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Donald J. Trump; the Manufactured Version vs. the Real Thing

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...


The Puzzle Man

Americans were constantly exposed to bits and parts and pieces all sorted together to create the version of the man that the left; media, academia, career politicians, the haters of America...wanted and needed him to be.
But there was their pieced together version, which they so desperately wanted and needed us to accept and then there was the real version!

It is necessary to point out his audacious behavior, his unpolished shortcomings and his jagged rough edges, before anything nice can be said about Donald Trump, right?

Have you noticed that?

I have done it myself, especially in the beginning, when I wasn’t sure what he was all about, but, in spite of mainstream media, I came around.

It is as if we have all been conditioned to list his flaws, before we dare say a kind word about him or give him credit for his numerous wins, which benefited so many, but this same rule only applies to him!

As if career politicians are somehow models of perfection, above the fray, on our side...what a joke!

Given a choice, his harshest critics would give Xi Jinping a pass before they would President Donald Trump...oh that’s right, his harshest critics have! They tend to naturally gravitate toward China over the United States of America, so giving China a pass, isn't a stretch

Because of their tendencies, and because we the people didn't cooperate, they had no choice, they had to produce a manufactured version, because they know good and well, the true version of the man, Donald J. Trump:

Genuinely caring, fiercely pragmatic, a proud and patriotic American, a lover of this Country and a keeper of promises, not one to join in with the proverbial kicking of the can, which is sac-religious in our Nation’s Capital.

Getting anything done for the American people isn't on the list of those seeking to undo the United States of America, via fundamental transformation!

How could it be?

Why would it be?

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France - Man of the People/President for the People


Actually, Listening

Do The Greatest Harm

When you really open up your mind and think about it; the goal, certainly once we were introduced to the fundamental transformation President, Barack Obama, has been to change this Country, to knock it down and start all over again.

A remold, so to speak, in the direction the enemies of America (including within our borders and definitely including within our Government) prefer it to go.

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That is what critical race theory, The 1619 Project, Antifa, BLM...and all of the many lies they all about! It is imperative that they have America's children ingest and absorb it all, the earlier the better!

Although, now we know {after so much damage has already been done} that the corrupt, money-making, benefiting-no-one-but-themselves BLM, Inc., has been participating in fraud on a massive scale!

It was so easy for them to manipulate all of Sports, sports fans and the entire Country, just as it was so easy for Democratic Mayors and Governors to manipulate their constituencies, by using the China virus, to their full advantage!

Speaking of the Chinese virus, it is equally shameful, how we were all so deluded into believing that Trump was wrong about everything...especially, when it came to this virus.

He was mocked, shut down, shouted down, called names by the media and the Democratic Party, as they sided with China and defied President Trump’s every move, every word, every action on the subject! We were to believe Dr. matter what.

How dare President Trump question his expertise!

I vividly remember, more than one interview, in which Dr. Fauci and the News anchor (leftist operative) were openly insulting the President's intelligence at daring to question, as if it wasn't possible for him to keep up with the true intellects!

It was pathetic display after pathetic display!

Over one year ago, Donald Trump was telling us that the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China was responsible for the global pandemic

Now, the truth is finally coming out...Trump was right per usual.....but that will not stop the anti-American machine, from finding and utilizing some replacement, whatever it takes to do the greatest harm!

While we must contend with the massive, corrupt, anti-American machine, working 24-7 to topple us, the corrupted had to deal with a powerful, Donald J. Trump!

In the midst of the constant bashing-of-America campaign...the people chose to go with a lover of America, one who dares to brag on her and her people, our military, our first responders. One who dares to boast and unapologetically put and kept, America first!

In the age of mattering - he was not afraid to proclaim that the United States of America matters!

A man who, at times, seemed to forget that he was the President of the United States of America, when he would spend quality time, not photo op, look-at-me moments...with our Veterans and with families of the fallen.

He had to be stopped!

The anti-America crowd couldn’t have the numbers of supporters grow any larger than they already had.

It was imperative that a plan be in place to slow him down at every turn in order to weaken all credibility. His job performance had to be minimized, trashed if necessary, in order to cast enough doubt, to rid this Country of the man, the majority of the people were behind.

If that wasn’t enough, then cheating to the extremes would become necessary -

and I believe there was massive cheating that had to happen in order to defeat Donald Trump.

Who is willing to challenge me on this, knowing all we now know about the many lies which have intentionally been put into circulation?

Can We Trust You?

Can We Trust You?

What of Us?

Why would some counties, in some states have such a problem with voter identification, so much so that Major League Baseball felt pressured to strip Georgia and Georgia's economy, of the All Star Game?

How can they be so adamantly opposed to having a set policy which will produce fair Elections, in these same Counties, in these same States, where small business owners were sacrificed over bogus garbage....but be perfectly okay with us having to carry and produce a Vaccine passport, when asked?

Does this make any sense to you, when you take a moment to think about it? Go ahead, try will take about a nano second out of your life!

Speaking of life, yours and mine, what becomes of them, as more and more of our liberties are stripped from us with each passing day and as the progressives/the anti-America crowd/Marxists...want more stripped?

They will not rest until Joe Biden gives into every single one of their demands. Is this what you voted for, those of you that purposely voted for Joe Biden, to be stripped of everything that we once took so much pride in?

Have you ever stopped and envisioned this? A massive, all powerful, unstoppable Government! Where does that leave room for you, much less your liberties?

Donald J. Trump was nothing more than a temporary interruption for the crowd I've described throughout.

He had to be stopped and he was!

It was done by creating a manufactured version of him, which had to be sold to the people, if and when that didn't work, then they would count on flaws in voting laws, making it so simple to cheat, be utilized

Which has brought us to today and to a man who cannot stand up to the Progressives and to the Marxists, all that now make up his precious Democratic Party!

Do we really expect that he will stand up to China, those whom {wittingly or unwittingly} unleashed hell all over the you really expect that he will stand up for you?

Whether it's President Trump or another man/woman of the people... who runs in the next Presidential election, (or any election for that matter) I believe that all of America will be paying close attention. In fact, I believe that we will become the curiosity of the world and that all eyes will be upon us...wide open to what comes next!

God Bless America, land that I love!

Dancing his way into History

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© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 02, 2021:

My take; agree or disagree?

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee from MILWAUKEE on June 01, 2021:

very interesting to know

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