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The USA faces BRICS (and mortar)

Very interested in geopolitics and in particular the current state of Europe and the US.

BRICS meeting 2019

Five Leaders controlling 42% of the Global Population: On the left, President Xi Jinping of China, to his right, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, then centre, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, second from the right, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Five Leaders controlling 42% of the Global Population: On the left, President Xi Jinping of China, to his right, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, then centre, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, second from the right, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

BRICS - The alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ( and soon to be joined by Argentina and Iran)

An alliance that western media does their best to keep quiet about is BRICS. Founded way back in 2009, by the five emerging nations under the acronym, BRICS; the members are: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, with Argentina the next likely member.

Together, BRICS control 42% of the global population and they have a combined GDP of US $40 trillion, or, 32% of the world’s GDP. These figures roughly equate to the combined GDP of the US (16%) and Europe (15%) if you throw in the UK as well (2%).

However BRICS countries are great savers with combined reserves of US $4.5 trillion, compared to the US at US $712 billion and the European Union of only US $307 billion, therefore BRICS have 80% more currency reserves.

On June 23, Vladimir Putin said that BRICS are going to form their own global currency.

We haven’t heard a reaction from the US yet on this as they were likely expecting it, but if there’s one thing that makes the US very afraid, it’s competition to the US dollar.

Saddam Hussein broke ranks with the dollar in 1999 and started trading in Euro’s instead. He paid a heavy price, losing his country and his life to an illegal invasion. Saddam was perpetually stigmatised by world leaders and mainstream media and of course heavily sanctioned for actually doing nothing wrong. His biggest crime was that his country was saturated in oil. In fact he once said, ‘I wonder if our main export was lettuces, whether they’d still be interested in us?”

Prior to the US lead illegal invasion, Iraq was in fact the most liberal country in the middle east. Women shared the same professions as men, so Iraq was equally gender spread, with architects, lawyers, professors, doctors etc from both sexes, and their was no compulsion for women to wear the hijab, and most didn’t.

Sunni and Shia, lived in harmony and as neighbours. Saddam himself was a Sunni and they only made up 25% of the population of Iraq.

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After the invasion, Sunni and Shia started to fight. This was tragic, and even more tragic that George W Bush after his invasion had it explained to him who they were, as he never knew there were two branches of Islam. Yet he was supposedly qualified to invade a Muslim nation.

Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya also like Saddam before him, wanted to replace the US dollar in currency transactions with the gold Dinar, as an African trading currency. When news broke about this, the US under Obama and NATO states under the illusion that he could launch a missile into the UK and even Australia within 45 minutes, once again illegally invaded Libya and within a short time this rather great man was brutally assassinated. If you’re reading this and saying ‘this great man’ — that’s not right, well you’ve listened to too much CNN.

Gaddafi’s achievements: 1) Education was free right through university. 2) If the course you desired was only available in another country, then the government would pay for you to study abroad. 3)Medical treatment was free and if you had to have an operation overseas, the government would pay for it. 4) Cholera and typhoid were contained and life expectancy raised. 5) Everyone had a home and many were financed free into their home. 6) Rental properties were discouraged, there was zero homelessness. 7) Electricity was free. 9) If you desired to start a farm, then the government at no cost would provide you with land, a house, seeds and livestock. 10) With every new birth the mother was given $5000. 11) Gas was the lowest in the world at $0.14 cents per litre. 12) When a couple married, the government gave them $50,000 to start their new life. 13) If you wanted to buy a car, the government subsidised it by 50%. 14) Commodity prices were kept low so that nobody would sleep hungry. 15) There was no external debt under Gaddafi and in fact reserves totalled US $150 billion (since confiscated, like Russia’s). 16) Libya had its own state bank that provided loans to its citizens at 0% interest rate.

Which brings us to the current situation with Russia, Ukraine and BRICS. As Russia is a nuclear state, it was not possible for the US to invade like they did with Iraq and Libya. There’s no question that would be a third and final world war. After the cold war, the US and NATO promised Russia they would never expand into the East. Throughout 2020/2021, Russia wanting to be reassured about this and held continuous talks with the US and NATO, while watching a steady troop build up by the Ukrainian army on the Donbass border, which then borders Russia. After the talks were inconclusive and Russia felt that the cold war promise was about to be broken, they made the first move and went into Donbass, which at the time of writing, they hold 98% of its territory. Once secure, they will then occupy Donbass for the foreseeable future. (Donbass is 90% culturally Russian). This then will become their permanent buffer zone, and to forge a peace deal with the rest of Ukraine, Russia will almost certainly forge an agreement with Ukraine that they will never ask to join NATO.

My feeling though is that this conflict was more a proxy war against Russia and the US, with the US using Ukrainian troops instead of their own. Also a teat of weaponry and resilience and the Pentagon I believe strongly believed that though most European states and the US flooding Ukraine with weapons and mercenaries, plus the imposition of over 7000 sanctions on Russia that this war would be easily won. But you just don’t play poker with Putin. Whenever sanctions are imposed on a country it drives the population behind their leader, and from all accounts Putin enjoys a 90% popularity rating within Russia.

The US believed weakening Russia would leave China isolated. But Russia hasn’t been weakened. Their currency the Ruble, has been the strongest performing currency in the world this year. The EU in one of the more foolish and rash political decisions ever historically made, made a twelve month date to cut Russia’s gas supply off before finding a replacement. They can’t and it’s simply not possible to replace it. In the meantime, Russia has found ready new markets with not only the BRICS countries but another 90 nations that have refused to place sanctions on it. The result of this is that Germany and Austria are having to fire their old coal stations up, putting climate change, decades behind and the irony is that the Minister of the Environment and also the minister of Foreign Affairs in Germany are members of the Green Party. Europe could well be running on candle power in 12 months.

So, should the US and Europe be frightened of the BRICS Alliance? You bet. These countries together hold the majority of natural resources and have a firm and friendly alignment with the Middle East, Africa and South America, that the US and Europe don’t enjoy that type of relationship at all.

All BRICS countries have emerging economies with no debt and full employment. Europe and the US on the other hand traded this position away decades ago by outsourcing productivity to BRICS nations, in particular China. Thump tried to do something about this, but all he could come up with was imposing tariffs on China. That didn’t bring jobs back, it just made goods higher priced for Americans.

It will be an interesting next couple of years. I believe this conflict in Ukraine, driven hard by the US and NATO, is backfiring badly in Europe, with gas the main weapon of Russia’s that European countries such as Germany didn’t seem to do their research on before joining the rest of the EU in saying we’re done with Russia’s gas. The entire European industry and economy is likely to be affected in many different ways, as well as their populations are getting punished for a decision they didn’t make, and are watching their fuel bills soar.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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