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The Taliban Says No More Extension

The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan and is refusing to extend the date. They want all American troops out by August 31/2021.


People Are clinging To American planes

President Joe Biden is being slammed for the mess former Donald Trump and his administration created. Donald Trump negotiated a deal with the Taliban that all American troops will be out of Afghanistan by May 2021.

American troopers have been fighting for the past 20 years in a useless war, the United States has nothing to show for it but blood, sweat, and tears. President Trump gave the Taliban a chance to strengthen in growth and size.

The Taliban are holding on to the promise Trump made, and Trump is no longer president of the US. This war was one of the longest fought in history, it's time for our government to let the Afghanistan people stand on their own. Afghanistan's troopers have been taught, many years ago, by American troopers how to conduct their operations they have the know-how. They are protecting others to do their bidding.

Afghanistan's soldiers are dropping their guns and walking away. President, Ashraf Ghana, packed his bags and left the country. The presidential palace was taken over by militants.

President Joe Biden and his administration are doing everything they can to get Americans, and some Afghans, out of the country. Some Americans will be able to leave on their own. Approximately 7,500 Americans are hostages of the Taliban, they can't get to the airport. Furthermore, the Taliban are surrounding the airport in Kabul , they will allow the United States to take Americans and some Afghanis to get on the plane. The United States and their allies have vacated thousands of people from Afghanistan.

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President Biden didn't want any American left behind, he is doing his best to bring all home, but it is an impossible task. The Taliban are not allowing any more people in the Airport,they want it isolated. Will America meet the deal line of August 31/2021. This belongs to the Former President Donald Trump, he negotiated a bad deal with the Taliban, thinking that he would win the 20-20 election. President Joe Biden has to clean up behind the mess Trump made. Instead of trying to help fix the problem, Republicans are blaming President Biden . Afghanistan Government has collapsed and is control by the Taliban .


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on August 25, 2021:

After 20 years of fighting in an unless war, American troopers are coming home. President Joe Biden is doing his best not to leave any American in Afghanistan, but as of now it seems impossible. People are blaming Biden for the mess, the former president Donald Trump created. Afghanistan has collapsed, there is nothing more the United States government can do. Will this country survive under the Taliban?

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