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Grass Roots Efforts, Such as the Tea Party, Beat Out Manufactured Campaigns Every Time

I took an interest in Politics at a very young age. The Goldwater-Johnson race fascinated me and I've been paying attention ever since.

"When People Fear their Government, there is Tyranny; when Government Fears the People, there is Liberty"  -Thomas Jefferson

"When People Fear their Government, there is Tyranny; when Government Fears the People, there is Liberty" -Thomas Jefferson

The United States; Sought by Many, While Others are Underwhelmed

As it was nearly a decade ago and as it was, now closing in on 250 years ago...it is about America!

Well, for most of us, it is...

A Country like no other, emulated but never equaled!

So sought after, that an otherwise stable and grounded man, living in a foreign land, would be willing to risk it all...everything, uproot his family, put them on a makeshift flimsy raft (if that's what it takes) and head out into the deep, dark blue unknown, in search of something better in the United States of America!

While, another methodically maps out the trail that he and his family will someday take, he'll have no way of knowing, if he has chosen his path wisely, but he is willing to risk it.

  • They and so many others, contemplate a way, some way, any which way, to get to America!

As these men contemplate, they hope and pray for the wheels of Immigration to start spinning again, for the process to enter into America legally, be made simpler by easing the complexities, so that they will not be forced, to take such risks.

While they contemplate getting here....

  • Another, born here, will awaken, without a thought or care about; another day or the Country that they are so Blessed to be waking up in. They'll check their schedule for the day, in order to find out where it is, they are to report.

True, a regular job does not typically have one checking to see where they'll be, but theirs, is not a typical job, they are paid protestors, they report as summoned and then collect.

or -

  • A young man/young woman, without direction, lacking that certain drive, that is inherent in most, will roll out of bed, receive a message to get down to the town square, for it's about to get real! They may receive word that there's a scheduled Town Hall gathering, they should show up and disrupt...just because! Maybe it will be word that a Libertarian or a Conservative is scheduled to speak at the local College and may be (brazen enough) to show up. Their mission; show up, shout over and hopefully, shut down the invited Speaker! This group will not receive payment, they've no real purpose, just taking too much for granted, with too much time on their hands!

In either scenario, their existence, their job; to agitate, obstruct, to shut down and to, hopefully, make the News.......


The Tea Party, as Genuine as it Gets

A decade ago, President Obama was beginning his term as President.

Many of us didn't vote for him, but he was elected, he was our President.

Most of his agenda didn't surprise any of us. He had already told us that he wanted transformation. It was very clear that he wasn't impressed by anything about America and so, he sought to change it.

He was always focusing on all of the wrong things, situations which did not concern him, had nothing to do with him or his role as President. It seemed as if either, he didn't understand or didn't accept his duties or the words repeated, during his swearing In.

We watched, waited, kept to our routines.

Maybe...we could get through the next four years, without too much damage.

He seemed nice enough, personable, etc.

Suddenly, at warped speed, a National Healthcare Bill was introduced. It was thick, (yes it was in fact...huge) and no one really knew what all was in it.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi certainly didn't know, she stated with such wide-eyed anticipation, that we needed to pass it, to find out what was in it!

They did pass it, (the Dems that is) no Republicans wanted to be associated with, this yet-to-be-read, "yuge" monstrosity mystery bill.

We started to find out "what was in it" alright, we started to read about mandates and fines. This overstepping, overreaching, ginormous bill, even went as far as suggesting jail time for non-compliance!

It was at this time.....a grassroots phenomenon sprung up!

People from all walks of life; white-collar, blue-collar, differing political views, started coming together in city parks, band shells, downtown venues....wherever there was space, because the numbers of attendees grew and grew....city to city, town to town, state by state...by state!

Eventually, we all came together in Washington D.C., September 12, 2009, for a march on the Capitol.

We peaceably assembled and petitioned the Government for a redress of grievances, for the Constitution of the United States was not only being ignored, it was being trampled upon.

