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The Reality and Myth of Trump's Promises

Mike has a keen interest in the effects of politics in our culture. He has a unique way of simplifying complex concepts.


Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes. However, Trump became the president of the most powerful country in the world. This happened because he appealed to the "Forgotten Ones." He recognized their plight and as a billionaire business man was able to convince them that he was on their side and that they would never to be forgotten again.

He convinced the out of work coal miners, steel workers, and assembly plant workers that he was going to bring their jobs back. He convinced people who were either on unemployment or had simply given up looking for jobs that the immigrants had taken their jobs. He convinced others that he was going to bring off shore jobs back to this country.


Coal Miners

Hillary Clinton made a big mistake by telling the coal miners that their jobs were not coming back. She immediately lost their votes at that point. But she was telling the truth. Why is that?

(Daily Kos, Monday Nov 14, 2016)

"There were hundreds of new coal plants in planning across the country in 2008. By 2010, there were dozens. By 2012, there were none. Even plants that had broken ground were abandoned in progress.

As fracking made the price of gas go down and stay down, the other advantages of natural gas became too tempting. Power companies not only used gas for new capacity, they began retrofitting coal plants to burn gas. Coal-powered generation fell 11 percent in 2009 alone. It kept falling.

No one had predicted the nation’s energy production could change so quickly. In fact, they’d predicted the exact opposite—especially when talking about the possibility of replacing fossil fuels with renewables. Wind and solar made up just 3 percent of the energy portfolio in 2008. By the time coal and natural gas were tied for production at the end of 2015, renewables were up to 7 percent of the picture.

The United States is now in a cycle that looks like this: gas gradually replaces coal where it can. Meanwhile, renewables—which are rapidly decreasing in price and increasing in efficiency—slowly eats up the difference.

The result is simply that there is no market for coal. Even making coal cheaper won’t bring that market back, because to buy more coal, power plants would have to build more coal capacity. And they are not going to go there, especially when they can add renewables at a reasonable cost.

Everything Trump said about coal during the election, every sign waving at the convention, was simply a straight up con for the votes of people in coal areas."

Steel Workers

I have a friend from Pittsburgh who says the laid off steel workers still think their jobs are coming back.

(USA Today, November 4, 2016)

"Trump has wooed steelworkers near Pittsburgh by saying he plans to bring steel jobs back to the region. But that’s just not possible, said Frank Giarratani, an economist who recently retired from the University of Pittsburgh.

When Pittsburgh’s iron-ore-based steel mills were closing in the 1980s and 1990s, new plants were opening elsewhere in the country, in locations with nonunion workers, low-cost electricity, and fast-growing populations that needed new buildings, such as the Midwest, South and Southeast.

Those newer factories make steel differently. A majority of steel made in the U.S. today is recycled — melting down existing steel to form it into new metal. Recycling plants are highly automated and need hundreds of employees, but not thousands as at ore-based steel plants in the 1970s,"

Assembly Line Replaced With Robots


Assembly Plant Workers

The sad facts are that assembly plant workers in many industries, including auto, electronic, and fabrication, have been replaced with automation and robots. These jobs are performed more effectively and tirelessly. They don't complain, they don't ask for raises, and they don't ask for time off. They do take highly skilled trained people to operate them however.

Migrant Worker Working a Field



I live in Southern California. I don't know about the rest of the country, but we have migrant workers who work in the fields picking everything from artichokes to strawberries. They do it with their families and for a very minimal wage. I don't know of any red blooded non-immigrant person who would want to work under those conditions for what they earn in a month.

The same thing goes for those people who work in car washes and the hotel workers who clean rooms and make beds. It is all a matter of division of labor. Trump says the immigrants are stealing our jobs. I say more power to them. I don't want a job like that.

