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The Reptilian Enslavement of the Human Race


Reptilian Aliens

What are called "Grays" (aliens) seem to be reptilian, if you have a good look at them. Just look at pictures of snake faces, and then look at typical "alien" faces; you will see for yourself that what we call "Grey Aliens" are one and the same with the "Reptilian Aliens" that people talk about sometimes ... Reptilians and Greys are the same thing. Hmm...


Do you know anything about Reptilians?

All this kind of talk of Reptilians is just crazy, absolute insanity! ... But is this really just madness, lunacy, crazy -- or is it "seeing beyond The Program", as is suggested by so many?

People often dismiss and condemn things without ever doing even the slightest amount of research; how do you know something should be dismissed and condemned unless you have taken some time to actually check into it and consider the possibility? You cannot. “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” - Albert Einstein (attributed). "The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about." - Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Do you know anything about Reptilians? If not, better not be an ignoramus about it then.

Don't want to condemn, dismiss, or reject something you know nothing about, now do you? Doing so makes you ignorant -- "the height of ignorance" in case you didn't know; of course, the ignorant never know that ... now do they?


Highly Evolved Dinosaurs

What if the dinosaurs never died? Several studies have suggested that, if the dinosaurs survived, by now they would look exactly like the descriptions given all over the world of the Grey Aliens that seem to have been with us for thousands and thousands of years.

What is that whole dinosaur story for anyway? Peak oil? Mmhmm... Have you ever looked at what the original "dinosaur" bone creations look like? They have a very long way to go before they actually ever could look anything, even remotely, like something that could ever have actually lived.

Why do we need to know about "dinosaurs" in kindergarten? Could the dinosaur story we are told actually be to conceal the truth about the Reptilians? Some people think so. One of the first things they ever tell us is that dinosaurs once roamed Earth -- but why? Some people will tell you that it is because so much is based on the dinosaur story, and if it falls apart the whole story is in danger of unraveling.

For thousands of years, all around the world, people have been describing accounts of humanoid looking reptilian beings -- that look just like what studies have suggested dinosaurs would have evolved into if they had survived. Think about how advanced a species might become if it were allowed to evolve for hundreds of millions of years. Some people even believe that it would be possible for a species to evolve "beyond physicality", given a long enough time.

Highly-intelligent super-evolved dinosaurs? What? It sounds crazy, sure, but how does highly-intelligent super-evolved primates sound? That idea sounds equally absurd, but is widely accepted -- even though there is not even the slightest bit of proof of it being true. So, you believe that, but cannot contemplate the other? Hmmm... One is no more absurd than the other; both seem impossible.

There have been descriptions all over the world of what could so easily be called "human-looking dinosaurs", so we should not be too quick to say it's impossible -- what if it's true? If it is, doesn't that quite dramatically and mandatorily change one's perception of reality? It most certainly does.


Intelligent Lizards

In 2002, at the site called Wadi Sura II in Egypt, researchers were amazed to discover what they first believed were 8,000 year old "baby" handprints on cave walls ... after further investigation, they realized that they were not baby hands at all -- the "baby handprints" came from ... ... ... LIZARDS!

How can this be? Did "lizards" put those prints there? Did people hold lizards up to make the prints? Or ... is this evidence of something else entirely? Why are there lizard "hand" prints on these rock walls? Could they have been made by "lizards" -- that were intelligent enough to stand upright and create artwork? ... Some people think so, and what an amazing world that would be ... or is, if it suits ya.


Chani Project

In Africa, the Chani Project started in 1994; it lasted for five years, until 1999. Nexus magazine did an article on this with a whistleblower from the project, and that is how the information came out.

According to this information, there is a secret facility in Africa that is a smaller version of the Large Hadron Collider known as "CERN", which is located in Switzerland. Apparently, the Chani Project was able to communicate with another dimension using an advanced computer. According to the article, over that five year period from 1994 to 1999, approximately 20,000 questions were asked.

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The conclusion: the human race has been held captive and is being prevented from growing, evolving, and maturing as a species ... by reptilian beings!


