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How the Stalled 40 Mile Long Russian Military Convoy Escaped the Ukrainian Army

Charles is a US Army Cavalry Veteran from 1993-2005. He has served stateside in support of several missions throughout his military career.

Satellite Imagery Provided by Maxar Technologies provide HD resolution, eye in the sky views of the stalled Russian convoy.

Satellite Imagery Provided by Maxar Technologies provide HD resolution, eye in the sky views of the stalled Russian convoy.

War Comes to Europe, Again

As the people of planet earth watched from the edges of their seats, one of the world's most powerful military forces surrounded a tiny European country. A country about the size of Texas. We're talking about Ukraine. Although small in size, its people are large in heart and spirit. From the leader of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the 90-year-old babushka scolding Russian soldiers in the street, the bravery and strength of these people can be seen and recognized all over the world.

As a huge contingent of Russian forces surrounded the country of Ukraine, citizen soldiers took up arms throughout the country. As millions of women and children fled to the surrounding NATO countries for safety, thousands of patriots from around the world found their way to Ukraine to help the remaining citizens fend off the impending Russian invasion.

On 24 February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify the country of Ukraine. Russian forces bombed and shelled key military infrastructure as well as civilian-occupied areas throughout Ukraine. This was the start of the great war for Ukraine. Ukrainian military forces along with citizen soldiers gallantly fought back the invaders. Their love of God and country is emblazoned upon their protective armor and vehicles, yellow and blue ribbons are tied around their arms as a sign of their bravery.

In the north of Ukraine, along its border with Belarus, a staggeringly large force of Russian military might began its push from Belarus toward the capital city of Kyiv. For reasons unknown, the Russian military convoy became bogged down on one of Ukraine's major highways, forcing nearly forty miles of troops, tanks, mobile rocket launchers, and armored military vehicles to come to a standstill. American officials blame the stalled convoy on failed Russian logistics, lack of communication, or food and fuel shortages. While Ukrainians believe the slowed advance is caused by attacks and ambushes along the convoy's path. As the mainstream media blasted satellite images and drone footage of the stalled Russian military vehicles, military strategists, news anchors, celebrities, and the usual pundits put forth their wide-ranging opinions of what should come next.

A Missed Opportunity

During this obviously catastrophic Russian military failure, President Zelenskyy begged NATO to close the air space above Ukraine and provide a no-fly zone. Every day he begged the western world and NATO for assistance in keeping the skies above Ukraine clear of Russian and potentially Belarusian warplanes. Had NATO done this, it is widely held that these actions may have been seen as an act of aggression by Russian President Vladimir Putin and could quite possibly have caused further escalation throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Shortly after the stalled convoy was located, an idea was floated throughout the mediasphere. I am not exactly sure who came up with the brilliant plan to provide Russian-made Soviet-era fighter jets to Ukraine, but I am 100% sure that this plan should not have been made public. It was talked about and talked about by mainstream media hosts on every media platform available. From my experience serving in the US Army, even I understand from a soldier on the ground perspective that hot topics in military planning should be kept secret and only shared with trusted sources. I tend to think the information regarding this plan may have been inadvertently leaked to the media by someone in the Biden Administration or possibly even purposely leaked in an attempt to virtue signal America's intention of helping Ukraine without actually committing to war themselves. In my opinion, this was a huge blunder and could quite possibly be one of the major contributing factors to the potential destruction of the city of Kyiv and the eventual fall of Ukraine.

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As of March 14th, 2022, the mainstream media is finally silent regarding the deal of transferring these Soviet-era fighter jets from Poland to Ukraine. During the highly publicized and politicized talks of how to get these much-needed planes into the hands of the Ukrainian air force, the Kremlin appears to have gotten its head out of its ass and relocated the stalled Russian military convoy to strategic positions around the capital city of Kyiv. A political and military debacle for the ages and a missed opportunity caused by politics, inept leadership, and an over-eager media conglomerate.

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