Bring Jobs Back From Foreign Countries

How much would things cost if they were made in the U.S.? Here are the prices of four items if they were made in this country, according to Marketplace from the University of Southern California:

  • iPhones - An evaluation by Marketplace looked into the hypothetical cost of an American-made iPhone, and came up with the following estimate. If all the components were made in the US, they suggest, that could push the cost up to $600, which would mean the phone could retail for as much as $2000.
  • Jeans - "If you look at labor rates around some of the really cheap areas, Vietnam is like $2.50, and Bangladesh is like $1.80 an hour," he says. By comparison, IHS' analysts calculate the labor rate in the US at $25-$30 per hour (a number that takes into account costs beyond an employee's wages). "So even if there's an hour worth of labor in a blouse or a men's shirt, now you're talking about a $25 buck difference per piece," he says of the manufacturing cost.
  • Sneakers - New Balance shoes are made in China and the U.S. They range in price from $65 to $399, but the American-made pairs start at $165 and get as expensive as $399. (The most expensive pair on the New Balance website is indeed made in the US.) That means none of the lowest-priced pairs are manufactured domestically.
  • Solar Panels - In the case of solar panels, those manufactured domestically are consistently more expensive than those imported from abroad. A 330-watt mono panel from Canadian Solar—which manufactures most of its panels in China and Vietnam—costs 69 cents per watt. SolarWorld, one of the biggest domestic solar panel makers, sells a similar 300-watt mono panel for 85 cents per watt. Considering the typical home uses 7,000 watts of solar power, that difference translates into a price difference of $1,120."

The Bottom Line

That title is no pun. The bottom line is what this is all about. The bottom line is what corporations are concerned about. The corporations and their board of directors are not going to bring jobs back to this country for one simple reason: cheaper labor costs. Many of the big corporations and big moneyed interests have powerful lobby groups who influence congress by contributing to their reelections via Super PACs and other types of funding. These congressmen are beholden to those corporations and are not going to allow Trump's scheme of bringing jobs back affect their bottom line profits.

The Next Generation Will Unite Our Country

Trump is a master at dividing and conquering. He divided and conquered the republican field in the primary. He divided and conquered Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and now he and the GOP are dividing and conquering the country.

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In my humble opinion, I see the only hope for a "UNITED" States of America is in our next generation. They are technically and socially savvy and understand how to use technology and change to their advantage. They are the coders, programmers, operators, and engineers of the future.

It is sad but all of those who are forgotten today will continue to be forgotten by the next generation because of three forces that are a reality: accelerated technology, climate change, and globalization. The populous movements that are happening throughout Europe are the remnants of those who are afraid of change of what the future holds. They want things to remain the same, but the next generation will change all of that. Trump will be caught in the middle of the natural forces of accelerated technology, climate change, and globalization.

There are new companies that are training people to have the skill sets and to acquire jobs that are in demand. One example is the Golden Triangle Area in Mississippi. They have retrained people to transition from low skilled jobs to high skilled jobs. Joe Mac Higgins is an economic developer for the Golden Triangle. He has attracted $6 billion of advanced industry including this mill run by Steel Dynamics. It’s one of the most hi-tech steel mills in the country. He got a helicopter factory up and running. Truck maker PACCAR used to build engines only in Europe. It opened its first U.S. plant in the Triangle. He has a program at the local junior college for retraining the local people from the mundane jobs they had to being highly skilled and earning much more money than they were working in an out of date steel mill, a slaughter house for Sara Lee, and a defunct lumber mill. So there is hope.


Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on April 08, 2017:

Catherine: The world is changing very fast. Jobs like coal mining, steel workers, and auto assembly are all being replaced with automation. But it wouldn't surprise me if Trump rolled back the automation to allow those people to have jobs. Instead of re-training those people into jobs that are in demand, he would rather deregulate the coal industry so that they can dump coal waste into the rivers and the streams. Thanks for the comments and the advice on changing the content of my hub. It's always good to hear from you.

Catherine Giordano from Orlando Florida on April 08, 2017:

A very good analysis of promises vs. facts. Hillary told the truth about jobs which is not always a good thing during a political campaign. I was dismayed by how inartful her phrasing was, especially for someone who has been in politics as long as she has. The world is changing so fast, people have to scramble to keep up.

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on December 11, 2016:

In case you missed reading my hub on this topic -

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on December 11, 2016:

Coal will be around a long long time...

