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The Pendulum Swings the Other Way

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.


President Barack Obama has been referred to by many different names by many different people over the course of his first seven years in office. Mostly, those names have been negative, unless uttered by the few rabid supporters that still carry his water and cheer his policies. But, the truth of the matter is that Barack Obama will be remembered in the annals of American history for his role in the destruction of this great nation through his policies, his divisionary practices, and his ignorance on understanding the American people; not the political elite or business leaders, but the salt-of-the-earth everyday American citizen. The people who have stood by for years and slowly watched the Federal Government consume controlling interest in health care, the internet, agriculture, finance, the housing market, and transportation through excessive regulation or outright takeover. And if these things weren’t enough, it seems as if the current administration is being allowed to have complete freedom to twist the knife right up until the end of the Obama regime.


Bigger than One Party

Now, it would be easy to rationalize that this is an anti-Obama piece at this point, or at least an anti-Democrat one, and to some degree those statements would be true. But in taking a look at the bigger picture, it’s more about how both political parties have worked to further their own power structures, gain wealth for their supporters, and failed the American people through failed action or inaction. The results are a nation of nervous, stressed, confused, and depressed people who are barely making ends meet all the while wondering where the American Dream went. For decades, both Republicans and Democrats have contributed to the great pendulum swinging one direction; they’ll play the political rodeo every so often switching leaders, publicly demonizing the hands that feed them, and eating their own from time to time but it’s just good theater to them. This election cycle started out like any other cycle, with the “chosen” establishment candidates from both parties expected to make their way to the general election, but soon into the fray, the first signs appeared of that great political pendulum starting to slow in its ascent.


Enter Donald Trump

Enter one Donald Trump, who on a fateful day in June, 2015 announced he was running for the office of the President. Time will look back at that day and recognize its significance in American history, when the pendulum started to slow and a tiny glimmer of hope cast a light into the darkness. Mr. Trump said many things that day which the media immediately branded as racist, divisionary, and harsh, but while they shouted, America listened. Mr. Trump spoke about our immigration problem in the same way most average Americans thought about it, but were unable to put it into words. Illegals are crossing our border daily, bringing crime, illegal drugs, and other nefarious plans into America while our Border Patrol is kept on a leash. ISIS, not ISIL at President Obama loves calling them, has been growing rapidly and the world watches as they slaughter people violently and without regard; yet President Obama refers to them as the JV team and puts fighting them far down on his list of priorities. He rightfully calls out the fact that the world is passing us by in many important areas but really focuses on our economy, reminding people of how our manufacturing base has been driven away from America by excessive regulations and how our trade agreements with foreign nations only benefit the foreign nations and not America.


What's Wrong....Everything

The economy is weak and has been for almost a decade, despite the fact that the stock market has hit record highs. Unemployment is out of control, unless you ask someone in government as they so carefully manipulate the actual figures to make them look favorable. The National Debt is nearly $20 Trillion dollars with over half of that coming during the Obama administration. Obamacare is poised to cripple the healthcare industry in more ways than imaginable from doctors simply retiring, nurses leaving the field, and highly intelligent college students choosing to go into different fields because they no longer see the medical field as an opportunity, but instead a quagmire of bureaucracy from which there will be no escape. His announcement continued and his words caught the wind and began to echo across the nation. The media in attempts to crush him out before he could get started were unaware that by publicizing his statement s were not hurting him, but actually were helping him and his message traveled the globe. He pointed out the hypocrisy of the Washington Elite with their hot air and inept action plans. He called out failures of both Democrats and Republicans, angering his chosen party and opening the eyes of members of the other party.

Real Unemployment


Populism, Socialism, and other -isms

And so the journey began of this Populist candidate who decided to self-fund his race to the White House. As the months went by, the pundit class made prediction after prediction about when he’d fail and how far he’d fall. The mainstream media went out of their way to ridicule him, attack him, and call up every rabid dog on staff to write damaging stories about Mr. Trump. Yet, like the little engine that could, Mr. Trump kept steaming along staying on message and watching his poll numbers rise thanks in part to the non-stop coverage he was getting from ABC all the way to Univision.

Populism is not a new concept and it has been used in politics many times across the world. By definition, it means: a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people. In concept, it translate to putting American interests ahead of any other nation, political faction, or individual and it really is the engine behind Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. In the past, Populism was ruthlessly attacked by the opposition in politics, being cited as pandering to the public by pretending to embrace their needs just to win elections. The hypocrisy of this is rich, since every politician panders in more ways than one. Opponents often try to shift the narrative from Populism to Fascism which would allow them to dredge up comparisons to the National Socialist atrocities that occurred during World War II. The irony of the entire attempted smear of Mr. Trump using this outdated methodology is preposterous and has been turned on its head.

