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The Problem With Men

Why It's Important To Change The Narrative

At the moment what men and more specifically young men are seeing about men's issues are primarily negative at least what they see. Regardless of the validity of these claims made against them it immediately turns many off to the idea of understanding the real point that they were supposed to get. Terms like toxic masculinity and statements like "men are trash" have a negative connotation that makes them feel attacked. This possibly causes them to not reflect on themselves and see how they could be participating in sexism toxic masculinity etc..

The Lack of Resources For Men

Having a resource to go to when you are having problems is important, especially as a young person. The first resource I think about for children are their parents and with 20.2% of fathers being absent from the home this is a huge problem. A young boy not having a father figure to go to about male issues can cause them to look for it in other places. Since there are not very many resources for a lot of these young men it causes them to go to the few resources there are. These resources tend to not be the greatest and have a lot of concern things about them which is dangerous with how much influence they now have over young men. The biggest of these is "pick up artist" and the red pill community which sadly generally have a lot of anti-women sentiment and view them more like a trophy to be won. Men are drawn to these communities because men are expected to do things like approach girls first ask them out etc... and they get seen as less of a "man" by their peers if they do not do this. So what they do is go on the internet is search up how to approach a girl or how to ask out a girl and what pops up is videos made by pick-up artists and red-pilled communities.

Men's Issues are Women's Issues

The biggest push back against Men's issues is that it's going to somehow take away from Women's issues. I understand how people come to this conclusion because it seems like you would have to take the attention away from women's issues in order to promote male issues. However, this is not really entirely true putting some efforts into help fixing male issues would do a large amount for women. If giving these men good resources so they can grow into people who know how to treat their significant other makes everyone safer. Taking these men and giving them alternative resources can help put them down a path that does not lead to negative views of women. Giving men resources will also make much more people open to listening and understanding women's issues and we will be able to make more overall progress.

Sexual Abuse Towards Men Is a Bigger Problem Than It Looks

The conversation around sexual assault is almost completely surrounded around those committed to women. Now, this is not necessarily a problem as the majority of reported sexual abuse is committed against women. It is really unfortunate that most of the time men's sexual abuse is commented on is to try and deny the abuse of women with statements like "men are raped too". All of this leads to people generally not being concerned with sexual abuse against men despite it being a significant amount. Since 1998 2.78 million men have been victims of sexual abuse in the United States. While this is a much smaller amount compared to the 17.7 million women in the United States that have gone through sexual abuse nearly 3 million rapes have certainly had an effect on men. One way that this has affected men is possibly an increase in the number of rapists. In a sample size of 1717 male perpetrators, 23% said they had experienced sexual abuse in childhood. This may seem like a low number but compared to the only 10% among adult males it is a 130% increase. So it seems like there is a correlation between sexual abuse leading to an increase in the number of abusers.


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