The reason is simple. It is a cheap and abundant form of energy.

As you well know, popular votes does not elect our presidents. The electoral college was put in place specifically to avoid popularism...

The bottom line is as I stated in my hub, if everything is rosy, Hillary would win by double digits as the 3rd term of Obama. He even campaigned on that theme to help Hillary. His failed policies is what drove the results of this election and past elections. If you don't understand why you lost, you will not have the knowledge to gain back power in the future. I am trying to help but as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 11, 2016:

Jack: Winning the popular vote is not a function of polls. It is a measured metric. It's interesting that popularity ratings are based on polls and yet you believe the poll that says Obama's ratings are headed the other way.

Global warming is not politics. The effects of global warming are science. The oceans of this planet are getting warmer. That's a fact. The warmer they get the more severe are the storms and weather conditions that affect the world economics in huge ways. You can use any toilet you want and use whatever light bulbs you want, but global warming is science, pure and simple. It is not something you vote on.

You didn't answer the question: if the EPA is shutdown, will coal mining make a comeback?

Sanxuary on December 11, 2016:

Did you see the story that Trump is importing imigrants to work at his hotels in Florida? The local hiring agency claims that they only needed a temp once in 10 years. He is out demanding that Companies hire Americans, what a hypocrit.

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on December 11, 2016:

Mike, the answer is easy. The polls are wrong. What is a poll? You can get any results from a poll if you ask the question in a certain way.

Obama's approval rating is false. Why do other polls show we are heading in the wrong direction?

The reason for the EPA pick is that some of us, do not buy into the global farming alarmist that is killing our energy industry. The EPA is set up to protect the environment. The theory of climate change is not tied to the environment. You can have a clean environment of air and water and not have the government tell you what type of bulbs to use or what model of toilets to use...

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 11, 2016:

Jack: One more question. Trump appointed someone the head of the EPA who hates the EPA. His job is to destroy it. When he does that, do think the coal miners jobs will come back? I don't because we are moving towards high technology renewable energy. Those people will be forgotten in the wake of progressive movements...sad to say.

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 11, 2016:

Diane: You go girl!

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 11, 2016:

Jack: Why is it that Hillary won the popular vote by over 2.5 million and Obama's approval rating is at an all time high of 55%? You see Jack. it just doesn't add up. If the people are fed up with them, why do we have these statistics? Don't tell me it's because they like him as a person and not a president, and that Hillary's votes are miscounted.

The republican party is in control because they contrived to it for years and Trump came a long and gave them what they wanted. He sold the people that mattered in the electoral college by lying to them about the wall. Obama care, deportation, bringing jobs back. He appeals to peoples fantasies, but they are in for a big surprise. Why does he want to keep the features of Obama care like pre-existing conditions and children up until the age of 24 can stay on their parents policies? That is the essence of Obama Care. It is over 2,000 pages long because it is not a 19 page policy like the GOP proposed, but a series of laws for the entire health care industry that the Supreme Court approved. Obama miss spoke about if you like your doctor, you get to keep him. He was given some bad information early in the rollout and the GOP turned it into "Lying Obama." How many times has Trump lied and he is not even president yet?

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on December 11, 2016:

jack, Obama commented on the death of Trayvon Martin who was NOT killed by a police officer. He was killed bya thug wannabe cop. That needed never happen. Yes, Trayvon could have been his soon. Many, many Black parents think about something like that happening to their children. I've never given birth but I pray daily for my nephew who is 18. With my help he just finished 1st semester of college. I'm going to pray and help him but I can't be his bodyguard. If he dies, I will be devastated. I don't agree with the makeup of BLM but I am Black and the lives of Black people matter.

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on December 11, 2016:

Mike, I know exactly what a single payer system is and it is what Obama claim he wanted from the beginning. The ACA was a temporary measure to get there. These was from his lips caught in camera. It took Jonathan Gruber to expose the lies that went into passing Obamacare in the first place. The american people by over whelming margin did not want it and for good reasons.

A single payer like they have in Canada and elsewhere would lead to rationing and delays of service. It almost have to inorder to cover everyone.