Reptilian Genetics

All through history, and all over the world, are stories of someone coming from somewhere else and interbreeding with humanity. One example is the story in the Bible about the Sons of God mating with Earth women. Another similar account can be found in African legends that say it was someone called the "Chitahuri", who came in flying saucers, that mated with women on Earth.

When looked at from a modern perspective, these legends describe something more along the lines of genetic manipulation rather than breeding and procreating, as the Bible attempts to make it sound. If you understand reality, you don't have to have interbreeding; you can change a fetus into a hybrid by transmitting information in the form of frequency to it. If you can change the information, you can change the human form very easily; for instance: radiation changes the human form, because mutation is the result of distorted information interfering with the natural order of the human body -- therefore changing the human form. Then, that unnatural distortion is transmitted to the DNA, which is then passed on genetically to the next generation. To genetically alter an entire species, in this way, would not be at all challenging to those who knew how. According to theorists, when we were first locked into the Reptilian reality, we were enslaved in limitation, suppression, and control; they say we have been there ever since.

Interestingly, Carl Sagan wrote a book called Dragons of Eden, which was about the impact of reptilian genetics on human behavior ... he said that you cannot understand human behavior without also understanding the reptilian part of the human form.


Reptilian Brain

Apparently, everyone has a part of the brain that is reptilian, and they call it the R-Complex or the Reptilian Brain. Now that's very interesting for sure, but what this part of the brain does and how it manifests in our society is even more interesting.

Emotions come from the Reptilian Brain, and it is what causes you to react quickly when something frightens or threatens you ... it is also the part of the brain that screams abuse and obscenities (road rage) at other drivers as they travel the same road.

Researchers say that before the Reptilian interference, the reptilian part of the brain played a very small, but important, role; they say the interference is what caused this part of the brain to elevate itself to ruling and running the world.

The R-Complex does no thinking, it cannot; it only reacts. The Reptilian Brain will keep you from walking out in front of traffic or get you running when a rabid dog is fast approaching ... so it's not all bad; it is important, but very destructive to us when it runs our lives. It seems that before the Reptilian intervention, the R-complex served us well and kept us out of danger ... but after the intervention something was added to it, a whole new function -- an upgrade. Now we are capable of cold-blooded uncaring responses, to life and to each other, that are void of compassion and empathy -- because of our manipulated and genetically altered brains, according to this line of thinking.

The R-Complex is the part of our brain that respects authority, and believes in hierarchical power structures -- like the governments of the world that are so evil and corrupt that no-one should ever respect them. The Reptilian Brain always bows to authority no matter how evil, corrupt, intrusive, or abusive that authority is -- because it is always afraid, afraid of not surviving; it believes the "authorities" will protect it, as long as it always obeys. The Reptilian in all of us is very aggressive indeed: it believes in "survival of the fittest", "winner take all", and "might is right". The Reptile is amazed by status and power, and loves to submit to authority.


Fall of Man

Researchers and theorists say that the introduction of this manipulated version of the R-Complex is symbolically represented all over the world by the universal stories that are collectively known as the "fall of man". The Reptilian influence on humanity apparently caused the "fall of man", the fall of the human race from a higher consciousness to a lower one.

The Bible has "God" saying that man is now like God; notice the use of the word "us": And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil." - Genesis 3:22. Who is "us"? Some people will say that is the Holy Trinity that "God" is referring to, but that makes little if any sense at all -- especially when the "God" of the Bible is part of a congregation of gods: God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. -- Psalm 82:1. Clearly, the so-called "God" of the Bible is not a singular entity, which is certainly not what we are typically led to believe by those who profess to believe the Bible ... but do they? Do they really believe what that book says? Not really; most people just think they do, but when confronted with what the Bible really says, they are often confounded by the book they have given their eternal soul over to.

Even though the Bible clearly states that the Devil is a Serpent, if you say Reptilian non-human entities exist, Bible believers will instantly dismiss you as a lunatic. Do they really believe that book they have dedicated themselves so fervently, and often violently, to? It would appear not.



