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The Term Limit Issues

This Started From a Blurb I Posted on FB that Resurfaced as a Memory Today 06/12/2022

File under, "Occupy till I come." Luke 19:13 - 6/12/22

The "share" is a FB 'memory' from 5 years ago...

More currently, not only are term limits a trap (limiting us, not politicians) but they are in no way bringing "accountability" into OUR Realm. It is by the way, "OUR" Realm... more on that a little further.

There are better ways to establish "Accountability" in our government systems, both local, state and federally. First though, We The People, would have to establish Vote Integrity once again here in the U.S. And this could easily be done both, before the ballot is cast and after the polls close, while the ballots are counted.

This is something that other countries have done and even some of our own states, wherein the results are known the same night. And this would be the same for Referendums that voters are included in to decide on important issues, of which I suggest that the more important the issue, the Super Majority of 60% it would have to have, to pass.

Once voter fraud is all but eradicated, the Political Accountability Issue could be addressed... and Term Limits in my opinion was and is, not the answer. What could be addressing the accountability problems are...

  • Probation for newly elected representatives. The "carrot and stick" method would determine whether they remain in office to "earn" a pension after at least two terms and be decided by those that elected them on the merit of their Constitutional voting record and how they fulfilled their campaign promises.
  • End the "Party Systems" and let the voters decide if the policies and platform of the campaigner warrants their votes. The party systems are a Crony nightmare of Political Good Ole Boys, that really determines whether the "nooby" gets in or not. This needs to end.
  • Lobbyists with Campaign money Influence, or "other monetization incentives" also must be brought to a halt. All Politicians should be in touch with their constituency to keep their finger on the pulse of what their voters want.
  • Any extra-income the elected would be able to generate for themselves should be approved by those that elected them and not by trading in stocks, investing in hedge funds or anything that could be manipulated by their influence in office. Let them write books if they have the time.

Dismantle the current format of the Main Stream Media that promotes a one sided perspective. Back in the late sixties, early seventies, broadcasters were required to offer equal time to political opponents. Opinion "pieces" were not the "news" but were clearly earmarked as just that, "opinions" and their were entire programs devoted to those perspectives. Debating perspectives and issues can now seemingly, only be found on "cable" these days.

These are simply the beginning of Accountability Measures that would be far better than "Term Limits", as I have mentioned many times since I first heard the phrase and understood its meaning. Term Limits are a trap, they simply "limit" the choices of voters and does nothing to introduces an accountability factor into the quagmire of American politics of today. There are many other common sense solutions better than the few I've suggested, that could resolve our tyrannical governance. If voters wish to continue "voting" for any candidate beyond what is suggested by term limits they should enjoy the right to do so. If they want the candidates gone they can vote them out.

I will finish this with a Bible verse and a comment...

Romans 13:1 - Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

We The People, were ordained by God to be the "Constitutional Rulers" of America... politicians merely represent us.

Jus sayin

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