Coal is still the cheapest energy source in many parts of the world. Yes, fracking and in abundance of gas has made coal less attractive in the US but it is still very big in China. The reason coal shut down in the US is directly traced to the regulations of the EPA which made it too expensive by design. The job loss in this industry will probably not come back. You can say Obama excelerated the demise of coal. He also killed jobs with the construction of the XL pipeline. Do you deny that too?

I am not making excuses for some blacks being shot by police. In any group or profession, there are a few bad apples and when these events happen though tragic, can and should be dealt with by the law. What Obsma did was to jump in and comment on cases that where the details have not come out and assumed it was the police's fault. Hence, we have more police being shot in recent years. Why is that happening now? You have to ask...

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 10, 2016:

Diane: They can punish Russia with economic sanctions. Trump has already started to counter punch the CIA with his tweets. He better be careful because he needs the CIA on his side.

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 10, 2016:

Larry: I think they would rather be entertained by the Twitter in Chief and watch him bully and counter punch his way through life.

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 10, 2016:


1. Do you even know what a single payer systems is? It is like medicare. There wasn't even supposed to be state exchanges. They are result of compromise in order to get ACA passed.

2. The coal industry was shut down because we have moved from using coal to gas. Read this.

3. If there wasn't a republican party, do you think the democrats would have lost their influence?

4. Several Blacks were killed by the police and they either had no trial or the cases were sent to grand jury and stalled for a year or more and then they got off. The Fraternal Order of the Police has high powered lawyers that represent the police. One guy was shot five times in the back and he got off. Another one was put in choke hold and died, he got off. Another one was put on the floor of the paddy wagon and died of a concussion and they got off. Put yourself in the place of the black people and see how you would feel.

The reason the GOP is in power is because they are much better than liberals at organizing and attacking. They band together. Mitch McConnel said his mission was to make Obama a one term president. I don't live in bubble. I check out everything with supporting evidence, not fake news sites and not Alt Right or Fox News whose purpose is to bring the democratic party down. Democrats are not tough like republicans. They just agreed with the republican congress to fund the budget until April of next year. How many times have the republicans shut down the government under Obama, so that they could get their way. You are a conservative who sees the GOP through rose colored glasses. Trump's surrogates on CNN defend and make excuses for Trump's behavior. He is the Tweeter in Chief who counter punches any thing and everybody that he feels insults his thin skin. The democratic party may continue down the path of irrelevance, but not by their own doing. It is the mission of the GOP to make them irrelevant. Do you think they want a balance of power? They are even going to repeal ACA in their first day in office, but they say they won't have a plan to replace it for at least 3 years. That is just dog whistle politics. How about when ACA was first getting passed, they always said they had a better plan. Where is it?

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on December 10, 2016:

Senate should refuse to confirm Tillerson. I wonder if Russiagate will eclipse Watergate. I don't know how they can punish Russia.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on December 10, 2016:

Just said whatever nonsense he could to get people's attention. Wish people could think.

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on December 10, 2016:

Mike, wow if Obama was so successful as you claim, how did he loose so many elections? Are the people just too stupid to see his genius?


1. The ACA had nothing to do with the GOP, it was passed by the Democratic majority. It is failing now with over half the exchanges closing. It is too expensive and people cannot affort it. 80% of the newly insured are getting government subsidies.

2. Obama used the EPA regulations to shut down the coal industry. He said he was going to do it and he did it. Presidents can't create jobs but his policies can sure kill jobs.

3. The democratic party lost its influence under the Obama Administration for all 6 years since 2010.

4. The BLM movement was based on a lie. The shooting of Michael Brown was justified. The lie of hands up don't shoot was exposed by eye withnesses testimony...the officer was acquitted in a court of law but his life was destroyed.

5. The unemployment rate of 4.6% is a fiction. There are 95 million Americans not looking for work and not counted.

I can go on but no point. You can live in your perfect bubble and delude yourself. Your party will continue down the path of irrelevance.

