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The Second American Civil War

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Joshua Wright is currently an A level student studying politics. He does extensive research into the political matters of the day.

For years the left and the right in the US have become more and more divided and partisan. The middle road is becoming increasingly narrower. Compromise and understanding between Democrats and Republicans seem to be dying out. Does this sound familiar?

The very thing that led to the first American Civil War was a lack of compromise and understanding between free states and slave states over the power of the federal government in territories that had not yet become states. Although the slave states were fighting for a rather morally objectionable cause, the parallel still stands. The division led to the war.

So, let's imagine a scenario/timeline in which the division in this country leads to such a war.

The Lead Up

For years in the United States, political divisions had been growing. Friends fell out with friends and family cut off family just because of differences in political opinions. The Democrats and Republicans had both strayed too far from the center, had become too extreme. Both parties came to resent one another. Then came Donald Trump, a man who had no problem with using these divisions to his advantage by portraying the Democrats as the enemy of America to win elections. However, the Democratic Party was too taking an extreme path. With the rise of Bernie Sanders (a democratic socialist senator who ran for president both in 2016 and 2020) the Democratic party shifted significantly to the left. As Biden sought to win over these voters he shifted from moderate liberal to progressive Democrat, much to the dismay of some.

On November 3rd, 2020, Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump to win the US presidency 278-260. However, after many months of assuring his supporters that there was no way he could lose without voter fraud being present through mail-in ballots, Mr. Trump refused to concede the election. He cited the close nature of the results and ordered a recount in states such as Wisconsin. The recount ended in no change in the electoral map. But still, Trump refused to concede.


As a constitutional crisis unfolded in America, political violence began to erupt. Pro-Trump militias began to roam the streets. Trump praised the militias for "standing up for America" and appeared to publicly back them. At the same time, Democrats began to feel threatened by the militias and began to "fight back against the rising fascist regime". Soon enough pro-Republican militias also began to band together to "defend America against radical socialists" and therefore formed a united front. Soon enough, against all advice, Mr. Trump blatantly backed the militias and therefore many of them began to take hold in certain rural and conservative areas. And in response, Democrat militias began to take hold in some cities and counties. This was the start of the Second Civil War...

Heavily armed rural citizens storm Michigan's State Capitol. June 31st, 2020

Heavily armed rural citizens storm Michigan's State Capitol. June 31st, 2020

The Other, And Perhaps The Likeliest Scenario...

The date is November 3rd, 2020. The results are in and Trump has won a landslide victory... except, well, he hasn't.

According to FiveThirtyEight most of Biden's voters will be voting by mail. However, most of Trump's voters will be voting in person. And because of this votes will skew heavily towards Trump on election night.

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This is because mail-in ballots take much longer to count, meaning that election night may show Trump has won by a huge margin, but as the results come in over the next few days it would show a Biden victory. and going off what we know about Trump, well, do you really think he will accept this? Of course not.

Trump will claim that the "establishment" is trying to rig the election against him. This will cause his supporters to become stirred up and will most likely cause political violence on the street level.

What is scary is this scenario is perhaps the most likely election night scenario. Unless Biden wins outright on election night or Trump somehow wins a clear majority then quite frankly election night could be about to ignite a very serious constitutional crisis in America.

Rural vs Urban

The Second Civil War will not be a North vs South type of situation. No. The Second Civil War will be a much more disjointed war with rural areas being controlled by conservative, pro-Republican militias. And Urban areas being controlled by liberal, pro-Democrat militias.

However, with most Democrat strongholds being urban areas the Democrats will be scattered. This is why I believe in the event of a Second American Civil War, well, the Democrats would be screwed.

Republicans would outgun the Democrats due to their increased amount of gun ownership. Democrats, however, are less likely to own a gun (for obvious reasons).

But no matter if its urban vs rural or state vs state. one thing is for sure, any civil war would be devastating.

That is why the people of the US must begin to reconcile with one another whilst putting their political differences aside. You don't have to love the other side in order to be civil, you just have to understand that we as humans are entitled to an opinion and as long as said opinion does not bring harm to anyone then we should accept them.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, I think we can all agree on one thing. A civil war is not in the best interests of our country. Nor is it desired. If we do not solve our differences then quite frankly the enemy of our nation is not some evil foreign power, but rather the inability of it to unite.

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NayNay2124 on September 03, 2020:

Very good article and I totally agree with you.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on September 03, 2020:

That last sentence of yours deserves a Nobel Prize. Nice hub.

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