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The Real Truth About Illuminati-Part 1

George is a psychological student and mystery researcher. He would like to investigate about the mystery that exist in the whole world.


Illuminati is a topic that is widely debated in cyber world today.This organization was formed long ago. But it's been quite a while since people started getting to know them.The word illuminati is derived from the Latin word illuminatus.

What is illuminati? Who's in this organization?

The whole world has its presence in this organization. History of the Illuminati organization is two fold. It is said to have been formed in India over 2300 years ago.

Ashoka was the youngest son of Chandra Gupta Maurya, the emperor of the Mauryan dynasty. Today, Patna was the birthplace. Emperor Ashoka wanted to conquer the whole world like Chandra Gupta.

Thus, the battle between the river Godavari and the great river Kalinga was conquered. But there was strong resistance from Kalingar's side. For the emperor who visited there after the war, what he saw there caused great pain. He understood that war was not a solution. After this he converted to Buddhism
Buddhism was propagated in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia.

Recognizing that many people use their intelligence, power and knowledge in war, the emperor, until that time, consolidated all the inventions that science had invented, and commissioned the nine most powerful men to invent new knowledge and use them in the future. It is said to be the first illuminati organization in the world.

The information about these 9 people is kept secret, because the knowledge that can change the course of the world is in the hands of evil forces.

9 Unknown human beings, the only man-made artificial language known to them, 9 invaluable books that are being recreated at regular intervals, the power to be handed down at regular intervals for generations, secret codes to identify those with whom they live, everywhere on earth without boundaries.

Talbut Mundy, a British police officer in India for 25 years, mentions them in his 1923 book The Nine Unknown.

The following are the 9 different topics covered in the book.

1. Propoganda & Psychological Warefare: A psychologically organized idea of ​​how to win a war. From this comes the knowledge that can rule this world. It is also the most dangerous book.

2. Physiology: The Riverse nerve pulse of a human nervous system is said to be able to change with one touch. How to kill one of them? An example of this is the Chinese arsenal.

3.Microbiology & Biotechnology -: About the spinal cord that cannot be seen by the naked eye

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4.Alchemy -: describes the use of different types of metal.

5.Communication-: Communicates about communication channels, communication with the Earth and extraterrestrials. It is clear that these individuals were aware of the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

6.Gravity-: This includes the secrets of gravity attraction. It also talks about building airplanes.

7.Cosmogony-: refers to the origin of the universe.

8.Light-: The use of light and how they can be used in battle.

9. Sociology: Sociology deals with social change and laws.

All these things, which are beneficial to the growth of man, but do not reach the hands of the unworthy, are destructive to the universe itself. Knowledge is their power. They don't share it with others. But when the very existence of the earth is questioned, they either solve it themselves or they fix it by others.

Who is the 9 anonymous men in the illuminati

Along with these 9 anonymous men are names that can be read with the Mayan priests, the monks of Tibet, the people who still preserve ancient Egyptian culture, and the free Masons, along with their history and mystery. Many world-renowned scientists are said to be members of this organization or the recipient of their assistance.

They are still a secret organization to this world.

This is the history of the creation of the illuminati organization.

New Beginning of illuminati

The Illuminati was founded in Europe in the 18th century in Bavaria, Germany by Johanan Adam Weishaupt in 1776. As was the case in all religions at that time, Christianity was practicing atrocities. People did not know much about science at the time. The aristocracy of the time feared that with the advent of science, people would not be exploited, and people would lose faith in God. Because in that day the nobles were considered as divine. So they tried to suppress this organization and kill those involved. But after a number of years, the organization returned.

The beginning of the illuminati was founded by European freedom thinkers who were responsible for the formation of Free Masons. They advance the world as a single nation, their own religion, a currency, and a single administration, without countries or borders. They have presence in all major parts of the world. They are trying to control the world population and thereby achieve their goals. Bill Gates said in a speech that the next generation of populations can be controlled with the right vaccines. They select people from various fields to pursue their ideals and goals. Many well-known peoples are members of this organization. The Free Masons, part of the Illuminati, were members of the First United States of America, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and the French philosopher Voltaire. They secretly worship Satanic symbols.

The major countries under their purview are the United States, London and Italy. They control the war between the United States and the nations, the manufacture of weapons, experiments and inventions, and the major entertainment fields from London to film, music and theater, as well as financial matters from Italy.

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    There are 13 families mainly in the illuminati organization. The whole world is said to be in their control. They hide the symbols of the illuminati organization on the logo of many of the world's major companies.

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