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 10, 2016:


1. Presidents don't create jobs. That is a myth. The executive branch does not have the power to create jobs. This is from Fact Check: By the time of Obama’s second inaugural in January, the economy had added a net total of 1,208,000 jobs since he was first sworn in four years earlier, according to current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That beats George W. Bush’s eight-year total of 1,083,000.

And so far, Obama is extending his lead over Bush. Counting jobs added in February, his total now stands at a net gain of over 1.5 million jobs.

2. Look at number 1.

3. The GOP blocked his single payer program and he had to compromise with them to even get a revised form of ACA passed.

4. I don't know what you mean by pivot. That must be some term you heard.

5. Obama deported more people than any other president, read this from snopes:

6. See 5

7. Police are being gun downed in the streets because they gun down black people and never go to jail. So BLM is angry, it has nothing to do with Obama, but it has everything to do with the NRA making guns easily available for everybody including terrorist.

8. Hillary didn't have baggage and corruption. That has been the mission of the GOP ever since Hillary has been in politics. She is a threat to the GOP and they want her out of the way, so now they have been successful. But if she raises her ugly head, they will take her out again.

9. The reason the democratic party has lost control is because, it has been the mission of the GOP to run the country in their way. They just want a one party government at both the state and federal level. Google ALEC and you will see what I mean. The GOP takes it marching orders from ALEC at the state level and then dictates those policies to the GOP, almost to the letter.

10. What makes you think they have failed? More people are working. More people have health insurance coverage. The stock market is at an all time high. We don't have mass amounts of troops being killed. We have the strongest military in the world. We have the most advanced and innovative technology in the world. "Big government" is a euphemism for the "nanny state." of which a very small portion of the budget is spent on that.

11 The democratic party does not have old guards. That's why they are called progressives. They are the young progressive people who want change. The conservatives on the other hand hate change. Trump is not changing anything. he is reverting it back to the way things were. That's why he says he wants to make America Great Again and the Tea Party says they want their country back.

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on December 10, 2016:

Mike, as a conservative, I would like the Democratic party to rise again. I don't think it is healthy to have one party dominate and have no check on its powers. I will try and help you and your party come back. It will take a close introspection on your part to realize what just happened.

I am not a Trump supporter. I am glad he won over Hillary. She would be an Obama 3rd term which thw people rejected.

Here are my suggestions ( you can take it or leave it)

1. Understand why your party lost. Obama had a majority in 2008, and he decided to take on healthcare instead of focus on jobs and the economy. He also got every budget he asked for without any opposition.

2. He appointed the least number of cabinet officials with any business experience. Mostly academics and liberal elites. He did little to help create jobs and infact killed jobs with the ACA and with coal industry.

3. He did not try and work with the opposition. His quote, "elections has consequences..." he ram ACA down our throats with not a single GOP vote.

4. He did not pivot after the loss of 2010 as Bill Clinton did after similar defeat in his mid term election.

5. He took a back seat approach when dealing with ISIS and foreign policy in general. It was a huge mistake.

6. He failed to listen to the american people who overwhelmingly are for a stronger border control and legal immigration.

7. He divided the nation by race and gender and ... caused the BLM to flourish while police are being gunned down in the streets.

8. He supported Hillary first to be his Secretary State and later for President. A huge mistake with all her baggage and corruption.

9. Under President Obama in the 8 years, the Democratic party lost control of Congress, lost many State governorship and local legislatures and finally the Presidency. A disaster.

Even worse, there is little in the up and coming elections of qualified candidates on the Democratic side.

To make a come back, the Democrats have to reject the failed policy of progressive big government and rely more on local initiatives. You will need a comparable TEA party movement at the grass root level to retake your party back from the old guards.

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 10, 2016:

Jack: Trump's strong suite is dividing and conquering. He divided and conquering the GOP primary base, Hillary and Bernie, and the GOP. He is now working on dividing the country. Just look at the people he is appointing to his cabinet. Scott Pruitt, Head of the EPA. He is an anti-environmentalist and also anti-LGBT; Andy Puzder, Head of Labor. He is anti-labor; Ben Carson, Head of HUD, He is anti-poverty; Betty DeVos, Head of Education, She is anti-science, and Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, He is anti-law.