Good and evil? That is what is called "duality", which, we are told, comes from the Reptilian Brain. And what does the concept of duality lead to? Divide and Conquer!

Duality is polarity, and this opens the floodgates of conflict -- which is exactly what has been suggested that the reptiles want and need. Apparently, this idea of duality, "good and evil", was given to us by the Reptilians; it is suggested that duality distorts the waveform energetic level of this reality, and then we decode it into the holographic illusory reality of what we call the "real world" -- and this is why the world is filled to the brim with every bad thing you can think of.

It is also filled to the brim with every good thing you can think of, yes indeed; the world is full of both "good and evil" -- duality -- the "fall of man".


Reptilian History

People are locked-in, caged, enslaved into an imaginary, maybe even fake virtual, reality and they are living horrible lives as a result of it ... and many believe misery is all there will ever be. Maybe misery is all we have been allowed to know, by the entities that took over this planet and the human race long ago; if so, the history they have given us is not our true history -- it would just be the one "they" have allowed us to know.

We may not know what our true history is, but we do know enough to know that it is most certainly not what we have been told it is. Too many pieces just don't fit into the clever little story we have been told -- that is taught to all the little children, as "history". It is not history; it is fabrication, manipulation, and indoctrination into a belief system that eliminates our ability to comprehend and connect with what we really are; some people suggest that this fake history we are taught to believe is part of what helps to lock us into the fake reality that the Reptilians want us to experience. It is believed that our history is not our history; it is "their" history -- it is what the Reptilians have told us is our history.


Reptilian Possession

Possession is a term that describes the result of a non-human entity taking control of a human being and controlling the person's actions from that point forward. Christians call it "Demon Possession", but as soon as you call it something else and describe it in a different way, using different words, they think you are crazy; but they believe the same thing, nearly everyone does -- they just don't like to admit it.

The human energy field can be photographed with special cameras; they call it the aura or bio-field and it is part of the energetic field that projects the "physical" body. What these non-physical non-human Demons (Reptilians) are said to do is lock into that energetic form, and when they fully connect to it they can influence or even control the perceptions and actions of the person they are connected to. They impose their informational field into the possessed person's information field; when this imposition becomes great enough, sometimes the people can come to look physically different than they did before.

The most familiar expression of this, in our society, is certainly called demon possession and there are endless accounts ... even videos, that clearly show a person physically changing in appearance due to the impositions of the conscious energetic distortion typically known to us as a demon (Reptilian). This sounds fantastic and unbelievable, but there are documented -- real -- cases of demon possession accounted for all over the world, and these accounts extend all through the entirety of known human history.

A story from Native America might help to visualize how this is said to work: An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Which one wins is which one you feed; which wolf are you feeding? It matters, because the world is a reflection of the wolf that wins. Love, benevolence, and empathy were once the way of the world; it can be that way again -- if we feed the right wolf.


Serpent Worship

Something important to understand about this whole idea: it's not just a couple of people who made up a silly story somewhere, or conjured up a creative imagination of something more fantastic than the mundane reality of their daily lives -- no -- this is a worldwide theme that dates back as far as we can go.

The ancient African Bushmen of Botswana were worshiping the serpent more than 70,000 years ago; they believed that a great python brought a bag of eggs to Earth, which began the human race. The Ubaid people of Mesopotamia date back to around 6,500 years ago; they preceded the Sumerian and Babylonian cultures that populated the area of the world we know as the Middle East. They believed that their "serpent gods" were as real as any other living thing on this planet; they even made sculptures of them that are undeniably reptilian. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were often depicted with the Cobra, which seems to be a widely used symbol that some say represents the Reptilian race. The ancient Druids worshiped a serpent god that they called "Hu" (snake), which is where some people believe the word Hu-man (snake/man) came from -- because of the inbreeding (genetic manipulation and combination) of reptile and human as told in the Bible -- and by all ancient people in every part of the ancient world. In ancient Asia, the Nagas were beings who were part reptile and part human; according to these stories, the Nagas can shapeshift back and forth between their reptilian and human forms. The Mayan people of Central America believed in a serpent god called Kukulkan, which was very similar to Quetzalcoatl, a serpent god worshiped by the Aztecs. In the Far East the dragon was their serpent of choice, so it seems, and their legends say that "dragons" (reptiles) are responsible for the creation of their societies and people.

