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The Silent Foreign Invasion of Libya

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The ongoing civil war in Libya has pretty much not been an American affair of interest since American policy in Libya has backfired most of the time since 2012. But Russia was the first country to realize that what it had done in the Crimea to take that part of the Ukraine over, could be done to a country to seize it and control its vast oil reserves, natural gas, and deep water ports.

In the past two years, under the radar of most observers, over 330 Russian transports had quietly landed and have unloaded ton of military equipment and thousands of paid Russian mercenaries and troops. All these troops have no obvious uniform or insignias to identify them except for the fact they speak Russian.

Soon to follow were other countries trying to gain control are key areas or align themselves to the "winner" in Libya. Most notably is the NATO member, Turkey, whose leader seems to be on a rebuilding of the Turkish empire that collapsed in WW1 and the Allies carved up much of what had belonged to Turkey. Turkey is the adversary to Russia in Libya, but not for NATO, but for itself. Like the Russians, opportunity knocked and they soon followed the Russians in delivering huge amounts of weapons and men but these wore Turkish uniforms, as these troops had been invited by Libyans. Also, the UAE, Chad and Sudan, all have sent men and weapons to gain control of areas.

The two Libyan opposing forces are the GNA (supported by Turkey) and Khalifa Hifter (supported by Russia). Oddly enough, Hifter has direct ties to the CIA and even lived in exile in Virginia, USA, after his failed coup attempt over Gaddafi. The Trump administration supported the GNA but was talking to Hifter also. Since Gaddafi's death, Libya has been broken and fighting for who controls what is between these two actors.

Russia claims that the thousands of men and material sent is to help Hifter's group dominate the GNA. Turkey claims the same. Hifter's LNA (Libyan National Army) controls much of the eastern part along with Russia, Egypt, and UAE. This part of Libya has the most oil resources. The GNA with Turkey, has most of the countries population. Most Western countries, including the USA, support them but have been unwilling to intervene. The Sudanese militias there are just there to plunder as are those from Chad, these troops are paid by the UAE.

Russia has been building a huge base at Jufra, home to many Mig-29 aircraft and troops. The only indication they are Russian is from the language, everything else, including aircraft, are scrubbed of Russian insignias. This allows Putin to claim that Russia is not in Libya or is violation the UN arms embargo on Libya. Most of the Russian soldiers are from the "Wagner" group, which claims is a private firm but is an extension of the Kremlin. There are at least 2000 of them in Libya and several more trained Syrian mercenaries. Russia was an ally in 2008, where it had spent $7.5 billion in arms and infrastructure. Russia would help Hifter's LNA with counterfeit currency that it had printed to pay to gullible militias.

Oddly, when Trump was president, the US actually approved of the LNA offensive to capture Tripoli, which made the US on the same side as Russia. That is when Turkey decided to intervene big on the side of the GNA. It was not long before the Turkish and Chinese drones flown by Turks and UAE were demolishing the Russian weapon systems on the ground. Turkey's reason for intervention was to halt the fighting and promote peace talks since the US was not interested. Soon, at least 145 air cargo planes landed to help the GNA oppose the LNA, with just as many weapons and more. Like Russia, Turkey began building airbases to house their US made F-16 fighters to take on the Mig-29s.

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For many Russian Wagner men, the hefty monthly wage of $3300 is the sole reason for going to Libya, as the average wage in Russia is just $650! When a Wagner member if killed there, the family receives $67,000.

There are now 10 military bases in Libya and over 20,000 foreign troops. In Syria, Russia and Turkey are allied, in Libya, the oppose one another and have split the country into two zones in a stalemate. It is likely that neither country is going to go home and give up. Both countries are likely to remain permanently in Libya because of the natural resources and Libya's location in the Middle East. One could see how Russia and Turkey simply become allied as they have in Syria, as both still view Israel as the jewel to conquer for its vast off-shore natural gas reserves. Why else would both countries in the Book of Revelations in the last days show this in prophecy?

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