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The Tragedy of Pakistan: Attempt to Murder Imran Khan

MG is a keen political observer and commentator who has a ringside seat to the turbulent years of the present political scenario



I am reminded of the famous play "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare. In this play, Julius Caesar was welcomed in Rome after he crossed the Rubicon, but his close friends who knew him decided to kill him because they felt that he would make himself the king of Rome. They feared in their minds that once Caesar becomes king they will become redundant and to avoid this they made a conspiracy to kill Caesar. Well, it was a tragedy but the same tragedy is unfolding in Pakistan and I'm afraid Pakistan has a lot to answer for what's happening. Now let's look at what happened in Pakistan. Imran Khan is the most popular leader of Pakistan and his popularity can be gauged from the fact that of the last eight by-elections held, Imran's party won six of them. The ruling dispensation led by the brother of Nawaz Sharif named Shabaz Sharif is left wondering what's going to happen because in the coming election they may lose and have to sit in the wilderness.

All conspirators were known to Caesar and they killed him. Similarly, the death of Imran would give people who know him a flip. Not that Imran has no faults, he's got plenty of them but he does not deserve to be killed, the way they had planned it as an assassination when he was leading the freedom March from Lahore to Islamabad. The people who were all known to Imran khan knew very well that if Imran came to power they would become redundant.

The conspirators thought that if Imran is killed they would live in peace but that didn't happen. Despite a man firing an automatic rifle, Imran Khan survived but now he's back to normal and the March is to continue. The people have come out in large numbers to support Imran and the Pakistan Army, and prime minister Shahbaz Sharif is on the back foot. This is after Imran Khan named three people responsible for his attempted murder. He named Prime Minister Shabaz, Interior Minister Sanaullah Khan, and Major General Faisal Sharif of the Pakistan army. There is further drama as the police are refusing to enter the names of these 3 worthies in the FIR( First Information Report).


Shahbaz has made a statement that if I had planned this then I don't deserve to be the prime minister of Pakistan. This statement can be dismissed with a pinch of salt, do you expect him to say anything other than this? but he's trying to pin the blame and bring India into the picture by stating that India is involved. This is again like passing the buck and trying to mislead the people.

The fact is the man who stands to gain the most if Imran is wiped out is Shahbaz Sharif. He fears that corruption cases will be opened and he may well spend time behind bars. You must remember that his brother Nawaz was sentenced to 10 years in jail on charges of corruption and is now absconding. He's holed up in London and he dares not come back to Pakistan.

Imran Khan unfortunately for the dispensation has survived and one cannot forget the role of Big Brother, a euphemism for the army. The Army's omnipotent in Pakistan and is referred to as the establishment. The establishment controls everything in Pakistan right from making tea bags to many other things. They are the biggest single entity whether it's the economic field or any other field.

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Their professional competence is suspect as they are so much used to a life of luxury that the generals have lost sight of the Principles of War. The army has the dubious distinction of losing half the country; the first by any country after World War II. Another person to gain in this entire episode is the United States of America. Nobody can convince me that Americans had nothing to do with this. They were extremely unhappy with Imran Khan's tilt towards Russia.

The entire removal of Imran Khan and the assassination attempt or whatever it may does hint at the involvement of the CIA with local support. After all the CIA has carried out many assassinations on a global stage. I need not recount them here.

The future is very dark. I'm told an inquiry will be carried out but Pakistan is unique and we all know that earlier similar investigation reports only gather dust and bring out nothing. In other words, Inquiries bring no result. Imran Khan has named three persons who are well known who wanted to get him killed. May be true, or may not be true but an inquiry has to bring out the truth and it will never bring out the truth

There have been so many inquiries in Pakistan and nothing came out from the time of Liaqat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan who was assassinated while giving a public speech. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated after a public meeting and the inquiry has revealed nothing. Pakistan is the land of Hades and death stalks that country. The people, a fringe element, are violent; look at the way they go around killing people under the laws of blasphemy which are in existence only in Pakistan and no other Muslim country has lynchings for blasphemy.

Pakistan is on the verge of another breakup; a civil war unless they pull up the bootstraps, that is remove Nawaz Sharif and his brother and imprison them, get the Army to go back to the barracks and stay there and become professional fighters, and any man who is indulging in such activities like lynching innocent person or hang to death people like Zulfikar Bhutto be punished. He was hanged by the Pakistan Army for a crime that he never committed. I remember going through a video sometime back in which the last words were recorded and his last words were God I am innocent

Pakistan's future is dark unless a Jinnah comes up and I don't see any Jinnah on the horizon. Imran Khan is certainly not Jinnah. He's going around praising India but when he was in power he was terribly anti-India.

Last word

The army is not going to allow Imran Khan to come back to Power- Long March or no March and the fact is the Pakistan Army itself is on the back foot because they can't come back to power themselves because Americans won't allow it. In addition, the people are restive and many have demonstrated outside the palatial houses of the generals. What is the next issue? It is the division in society, a division in the country.

Let's wait; I'm pretty sure something serious may happen in the next few months. The game has just started to Checkmate the King, who wins? we don't know but the battle becomes interesting and the world will sit back and watch. There is a real danger because Pakistan is a nuclear-armed State and that's why Joe Biden's statement holds value. what did he say? he said Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world and I echo the same words. Why can't you Live and Let Live, why can't you live in peace and why can't you do away with the blasphemy laws? why do you have to go around killing people like Imran Khan? fight him on the battlefield fair and square; these are wishful thoughts. We don't know what's going to happen in the future but one thing is very clear Pakistan is on the edge of the precipice of self-destruction. The economy is terrible and foreign debts are piling up. I hope they get out of it.

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