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Is Trump Unstable?

Trump members of your own family has came down with the Coronavirus, while you sat in the White House bitch over voter fraud. Concede Trump.


Trump has lose the Election

Is President Trump having a melt down? Donald Trump knows he has lose the election. due to his fault and is angry at himself. Trump is pushing voter fraud because he wants to blame any one except himself. Trump is angry at himself and the people for not falling into his craziness.

Trump is afraid to leave the White House of embarrassment and shame, he is horrified of losing. He doesn't care about his job and serving the people his only objection is finding a scheme that some idiot will believe. From his reaction as president of the United States., all of him is not there.

Trump is out for revenge he will stop at nothing, he has thrown his own supporters under the bus, because they are suffering like most Americans. Trump is like a wounded animal backed in a corner he is dangerous, and out to stop anyone who gets in his way. Trump is trying to use Republicans of other States to over-turn the election. Trump is trying to get votes over-turn of Black and brown Americans who gathered at the polls in the thousands, to dethrone him.

Trump has taken legal actions against states to courts with no evidence and lost, with Rudy Giuliana his personal Lawyer leading the charge.

Republicans are silent only two Republicans have spoken out against the president. Out of common decency Trump need to concede, giving Biden the Information he needs for a easy transition. Trump is destroying our democracy with Republicans tip toeing around like puppets on a string. President Trump lose the election because of the people spoke and couldn't take four more year of this president.

To Trump Supporters it's time to stop the madness and respect the decisions of the American people whether you voted for Trump or not. There was no voter fraud the lies and the madness have to stop it's time for this country to heal. Trump lose the election there was no evidence of voter fruad.

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Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on November 20, 2020:

President Trump is angry at himself for losing the election. Republicans are setting back in silent watching president Trump destroy our democracy. Trump no longer cares about governing the country, for 16 days he has done nothing but soak and plot to have the people election overturned. He is showing America and the people just how foolish and selfish he is. Trump is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get his way. The race is over we the people have spoke. JMDF

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