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The Republican Party No Longer Exist

For- four Years Trump has changed the course of America. Once the party of the GOP was once respected and a party of Honor.


Trump Betrayed The People and America .

The Republican Party needs to be reconstructed with younger minds, who want changes and new politics. Americans are tired of watching Republicans working for themselves, not the people. For years, Americans are tired of listening to the former President Trump, rhetoric, and name-calling. Republicans have never called Trump out on his inadequate behavior. For four -years President Trump's popularity with supporters has dominated and controlled Republicans. Republicans are afraid to go against Trump, only a few have the courage to speak out against him.

Trump Came To Washington

When Donald Trump came to Washington, he made promises to the American people if he was elected president, he would drain the swamp of corruption. Instead of draining the swamp he created a swamp of man-eating sharks.

After Trump became President of the United States, he reconstructed the Republican Party, making it the party of Trump. Republicans became Trump puppets, accepting what ever he did. Trump violated the Constitution of the United States, many times and was backed by Republicans. During the coronavirus, a deadly disease, that took the lives of Millions of Americans, Trump turned his back and walked away. The former president was responsible for spreading lies about a rigged election, with Republicans backing him,instead of telling him the election was not rigged.

Trump Incited A Riot

On January 6, at a Save America rally, President Trump told angry supporters (Mob) he would walk with them to the U.S. Capitol, and take back their country. Instead of going with his supporters, Trump went back to the White House. From a white House television, Trump watched the attack on Nation Capitol by his supporters(mobs) and didn't care. At any given moment he could have called off the riot but wanted revenge on Members of Congress. Five people died because of Trump, and Republicans said nothing.

Republicans Are Fighting Congressional Republicans are fighting among themselves about censure of Senators who had the nerve to vote for Trump to be impeached. It's time for Americans to vote for Elected Officials who have the people best at heart, these Officials are paid by the American people not Donald Trump. Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States, but is controlling Republicans from Florida.

Republicans are no longer interested in restoring the country or the economy, their main adjective is not working with President Joe Biden. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans are refusing to work Biden and Democrats out of their loyal to Donald Trump. Republicans hands are not clean when it comes to the insurrection on January 6, they chose the lies of President Trump over truth. Vice President Mike Pence family was in danger, and he won't hole Trump accountable for his actions.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on May 08, 2021:

Trump is no longer the President of the United States, he is controlling Republicans from Florida. Trump is behind Liz Cheney being censure because she voted to have Trump impeached. Donald Trump is telling Kevin McCarthy to boot Cheney and maybe put Green in her seat. Republicans act as if they can't think for themselves, they need the words of Trump a Narcissa. Trump was a failure to America and the people, he took and oath to defend. He incited a freaking that got people killed and Republicans are still sucking up to him. He committed treason on his own country.

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