It would be one thing if this was just some idiotic made up story by a few people with fantastic imaginations, but this is no such thing; this is a worldwide phenomenon that every culture experienced -- not as a fantasy -- but as something real, something that truly happened to them ... that is how they described it.


Divine Baby Eaters

Throughout all of the ancient stories, legends, and histories is the common persistent and unthinkable theme of these same entities ... eating humans -- especially babies!

When we look at our modern society of missing, abused, and exploited children, it is absolutely sickening -- even more so, when we understand that the people who are running our planet actually believe they are direct bloodline descendants of these reptiles.

See, being connected by blood relation to the "gods" of the ancient world is where the "divine right of kings" came from. Why are their people who have a "divine right" to rule over us? Because they are somehow genetically connected to the "gods" ... and who were the gods? Every ancient account says those "gods" were ... reptiles! So, there ya have it -- the people running our planet apparently are descendants of the serpent gods, the Sons of God as the Bible has it. The Bible, as well as all the other ancient stuff, goes on to say that these are the "people" who ended up in power over the whole world.

Now, this is not just some guy saying it, and not just some old stories either; the people in power truly believe themselves to be blood descendants of the "gods" -- Reptilian Gods -- of the ancient world. They really do believe this bloodline heritage is why they have a "divine right to rule" -- because they are direct descendants of the serpent gods ... and their bloodlines DO genetically come from those in the ancient world who were supposed to have been the result of interbreeding between humans and the non-human "gods". It's not just that they believe themselves to be descendants of the gods -- they really are descendants of the gods, or at least who were thought to be the gods. This is how the whole world got set up, by people who believed themselves to be genetically "superior" to humans and also genetically related to serpent beings who are known throughout the entirety of the ancient world to eat humans -- especially babies!

Now ... where are all the missing children? Why can they not be found? This certainly becomes a very thought provoking thought process, if it is examined all the way through to its logical and rational conclusions. What if this really is true? Is this a possible explanation for why there exists so much human trafficking on our planet? Some people believe that it is exactly the reason.

Somehow the massive numbers of missing children around the world don't seem so mysterious anymore, if you can consider it from this kind of perspective. Food for Reptilians? What? Where are those children? Some people really do believe they are being eaten ... eaten by reptiles!


Reptilian Bloodlines

According to ancient accounts and theorists alike, whatever these beings are, they are not really "physical" as we would typically think of as physical; the ideas suggest they are non-physical -- more like what we might think of as "spiritual" ... ghosts even. And if that is true, then what is attacking them physically going to do? Nothing. How can you affect the non-physical through the physical? You cannot.

If we go to war with the physical aspects of the Control System, the non-physical aspects remain unchanged and unchallenged. This is why the human race has never gained its freedom, because they have always believed they must do so "physically", according to researchers.

So, just thinking in terms of logic: if it really is true that humanity is enslaved by non-physical entities, attacking them physically won't do anything at all, that just makes sense. So, this is why it is absolutely pointless to physically attack and act out in violence against the Control System or any aspect of it, according to those who have presented these ideas to us. It is suggested that our battle is not a physical one; apparently, whatever we are against does not operate in this dimension or in the physical world.

They are not within the same frequency range as we are, we are told; so, they have to have a vehicle within our frequency range (visible light) to work on their behalf. This is why certain bloodlines were created in our dimension as "Human/Reptilian Hybrids"; evidently, this is why you can always find reptilian symbolism used in the family coats of arms of the aristocratic families that have come down through history -- to take on all the highest positions of power all around the planet, just as all of the ancient stories, legends, and histories of native cultures all around the world said of the non-physical non-human entities that have, according to all kinds of different people, enslaved humanity.