It was an amazing thing to see so many faces in all directions, as far as the eye could see, peacefully assembling, peacefully marching, but with very real, very genuine concern and determination.

  • Families with small children
  • College students
  • High school groups
  • Senior citizens marching the entire route with their canes in hand, as their only aid
  • Multiple Moms and Pops, just wanting their businesses to survive this President

When all of the events were behind us and we were headed back home, first a police officer and then later, a taxi driver, told us to please come back any time. They stated that they'd never seen such a large crowd and shared that when there were large crowds, their City was trashed. We had left their City, Our Capital....

cleaner than we had found it!

They couldn't say the same about the environmentalists that visited frequently. (hmm, I found that quite interesting)

The police officers had a pretty easy day with us. They only had to deal with the usual stuff and an additional few ignoramuses that chose to verbally or physically attack us... their guests from out of town, can you believe it?

I know that we made a difference:

  • The Tea Party got behind and endorsed constitutional conservatives for office
  • We ended the careers of many career politicians
  • We ended the careers of many that had probably cared about this Country and their constituents, at one time, but somehow lost their way
  • We had a lot of people, whether involved or not, finally paying attention.


For a Cause

Affordable Healthcare, aka Obamacare, aka ACA, has been a thorn in our side, in America's side, ever since.

We've all heard stories of canceled policies, premium increases, unrealistic deductibles and people having to give up their favorite doctor, for one chosen for them!

We've heard how small businesses have had to lay-off to get to a certain protected number or how they've had to decrease hours for some employees, from full-time to part-time status, in order to keep their doors open.

We've heard how the IRS targeted us active in the tea party.

Presently, we do not have a day go by, that we don't hear about the ACA.

A lot of people are still paying close attention to how this current administration, this current congress will respond.

Many will be happy with minimal change, but many expect far more, a full repeal and a full replacement.

While many of us believe that the Government shouldn't be in the healthcare industry at all.

We are watching intently, from day to day to see what they do.


It was nothing compared to what was accomplished here nearly 250 years ago, but some 8 years ago, over one million of us, took time out from our busy schedules/busy lives, time away from our businesses, jobs, schooling and we stood together....

with a purpose, for a cause:

  • not because we were told to do so
  • not because we received a message to show up and get loud
  • not because we were instructed to be as obnoxious as humanly possible, while destroying property in the process....

But, because of a 'purpose driven' cause, which actually meant something, to each and every one of us.

(Incidentally, if anyone had sought to do harm to another or destroy property, through any of this, they'd have been instantly stopped, booted and/or reported to the authorities!)

With this amazing group of people, which I was a part of, such behavior would have gone over like a lead balloon.

So much experienced and so many great memories made!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2017 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 15, 2017:

Thanks Paula!

Most of these 'kids' that roll out of bed to go protest, have never heard of the Tea Party, what it was, how and why it happened.

From what I've been reading....anything they may have heard, has been negative. Doubtful they've learned anything substantive about it, in school!

Thought a different perspective, via my positive personal experiences, needed sharing about right now.

Suzie from Carson City on March 14, 2017:

a.b.....You write so well. I see this as beautiful. It's easy to say this because it's truth~fact~reality. What's more beautiful than truth? I know of nothing.

There should not be walls between the people of this great nation, no anger, spite or fighting, but there is. It shouldn't be that a people of one country must doubt the honesty & promises of our leaders, but we do. We've been beaten down with lies.

It hasn't always been this way~not so constant~much less painful. But things have changed so drastically, before our very eyes, right under our noses........How very sad that we're to blame. Yes, we really are, we can't deny it.

We saw it all and heard it clearly. We watched it happening but did nothing~~nothing much more than gripe and fret~~complain among ourselves. Our guard was down and like the hope of an abused spouse, we kept believing it would get better. It only got worse.

The struggle back up to reclaim our country that we watched be torn down piece by piece, day by day by lies and trickery and backroom deals with evil enemies...that struggle's only just begun. God forgive us for our egregious inaction as America was gutted by deceivers. How dare we ask you to help now? But we beg. Just one more chance.

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