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The Revenge Of Donald Trump

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Like a zombie, Donald Trump has risen, with his oratory skills not seen since Satan himself in convincing others to follow him and act like him. We all thought Trump losing in the 2020 election would put him out. Put America out of its misery from the four years that he was in office that, as we now find out, almost destroyed the great democracy that America is. There are so many behind the scenes that are now coming to light as to how Trump tried to coerce fellow Republicans (those brave few willing to defy and repel the man with orange hair) to worship him as their savior or as "America's Savior". The worst was his attempt to subvert the 2020 election results after it was all over up until the insurrection he supported with a wink and grin of January 6, 2021. It was not that different than a coup, had it succeeded.

After January 6th, Trump vanished like a dog with its tail in-between his legs, a real loser. Then, so many Republicans disparaged their feared leader now that he was gone (but while he was in office, they dared not to challenge this King). Fast forward to October, 2021, there are only a few willing to challenge Trump.

Today, and for the future ahead and through 2024, we will have the reemergence of Trump. His popularity among Republicans is like 80%+ and the few willing to take him on are not very vocal about it. Trump isn't. He says he will crush them all whoever opposes him as he did before. His rallies resemble those of Hitler, not in content, but in how the large crowds feed on every word out of his mouth. The ambiance is one of revenge as he teases his crowd that he may run for POTUS in 2024. When he chants his lies about how Biden stole the 2020 election, while most sane people laugh at it, his gullible followers swallow it whole. He knows what they want to hear and cheer about and he even grins about it as he tells this worshippers this!

Television networks are at a quandary about coverage. Wile FOX was once Trump's BFF, they have distanced themselves now but are still pro-Republican or anti-Biden. They still cover Trump but minimally. CNN tries to cover Trump just as a news story and not waste airtime but they remain steadfastly anti-Trump for all the lies told at his rallies. which are just Trump ego boosters for him, at this time. Of course, there are two far-right channels now that are simply cheerleaders who bend over and accept anything out of Trump's mouth as "righteous".

Yes, Trump is slowly ramping up his revenge tour to make America Greater Again but for now, it brings him much needed revenue for him to pay his bills and debts incurred and his team of lawyers still fighting cases in court.

Think of 2024. With Trump running again, not because he is patriotic, but because he wants to be the first ex-President to run again and win. There is little else that would please him more than this revenge and once in office, America will lose many aspects of its democracy as many warn.

It could happen unless something does happen to him.

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perrya (author) on October 12, 2021:

Spot on, yet, so many idiots continue to buy his crap, while it may not last, it is a concern for 2024.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 12, 2021:

I hear he’s broke. He’s “rushing” to write a book, his properties are closing up, and he’s facing prosecution on myriad of charges.

Plus, many people say that he’s pretending to run so he can collect PAC money. Once he declares, it’s off limits.

But he truly is the most foul human being on this planet, bar none.

Good rant!

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