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The Real Truth About Illuminati-part 2

George is a psychological student and mystery researcher. He would like to investigate about the mystery that exist in the whole world.


Families In This Organisation

There are 13 families mainly in the illuminati organization. The whole world is said to be in their control. They hide the symbols of the illuminati organization on the logo of many of the world's major companies.

It is said to be the symbol of the Great Seal illuminati organization, the world's greatest power. There is a lot of evidence for this argument. Although officially giving meanings to the public is satisfactory, those who are aware of the illuminati organization say they are not the right ones.

The famous symbol is the Eye of Providence, which means All-Seeing Eye. This is one of the main symbols of the illuminati organization.

Pyramid Symbol in Illuminati

MDCCLXXVI-1776 Below the Pyramid Symbol is the year that the illuminati began its organization. But the official explanation is that this is America's year of independence.

The Pyramid symbol has 13 stacks. Likewise, the word "EURO PLURIBUS UNUM" in the Eagle Shield symbol is one of many letters. One of the main objectives of the Illuminati is that everyone is a government. The 13 olive leaves, the 13arrows, and the 13 constellations in the Eagle shield symbol allude to the 13illuminati families and their strength.

The most prominent of these is the symbol above the eagle shield, which consists of 13 constellations. It is a star symbol with 6 edges. This is the most powerful Hexagram symbol for Satan fans. Also known as the Star of David. David was king of Israel according to the Hebrew Bible.

It is arranged in two triangles of the same size, one up and down. The inner dimension of each triangle is 60 °. Together, 60 + 60 + 60 = 180, and the two triangles are 180 * 2 = 360.
360 = 36 (Zero omitted) 3 '6' S ie = 666. (3, 6-s). Subtracting from 1 to 36, we get (1 + 2 + 3 ..... + 36) = 666. 60, 60, 60 and 666 are shown. There are 6 small triangles outside this symbol. 666 is what Satan's fans are using. These symbols are used in a way that the general public cannot understand. Officially, the meanings are given by the government, but they are said to be symbols of the illuminati organization. They have a strong presence and worship in the interior of London and Scotland.

Illuminati and Area51

There is a strong presence of illuminati in the world of foreign music. Illuminati symbols can be seen in many music videos. They give money and fame to those who stand by them. But for those who leave their organization, death is the result.

It is also said that those in the Illuminati organization have contact with extraterrestrials. The 5th book of the illuminati organization founded by Emperor Ashoka speaks of communication in alien and non-alien contexts.

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This suspicion is most strongly influenced by Area 51, one of the world's most undercover security systems.

Area51 is located on the shores of Lake Grewo in Nawada, Western America. It is a desert that stretches for kilometers. There is no entry anywhere without the approval of the US president. The US Air Force opened its military base in 1955. Its official designation is the Nevada Test & Training Range. Not even satellite images of this place are available. Until 1918, silver was mined.

One of the biggest assumptions about Area51 is that the US is experimenting with extraterrestrial life and flight. The main reason to believe this is the 1947 Roswell UFO. This was reported in the Roswell Daily Record Newspaper of July 8, 1947. RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) captures flying saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region. It is said that an object, like a shining flying dish, collapsed here. She said that the next day the American scientists visited here, and then at a press conference held by the US Army, the collapsed air balloon. Since then, people have been blocked from visiting.

Area51 was first built in 1955 after this. It is said that there were experiments with extraterrestrials received from that time, and that the US was building fast aircraft using their technology. This suspicion is confirmed by the fact that America's new warplanes have the form of flying plates. The information of those who work here is kept confidential.

No aircraft is permitted to fly over Area51. The red-striped planes fly from Mc Carran Airport in Las Vegas, United States. The aircrafts take off via a highly secure terminal known as the Gold Coast Terminal.

United States These aircraft are known as JANET (Just Another Non-Existent Terminal / Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation) under the S Air Force. They don't have the airline logo like regular airlines. They have a registration number starting with XXX. It is said that the employees of the Area51 are traveling.

Not even a US president has ever said anything about Area 51. Area51 is not a myth The American President Barack Obama confirmed in 2013, 58 years later, that this place is under the United States. Hillary Clinton announced that she would open up files about extraterrestrials if she was elected President of the United States. This also proves that there are alien species in Area51. But Hillary lost the election.

In 1989 Robert. S. Lazar said in an interview that he worked in Area 51, where he was experimenting with extraterrestrials and space probes, but the US denied this. There are reports that F22 aircraft are flying in this area. Area51 is said to be in the X file of the US president.

Michael Collins, who accompanied Neil Alden Armstrong, who first landed on the moon, was part of the Collins family of 13 families in the Illuminati organization. But critics say the lunar surface images we see are those that were shot in Area51.

As in all other zones, there is evidence that Area51 has members of the illuminati organization. Let us wait for the truth, just as any truth will be revealed once and for all.

  • The Real Truth About Illuminati-Part 1
    The whole world has its presence in this organization. History of the Illuminati organization is two fold. It is said to have been formed in India over 2300 years ago.

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