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The Public and Coronavirus

Hey, my name is Ahtesham, I have completed my bachelor's study long ago, currently, I am full-time Banker and Part-time Freelancer writer.


In the history of the world, there has rarely been such an event as the world has been so frightened and so much propaganda has ever been created. Coronavirus is a disease that has never been diagnosed as cancerous. It's only been a few weeks since the world has heard the name Coronavirus. Earlier, if the name Coronavirus came into the world, it would have come on a very limited scale. Now the situation is that in all Pacific’s only the name of the Coronavirus is top and the people of the world are talking about the devastation of this Virus. The media is raging, but the "verbal media", is stating the Coronavirus with the panic and more nervousness, may never have happened. It seems that the Coronavirus will continue to wipe out the humans of this world. The most amazing is its outbreak, seeing that the epidemic spreads so fast that humans cannot do anything.


Frequently, the question that comes to mind is: Is there a cure? Until now, wherever the Coronavirus has spread, destruction has spread. The cure for this epidemic has not yet been found. It is a wonder that the world is engulfed today. No one can save it. The outbreak is spreading so fast that it is not possible to stop it. The treatment you are being told is to go to isolation, whether you isolate yourself in a hospital or in your home. There are a plethora of terms of Do's and Don'ts.

One thing that is amazing is the expert doctors from all over the world are unable to discover any cure for this deadly disease yet. Are millions of doctors around the world so helpless that they cannot find the final cure for this disease or epidemic?

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There are many minds with the fear that the creatures from the universe want to take over our world. It is suspected that no one has ever seen any virus-like this till now, and the disease spreads so fast that humans have no chance of survival and the interesting thing about this is that "all the work" is done so fast that man just keeps thinking. A serious joke in this regard is that the government has predicted prevention of the outbreak from morning to evening, and it is being repeatedly announced that people should not leave their homes. But it is a strange spectacle that the public is not ready to accept anything from the government and everywhere, the crowd is doing what they want to do.


The Government is repeatedly announcing preventions of this outbreak, but the public has made the process a joke. People who are Foolish, slowly and steadily going to near-death making fun of this epidemic and government directives. These fools are unable to understand this fact. I wonder if these ignorant people are even mocked in death. Of course, this is no more than a dream of life, but because this dream has spread over the centuries and there is nothing more beautiful than this life so man loves this temporary life as if there is no end to this life and in this illusion, he spends all his life, and someday he will die in same illusion. Of course, life is nothing but an interesting dream, but human life is like a glimmer and finally, one day passes sooner or later in life. If they take this uncertainty of life seriously, man may not waste his time.


It is amazing that it has been more than six months since the outbreak and doctors and experts all over the world are constantly trying to find a cure for this but so far they have not been successful. Developed countries like the United States and other West are gaining research success in other fields of life but the cure for the disease or epidemic has not yet been discovered While the doctors in this epidemic are losing their lives, which is causing increasing frustration level and mental stress among the people of the world. We believe that qualified and expert doctors should work together to research this epidemic. There are certainly thousands of specialist doctors in the world and they are trying their best to relieve the disease. It is beyond the understanding that in addition to the martyrs of Coronavirus, they are recovering from life by defeating the Coronavirus in the media.

The most important question that arises is that if the Coronavirus patients are recovering, then it must have some medicine. If so, why not this medicine is being available to the market and start treating millions of infected patients. However, this question is still a question.

© 2020 Ahtesham Soomro

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