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We the People Triumph With a Trump Win

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Won Over Big Time!

Which should come first?

Loyalty to a particular political party? The prize a (W) for the Party, (no matter how deep into the weeds that Party may have strayed) matter the cost?

Loyalty, but only to those outside influences who helped get you there, leaving one eternally beholden to those outside matter the cost?

Of course not...

It must always be about the people, honoring the people’s wishes and putting the interest of the people...and of the Country, above all else.


I was one of the reluctant hold-outs in 2016, butting heads, engaging in some always passionate, sometimes fiery discussions, realizing early on that it wasn't going to happen, we were not going to get a Reagan conservative into the office of the Presidency...

Bucking with the selection of Trump, not initially understanding why him...but completely understanding that something needed to change, something had to give:

  • Our Government, designed to be small, limited and non-intrusive, had massively grown, gaining limitless and intrusive power, placing the people in a vulnerable position that our Founders never intended for us to be placed in

As a result, the people were fed up and frustrated!

Trump came onto the scene...fighting and punching, telling it like it was, no polish and no holds barred, in D.C.'s face, with a "let's get this fixed" philosophy...

Trump’s message resonated with the People!

Since being elected, he has never ceased being out among the people, continuing with the rallies, igniting the crowds, with a reminder of a long list of accomplishments and with a steadfast confidence, in all that is yet to come!


He got to work on promises made; draining the swamp, building the wall, dealing with illegal entry into our Country once and for all, ending the unconstitutional Government-mandated threats and fines of a rammed-through, never thought fiasco.

We all got to work, Making America Great Again, working to make it even better and much stronger than ever before.

We can’t stop now, we must work to Keep America Great...something all U.S. citizens should be ready and willing to get behind, no matter their party!


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Here we are at the end of the President’s first term and I still find myself to this day, defending him, when old, tired News is brought up, when lies are repeated as the gospel, when people don't have their facts straight, because they were never given to them straight to begin with. Due to a Media, as corrupted as the D.C. swamp. A media determined to damage President Donald J. Trump, never letting up...not for a second!

So much credibility has been lost, while true colors have been revealed, of power hungry career politicians and a wayward, corrupted media working together in their attempts to take out Donald Trump, to take out the President of the United States!

If they have any credibility is questioned on a daily basis now!

How can we ever trust a media again which has rushed to judgment, every single time, taking the mere suggestion of an impropriety, a hint of an indiscretion, a rumor of a rumor...and running to the camera with it, without first knowing if there's any truth to it?
Time and time again, we’ve seen the unfairness and the bias against President Trump.

The Fix Was In

Again, I get the direction this past election took, we were in a sad, sad state!

After all, we had just come off eight years of an elected President who turned out to be an America-pummeling, America-hating activist...with no interest in putting us, nor this Country, first.

We desperately needed change to come and Trump was saying all of the right things.

What's more important, the fact that he is not a career politician was made crystal clear early on, as he went forth by doing...all of the right things!

I so appreciate Donald J. Trump coming into Washington D.C., like a man on fire, getting things done, Working to get more things done, only if and only the best interest of the people and of this Country, not beholden to any outside interest, not indebted to any outside influences.


Although Barack Obama spoke to us, informing us that “manufacturing jobs were gone and were not coming back”, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, have been on the campaign trail, telling the people that Trump is to blame for the jobs Obama/Biden, accepted as lost and told us were lost!

The truth is...Trump has brought the jobs back, they are continuing to come back and as a result, many dying small towns, are energized once more!

Although, an unwelcome pandemic has set us back, the economy has had staying power, employment is on the rise again, people are not only working, but, because of Trump's across the board tax cuts, we're all keeping more of our hard-earned money!

Back to the campaign trail with Biden and Harris...they are telling us, they'll be "ending the Trump tax cuts, day one!"


Looking back on the circus (more like the side show at the circus) which was produced and promoted by the Democratic Party and D.C. insiders, was all about fixing an election.

First the set up, then the finger pointing and the accusations, producing enough doubt in people’s minds, as they began to put on a show unlike any other show, a tale of a campaign colluding and conspiring, with Russia.

All in an effort...initially, to stop a Trump Presidency, guaranteeing a Clinton Administration and when failing there, turning it into an all out effort, to end the Trump Presidency, no matter what it took, no matter what it takes!

We've learned so much about what an Obama Administration, a Clinton Campaign, a corrupt Obama Justice Department, F.B.I. and C.I.A., were all willing to do.

They lost their way, along the way, caught up and tangled up in politics.

We are asked to look the other way, dismiss all of the evidence against them, which has piled up daily and focus instead on the never-ending witch hunt to find something, end Trump.