on them, on down the road!

No Contest

I don't know if Donald Trump, aka: the "great MAGA King", will make another run for the office of the Presidency, that is for him and his family to decide.

If he doesn't, I know that there will be a lot of ultra-disappointed supporters.

If that is the case, I hope and pray that an individual, who thinks, governs and follows through, as Trump did, during those four short, but prosperous and oh-so productive years, rises to the top, quickly!

We can't afford Joe and company any longer...than we are stuck with them!

Too many of us are struggling in our day to day personal lives, certainly in our small businesses and the Country isn't in a good place right now.

It doesn't matter how many scripts, Joe Biden and his team botch, we, here in the real world, know the facts and understand the truth!

The differences between Trump and Biden are as clear as the sound of a super-charged V-8 engine v. a plugged-in, electrical power supplied battery.

No contest.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 A B Williams

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