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The Turkish-Palestinian Security Agreement

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Despite the displeasure of the Israeli government, Turkey, a NATO member (in name only) is being aggressive in the region. First, their security agreement with Libya allowed them to send their troops and other military weapons into that war torn area as a power broker to counter Russia, which supported the opposing side. That was over a year ago, and now they are fully entrenched and in possession of large oil and natural gas areas to develop with Libya.

That said, the agreement signed is a blueprint of much the same for the future for Gaza. The agreement allows Turkey to send military troops and supplies upon request to train their local militia in security and anti-terrorism methods and to provide military equipment etc. In the future, Turkey hopes to control part of the vast natural gas area that would belong to the Palestinians deep in the offshore sites and share the resources as with Libya. This could be worth billions, so for either player, it would be great.

Israel has nothing to say about it because they actually control anything leaving or entering Gaza, including offshore ventures. In fact, Palestinian fishermen can be no more than six miles from the coast. Ironically, Turkey and Israel are on fairly good terms with military and other imports and exports, but this new agreement is of concern especially if Turkey sends it military troops there armed, or, shipments of weapons arrive (assuming Israel would allow it).

Turkey has already been talking about having a multi-international force to protect the Palestinians from Israel. This force could include Turkish, Russian, and Arab troops. Of course, Russia did not seem that interested since they are in Syria, but Turkish troops along with other Arab forces from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan remains a possibility if this happens. The likelihood of a multi-national force seems remote at this time but it will happen as there is no end to the mess between Israel and Arab states.

The funny thing about all this is that in the Book of Revelations, which predicts Biblical prophecy of End Times, clearly state it will come to pass as conflict continues in that area. It talks about Russia and Turkey being pulled into the region for the lucrative natural gas and oil reserves that lie off the Lebanon and Israeli coastlines that can be claimed. The billions of dollars in their worth is a big lure. But Turkey, like Russia, wants to reclaim what was theirs before and during WW1. When WW1 ended, the victors carved up the area. Then, there is the Iranian factor, just waiting to explode when they get the nuclear bomb and use it on Israel. This will ignite a regional war. The US, under Biden, is reversing what Trump did and it will not end well. Iran has one goal and that is to stall until they have enriched enough for a bomb. The US role in the End Times is one where it is too preoccupied with itself in domestic nonsense and problems countering nefarious agents of our usual enemies that cause havoc. While still powerful, there is a reluctance to get involved overseas anymore.

Some feel all will come to pass by 2030, if not a little sooner. Just watch developments in the Middle East.


perrya (author) on June 26, 2021:

Not sure if its a good thing but I can see how things evolving without the US there.

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Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 26, 2021:

Right. It’s the middle east. Israel and Saudi deserve trouble. Imo

We’re out of it.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on June 26, 2021:

The entire scenario is unfolding because of the direliction of its duty by United States and the Biden. They have similarly washed their hands of Afghanistan. Turkey is going to create trouble for Israel and Saudi monarchy. USA will regret Turkish adventures, but sadly Biden wil be in the grave then.

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