This idea of a non-physical entity needing some kind of interface in order to work in the physical dimension seems confusing at first, but it is explained this way: it works the same way that those enclosed labs that scientists use, with the gloves, to work with hazardous material inside of an enclosure; it's called a "glovebox". The reptiles, or whatever you would like to call them, we are told, cannot work directly here; they have to lock in to whatever is already here and work through that (possession) -- this would mean, if true, that the Illuminati Bloodlines have been intentionally created by the non-physical, apparently reptilian, beings because their particular DNA is most suitable to be overtaken and used (possessed, controlled). That is the theory anyway, and if it's true, it would mean that the "powerful" of Earth are actually the weakest on Earth -- and the most controlled. They are not powerful at all, they are puppets on strings (we all know they are) who are the most enslaved and manipulated people on the planet. How pathetic!

Controlled public figures cannot just do whatever they like and say whatever they want; they really have to watch out -- they have to toe the line ... or get dealt with. Why do you think that all politicians promise to do this and that, but when they get into office they just do the same thing that was done by whoever had "assumed the position" before them?


Reptilian Politicians

We know our "powerful" politicians are bought, paid for, and sold to whoever has the biggest bank account ... we all know that pretty much as a fact, but what if who they are "owned" by are the non-human entities that a mounting pile of research is suggesting they are? What then? What if that is what we are actually looking at when we see the rich, powerful, and famous people of the world? Demons? Reptilians? Non-human? Part-human? Maybe, maybe not; but whatever they are or are not, they are certainly not regular human beings like the rest of us -- they are not the same as us.

We would never do the things they do, but if we did, we would feel horrible about it. Could you kill millions of people and not feel even the slightest bit of remorse for doing so? If so, you are not a regular human being like the rest of us either. Who knows what these "people" are, but they are obviously not us; they are nothing like us.

This whole idea fits so very well that it is frightening, and almost glaring ... look at "them" ... do they seem "human" to you? Do they seem "normal" to you? They sure don't ... and the whole historical record of the planet says they're not!


Reptilian Hybrids

It is suggested that the Royal Bloodlines of our planet (Illuminati Bloodlines) have a particular DNA information field, especially when they are hybrids, that makes them compatible with the Reptilians ... or whatever you would like to imagine them to be. If true, it would certainly explain why there is so much inbreeding among these bloodlines. Theorists say this interbreeding holds the DNA information field in a way that includes the personality traits that are most compatible and susceptible to the demonic reptilian intrusions that eventually assume control.

The Reptilians, we are told, need the hybrids (Ruling Elite) to be void of empathy and compassion, so they will be numb to the suffering and misery they cause all over the planet, which makes pretty good sense of why the rich and powerful of this planet could have ended war, poverty, and starvation long ago but have chosen to let it go on ... seems like they like it this way -- doesn't it?

They also would, logically, need for their hybrids to unquestioningly take orders; this, apparently, is why the hierarchy reverence of the Reptilian Brain is so important to them. This would mean that normal human emotion is deleted from the bloodlines; they have no empathy, no remorse, and are incapable of experiencing any emotional impact for their actions -- no matter how horrifying they may be.

This does certainly seem a fitting description of those in seemingly every position of power around the whole world. Have you ever wondered how these people could be so nasty? Well, maybe this idea has some validity -- if it's true, it sure does fill in the gaps, and remarkably so; it somehow makes perfect sense of this increasingly hostile planet we call home.


Reptilian Psychopaths

There is a category within the field of psychology that fits the Ruling Elite of this planet perfectly: psychopathy -- these "people" are psychopaths ... at minimum! There is little difference between them and Norman Bates, the character from the Psycho movies. The only real difference is that Norman Bates worshiped and obeyed the delusion of his dead mother; the bloodline psychopaths who control the planet apparently worship and obey the demonic reptiles they are believed to have descended from, but they are equally psychopaths just the same ... and narcissistic ones at that, no matter where they came from. That part is not even a question; there is no doubt whatsoever that world leaders are psychopaths ... this is just a simple fact that we all know is true.

