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The Sabotage at Iran's Natanz Nuclear Facility

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Natanz Facility

Natanz Facility

Sometimes, real life mimics entertainment. Iran was just hit with an act of sabotage at their Natanz nuclear weapons facility where they are trying to build enough weapons grade material for a nuclear bomb. They have been bragging about their newer centrifuges that create this material much faster than most of their old school centrifuges. And, indeed, they were well on their way. Some past reports stated that Iran already had enough enriched uranium for a few bombs, others stated that Iran was just six months from having one. And, you know who will be the first to be on the receiving end- Israel, then, Saudi Arabia.

Israel remains desperately trying to stop it any way they can. They have three contingent airstrikes planned as a last resort, which the latest sabotage may have stalled it further and bought Israel time. They managed to cause great damage via computer hacks into the Iranian system there in 2010 with a Stuxnet worm. Still, Iran continued to enrich uranium under the faux nuclear agreement of 2015, which at best, simply bought time and stalled it.

The latest sabotage resulted in a loss of 50% of Iran's first generation centrifuges (quite dated) at Natanz, while, only some of the faster and less prone to problems, their second advanced generation of centrifuges.. At first, it was thought to be another cyberattack like in 2010, but Iran indicated that it was an explosion to their internal electrical grid there where up to 5,000 IR-1 (first generation) centrifuges are connected that halted refinement and damaged many. They also claimed to have a suspect in mind and are in pursuit. The Natanz plant can hold up to 50,000 centrifuges!

Tehran TV Show

Over a year ago, a new spy TV show appeared called Tehran. It is an Israeli produced show with English subtitles. It is quite good. In it, a woman Mossad agent who speaks fluent Farsi and English is sent on mission to Tehran to infiltrate the electrical company supporting Natanz and hack into their system to disrupt the production inside. At first, she gets a job there, befriends fellow Iranians who work at the company to gain access. She was able to hack into the system to plant a worm that would also (besides making the centrifuges spin at speeds where they would overheat and explode) send disinformation to radar sites at specific times to coordinate with incoming Israeli bombers for Natanz. It would make aircraft detection impossible, allowing Israel to bomb without detection.

Well, the agent was able to disrupt the Natanz electrical grid with an explosion of key circuits controlling the centrifuges, but the blinding of Iran's radar detection failed at the last second and the Israeli bombers turned back.

The show predicted how Israel just might disrupt the Natanz site with and explosion to the facilities internal electrical grid and power supply. Had the Iranians been watching, they could prevented the REAL attack at Natanz that is very similar!

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perrya (author) on April 14, 2021:

Update- The recent explosion caused Iran to lose 2 of the 3 uranium enrichment production rooms disabling Iran's ability to enrich to 60%. Also, it was disclosed that the explosion from within the facility had been planted there two years ago and detonation was done remotely. No doubt a Iranian worker there working with Mossad or the CIA.

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