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American Woman; Not Going to Stay Away, Not Going to Let You Be

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...

American Woman

American Woman

American Woman

A Compilation; Faith, Family and Freedom

The majority of what I write about has to do with these things mentioned. My faith, my family and our freedom are at the core, no matter the direction I may take in my topic of the moment.


My faith keeps me grounded and centered.

What better place to begin than at the center?

A certain confidence and stillness resides within me.

My faith, my belief in something much larger than me, leaves me comfortable and content in my skin. As a result of that grounding, I am not off on wild goose chases, seeking answers to the secret of life or unconditionally accepting the latest bizarre craze!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

I have great hope in much, much more than the here and now!

The more the secular world attempts to devalue God and dismiss his marvelous creations and handiwork, the stronger I become in my faith!

The more I see Satan at work {in a secular world} working overtime and seemingly finding success in convincing more and more people that God doesn't exist...the more convinced I am of God's existence.

Satan (representative of all that is wrong in this world) works overtime in convincing us that we can rectify God’s many mistakes by rejecting everything that makes us who we were Divinely designed and created to be, in lieu of something else.

At one time, this would have been considered blasphemous, but enough people have been swayed and with each new day, it is evident, just how far we have strayed....there is now talk of banning the Holy Bible.

I am not about to give up or give in, no matter how woke this world gets; my faith is fully intact and is seeing me through!


From my earliest recollections; family has been there; front and center in my life. Memories of my Mom chasing after me to wipe the dirt (or worse) from my face, making sure that I was fed after a long day of exhaustive play...seeing to it that I was clean, my teeth were brushed and that I would receive a good night's sleep.

My Dad working long hours to provide for all of us, while taking the time to make it to our games or to meetings with our teachers. Taking us to church, teaching us about giving back to God and always doing the right thing at all times, not just when someone is watching or when it suits us.

They together reading with us, praying with us, checking in on us regularly on feverish, restless nights. Always teaching; whether it was the times table, long division, what it means to show kindness or loving the individual that God created us to be, in order to love others!

Grandparents sharing their wisdom; with stories of the great depression and of working in the cotton fields or in factories, although they were very young...they were adolescents...going on thirty!

They inherently knew that their assistance was not only needed, it was required, in making ends meet.

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They had to mature long before their time!

I have such great respect and admiration for those that came before. We have strayed so far from such humbleness and selflessness. We now expect complete strangers to pay our way, attend to our every need and to see to it...that ends will be made to meet...on our behalf!


Although I have written many articles which could be categorized as 'Political' and although many would label me as a political commentator, deep down these articles are more about understanding the freedom we hold so dear here in America; how we hold onto that freedom and what leads to the loss of that freedom.

I may go about it in different ways, ideally, I am creative in my approach and in my presentation. Ultimately my desire is to tune in a new generation {currently not being taught} into understanding just how fleeting, freedom is.

It has been fought for and it has been won and although I have been personally reprimanded for the overuse of the word 'fight', I will never stop using it, for that is what we are continually in and continually up against. Now more than ever before, not a doubt in my mind

Our freedom is to be cherished, not "fundamentally transformed", not negotiated into something different and it's not to be turned over to a Government, which has lost its way.

Our enlightened Founders, via a U.S. Constitution, gave power to the people, not the Government!

We must never forget that and we must cease and desist in the dangerous practice of....

taking our freedom for granted!








Me, Still Rambling

You may not understand me or anything about my ramblings, well, that's fair, I cannot understand going through life, without a belief in a higher power.

I cannot comprehend seeing a brand new life in its purest form enter into this world or gazing upon the changing of the ocean tide, the complexity of DNA or solar systems, the miracle of a sunrise and not believe in a Creator!

I am not sure what motivates a non-believer...

You may disagree that freedom isn't a fleeting thing...maybe you see it as something we cannot lose here in America.

It may not be that at all, you may see individual freedom as something dangerous and you are all about the Government taking control over everything, including your life.

Perhaps Gov is your God!

This move toward full-blown socialism/communism didn't catch me off guard...but the fact that we are moving in this direction, convinces me that we have completely and utterly failed. We have let down our kids and their future and our grandchildren and their future.

Giving all control over to one entity, is never in our best interest.

Through God, we are free to continue to make mistakes, we aren't miraculously made pure when we make the decision to accept Jesus Christ, we are and will remain, human!

Life stuff happens, for all of us....

But, here's the a result, you aren't as accepting of the bizarre; such as this woke nonsense.

You are less likely to put all of your trust into one man, one political party or one governing body.

You certainly aren't looking for some dictator-type to somehow save you, by controlling every aspect of your life. Losing the man/the woman that Father God created you to be, giving up your identity, your individuality, destroys, it doesn't save!

While a believer lives in this world, we aren't beholden to this world.

As long as I have breath sustaining me and a platform, I will continue to write about my faith, my family {including friends and loved ones} and of my freedom {our precious freedom}, hopefully, for another ten years or so...

Thank you again HP for this platform and thank you to all who support me, in this little side gig of mine!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 27, 2021:

Yes one thing I am not, here at HP... popular! ;)That's okay.

I have said it before, it really doesn't matter what others may think or say about me, only what God knows about me.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Vivian. You are so right, God remains, God wins!

Vivian Coblentz on March 27, 2021:

Faith, family, and freedom....those are the three things most dear to me too. Your article explains how those three things work together to ground a person, all creating a solid foundation. Like you, I see how Satan has worked overtime to destroy all that God has done, but hallelujah, God is sovereign, and His Word hasn't changed. No matter how our culture devolves and drifts away from God, no matter how much people choose to worship self or government over their Creator, God still wins in the end. I'm glad there is a "remnant" of people like you who know the truth and continue to the speak the truth, even when it isn't popular.

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