How can you be responsible for the deaths of millions of people and suffer no emotional impact? Sounds like Vlad the Impaler or Hannibal Lecter could do the job just as well. You can only straight-faced lie to a whole country and then proceed to facilitate the murder of millions based on that lie, if you have no emotional capacity for empathy -- or any other normal human emotions! Animals in the wild have more compassion than some of these "Bloodline People" do!

You can only do things like they do when you face no emotional consequences for your actions, and the only way to accomplish that is by having none. How can someone truly even be considered a "human" when they lack the ability to feel basic human emotions? They cannot -- yet they are the people in power over us ... maybe we should think this through a bit.

If people like Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Gacy were running for office, would you go out and vote? Would you obey their laws? Would you trust them? NO? Well, then, why do you? They are the people running things! It seems like we should stop letting people like this be in charge of our planet.

Oh look, the election is coming -- VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! ... Yes, by all means: vote for evil! How's it workin' for ya? We vote for the psychopathic politicians who apparently run the world and think it is going to make a difference (you have a "voice", do ya?), but according to researchers: politicians and governments are nothing more than expressions of the hybrid Ruling Elite -- who ruthlessly impose their psychopathic insanity onto the world.


Invisible Reptiles

Politicians and other rich and famous people seem to have power, but that is just what we are supposed to believe; they don't actually have any power -- they are just the puppet show that hides the real power structure on our planet; we need to go no further than acknowledging the secret society network to have no doubt of that fact.

Researchers tell us that the real power structure must be hidden because if the human race ever actually sees it, it will be over in an instant. They say that if we knew what was actually happening we would be outdoors fighting for our lives, but we don't see it ... so like a frog in a warming pot, we sit, ignorant and unaware that anything is happening to us.

Some people say they can see them: “When I see people in business or politics who are particularly trapped by the material world, for example, I notice that they no longer have any light bodies at all. In many of these people, the point of light at the heart chakra, which is otherwise always present, is no longer visible to me. Instead, I see something like a layer of 'shiny tar' around them in which a monstrous being in the shape of a lizard can be distinguished. When such people speak on television, for example, I see a crocodile shape manifesting itself around the person like in a concave mirror; I don’t see the light of their throat and forehead chakra.” - Anton Styger.

People who can see "beyond" often tell similar stories about what they see when they look at rich, powerful, and famous "people". Researchers explain: DNA in these hybrids hold dual information fields, so they can appear to be one thing, but really be something else; what we see is just a human facade. As frightening as this all sounds, it is suggested and believed by many that this is the reality we face.


Reptilian Sheep

Researchers say that people who have more reptilian genetics will express more reptile-like traits than the general population, and will therefore become obsessed with the rituals and hierarchical power structures that dominate the lives of everyone subjugated to them.

And doesn't it seem odd that this describes, exactly, the Ruling Elite of our planet, who are ritually obsessed with their governments, religions, financial institutions, militaries, medical complexes, secret societies, and educational systems -- that manipulate people into becoming outwardly indistinguishable from the alleged hidden Reptilians that covertly dictate the conditions that the world must endure?

By the end of the indoctrination, these people seem happy to emulate in clone-like fashion the heartless emotionless actions of our apparent genetic rulers -- nothing more than Reptilian Brains, obsessed to a sickening degree with rituals, ceremonies, times, places, and titles.

The Reptilian Brain always knows its place in society, because it is told where it belongs by the "authorities" it so dearly respects (Stockholm Syndrome) ... and the Reptilian Brain also loves to maintain its place; Reptilians do not "color outside the lines" and if they see you doing so, they will be sure to let you know how bad you are for stepping outside the box that had been produced for you to exist within (baa-baa-baa) ... but, how can someone be a "sheep" and a "reptile" at the same time?

Whatever the case, don't be afraid to shove that box ... uhm ... right into where the Sun never shines and be who you really are -- no matter what the sheepsnakes have to say about it!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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