They are all appointed to positions they hate. Why do you think he did that? He wants to divide and conquer those institutions because they are in the way of corporations and big moneyed interest. He is going back to Reagan's Trickle Down Economics. It didn't work for Reagan and it's not going to work for Trump. He also has rendered the democratic congress powerless. There is no balance of power left. As soon as he appoints his supreme court justice. it is over for the democrats for years to come. Don't blame Obama. The GOP has been on a mission to block his every move every since he was elected the first time and he still succeeded in spite of them. Trump has surrounded himself with attacks dogs, like Kelly Ann Conway and Steve Bannon and all of his surrogates on CNN to protect himself from any intruders. They are just like the Knights Templar to protect King Trump, Queen Melania and their court and children. My world view is right on. It is not clouded by propaganda, but I see clearly with wisdom. My side didn't lose, your side was bought out by a lying mysonginistic manipulating con man, because he and the GOP painted a picture of Hillary that didn't exist and your side bought it hook line and sinker.

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on December 10, 2016:

Mike, I like you but you are so off based with this hub I don't know where to begin. For one, Donald Trump did not divide the country. It was divided by the current administration of Barack Obama. Trump's success in this election can be traced directly to the failure of Obama. From his energy policy to shut down coal production through the EPA regulations, to the trade policies and immigration policies or lack there of... He has created this dissatisfaction in the American worker.

The bottom line is people vote their pocket books. They want a government that will bring them prosperity. The policies of tax and spend has failed miserably. It has put us into heavy debt and low employment and under employment. Your world view is clouding your judgement. That is fine by me. If you can't figure out why your side lost, you won't be able to fix it next time around.

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 09, 2016:

Shyron: Good to hear from you. It looks like Trump is on a war path to remove all regulations, and lower taxes for the wealthy. It sounds a lot like Reagan's Trickle Down Economics all over again. It didn't work under Reagan and I don't think it will work with Trump for the same reasons. The money doesn't trickle down, it goes side ways to unnumbered Swiss accounts and to off shore tax shelters. The money that is spent is usually for expensive properties and yachts. I just bought a pair of sneakers that were made in Indonesia that cost $69.00. If they were made in America, they would probably cost four times that amount. When a person is an extremists like Trump, they can't help but be a hypocrite.

Blessings to you as well my friend.

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on December 09, 2016:

I remember that book! We had to read it for our teacher credentialing program. It is so frustrating that people don't realize that the world is constantly changing. Keep up or get left!

Mike Russo (author) from Placentia California on December 09, 2016:

Diane: I like what you said about people cannot progress by doing what they have always done. I think the laborers that have been left behind were under a false sense of security, thinking there jobs would always be there. There was a book written some years back called, Who Moved my Cheese. It's about two mice and two little people and how they deal with the change of their cheese not always being where they normally find their cheese. That's what happened with the people who got left behind. Thanks again for dropping by.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on December 09, 2016:

Mike, this is great but so sad and so true.

I would like to see if Donald trump will bring his businesses to back to America. I just heard that Donald plans to make Rex Tillerson the Secretary of State. Tillerson is a man that Vladimir Putin joined forces with U.S. oil giant Exxon Mobil began to drill for oil in the Artic on Saturday, despite Western sanctions imposed on its Russian partner and was hailed by Russia’s president as a model of “Cooperation.”

Donald trump said at most of his rallies “two things: buy American and hire American. Then I heard that he himself does not buy American nor hire Americans for his Mar-A-Lago.

Blessings my friend.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on December 09, 2016:

An interesting and well-written article, Mike. I think you have revealed many truths here. Time will tell.

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on December 09, 2016:

If only you could have gotten people to see this. I was a property systems auditor at Hughes Aircraft/GMHE. The company started branching into satellite tv and other ventures in the 80s because defensive contracting was going down. I became a music teacher and, even though the system was against me, I mentored many kids. People cannot progress by doing what they've always done. Unfortunately many older people don't realize that ... especially those with no education or skill. immigrants hussle on the yards also!

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