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Trump Lied About The Coronavirus

Trump is a poor excuse to be president of one of the greats countries in the world. The party of the republican live in fear Trump.


Corvid 19 Kills

President Donald J. Trump behavior is inexcusable and dangerous. I am a woman who spends almost three months of her life in a hospital with Coronavirus. I don't know where I contracted it from. The day I was tested for the virus I had no idea the test would come back positive, like so many others did. I prayed that it was all a mistake but from the look on the nurse face, I knew it was true. I wanted to see my children to tell them I loved them but couldn't. No visits was allowed. Each day my life passed before My eyes, just seeing nurses and come in and out of the room wearing protective gear, shields and masks made me cry. All my hopes and dreams was gone as the pain tore throughout my body, pain that I had never experienced in my life. One of the worst moments in one's life is to know that life is passing you by. For weeks I there to sick to eat and unable to get out of bed with my mind dominated by the thought of death.

At night I would lay in the darkness of my room listening to another lady a few feet away from me crying out in pain because of the virus. Eight hours a day we shared a room not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

There were time I tried not to sleep because of the dreams that raced throughout my mind all about death, with me being the center of attention. The sound of code-blue was heard with nurses and staff members running down the hall to another room. You could fell death all around you, with the lives of some slipping away. Nineteen people died from the coronavirus .

It sicken me to hear and see people praising a president for his role in this deadly virus. What about the 195 thousands plus victim's who died because Trump refused to listen to warning from medical experts. Early in February Trump knew the virus was dangerous and deadly and airborne and refused to listen to warning from his own people. He bragged in a Book written by Bob Woodward, he knew the coronavirus was five times more dangerous than flu and never warned the public. Live might have been saved if the president Trump would have enforced every Americans to wear their masks and to promote social . All Trump had to do was to wear a mask, to show the people he was serious about keeping people safe195 Thousands plus victims of the coronavirus, the only message Trump could say to the families was I love you. We love you. I can't sleep from thinking about this.

Donald Trump is unfit to be called president of the United States. President didn't cause the virus and didn't bring it to the United Stated. Instead of dealing with the virus, Trump was too busy holding rallies and campaigning for the 20/20 election. I blame President Donald Trump for the death of all of those innocent people who died because of the negligent . Trump is the loser.


Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on September 17, 2020:

Donald Trump in a tell all Book written by Bob Woodward have shown the American people who he really is. He admitted to Woodward knew the virus was contagious, air borne and more deadly than the flu. Trump does promote social distancing, at a indoor rally he sat on stage with no one around him, without a Mask. Trump watched his supporters packed in a room like sardines in a can. They was all mask less. JMD

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