Populism is also given negativity by associating it with Populist Socialism, found in Latin American countries with heavy emphasis on the “people’s rights” when in fact most are leaning to Communism. Socialism as a philosophy from America has been gaining attention from Bernie Sanders, the self-titled anti-capitalist Senator who stumps for free education, higher minimum wage, and many other proposals that will balance the inequities seen in today’s America. Decades ago Sen. Sanders would have been quickly sidelined but not today; he too is helping to slow the pendulum on its long swing. He speaks loud and proud about the failures of the current system, which is a de-facto criticism of both political parties. Running as a Democrat, Senator Sanders is tapping into the youth of America, the inexperienced and undecided millennials who are eager to have life handed to them on a platter are lining up to partake of his Kool-Aid.

Americanism is all that matters


Bernie Sanders - Across the Aisle

He does not fear being called a Socialist; however his actions show him to be a Social Democrat, similar to those governments all over Europe. He doesn’t want the government taking over business but stresses that the working class deserve more than they are getting. He wants the government to support multiple facets of life and he openly admits that in order to finance those, taxes will have to increase by a large amount. The redistributive mindset allows him to pit the owners against the workers in the classic struggle that almost always generates the rage against the machine that makes headlines and sometimes leads to revolutions. His philosophy and his popularity rise have been amazing, and similar to that of Mr. Trump, unknown but with a message that resonates with many regular Americans. Out of nowhere his poll numbers have risen against the establishment candidate Hillary Clinton and her trainload of political baggage.

America's House - Taxpayer Owned


We the People have been Forgotten

The swinging pendulum analogy seems to be effective at demonstrating more than just the political winds in our nation. Symbolically it shows us that nothing can go down the same path forever and eventually that path will change abruptly and head the other direction. The exact route may be meandering but the direction is always true. In the past it’s been used to show the back and forth of the two opposing political parties, but has been elevated to higher ground in this election cycle to demonstrate the direction of the establishment versus that of the people. The government system of the United States is one where the PEOPLE choose representatives who will be PUBLIC SERVANTS tasked with doing things that are in the best interest of the PEOPLE. Yet, the government we see in front of us now has failed miserably at keeping focused on that simple premise. The result, candidate Trump and candidate Sanders, both dramatically different from their establishment embodiments with their focus on the people instead of special interests are showing incredible staying power and growing support.


Who Trusts the Government?

Public trust of the government is at an all-time low, not because of the recession, or Obamacare, or even the past wars in the Middle East, but due to the people being unhappy with its very structure. This is nothing new and has been going on for five decades. Historians looking back on this grey period in America will blame hyper-partisanship, the rise of the internet freeing the control of information, big monied donors trying to own the government for their own gains, excessive and blatant government waste, excessive and strangling regulation, and regular manipulation of data to influence and support policy-making. Unemployment, global temperature, crime statistics, and immigration figures are so far distorted today that it’s difficult to tell the truth from the fabrications. The rise of late night and back room deals project the sleight of hand leadership we see from both sides of the spectrum. When America isn’t looking, the Washington insiders are leading them down an unholy path filled with potholes, pitfalls, and booby traps that only a select few have the map necessary to navigate. When Donald Trump speaks of making America great again, Washington is where he wants to start.

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Entitlements, deficit spending, illegal immigration, unemployment, reliance on foreign energy, global warming, regulations, race baiting, hate crimes, inflation, stagflation, partisanship, media bias, and welfare are just a few of the things our government has direct control over which allows them to wield power over the average citizen. Anyone who disagrees is labelled a lone wolf, prepper, globalist, redneck, racist, Nazi, fascist, illiterate, idiot, moron, or a whole host of other degrading terms to either silence them or force them back into the lockstep lines of the Republican or Democrat parties. The Washington elite are not alone in their quest to keep power, they are aided by the media, a collection of heavy handed soldiers who carry out hit missions on anyone deemed too powerful by the establishment. Challenges to the “way things are” are met with brute force, where your entire personal life is exposed with a thick coating of bias and innuendo. Borderline slanderous stories are spread and lower ranking soldiers are tasked with spreading the stories and stretching their lies even further until a complete collapse occurs and the dissenter either falls back in line or disappears altogether. That’s the way it’s been…until now.

Media Slanders Outsiders


Trump is Coming

Donald Trump, the billionaire, a man beholden to no special interest and a self-appointed man of the people. A man who does not back down in the face of partisan or establishment tyranny, giving those who dished it out a heaping helping of retribution. He does not come with a filter, a volume control, or any philosophy that doesn’t make America the absolute and only winner in everything. Unfortunately for the establishment, Donald is speaking the same words they are, he expresses their anger with the system, and he calls out failed policies and fabricated financials. He states the obvious on illegal immigration and makes no bones about what he’ll do once elected….and it scares the hell out of everyone in the beltway.

The press continues to cite his ceiling and his electability, yet he continues to climb in the polls. The Republican and the Democratic Parties have sworn to defeat him. The race baiters and pro-immigration groups rally against his policies and the Muslim organizations scream racism, yet he keeps gaining momentum. The unemployed factory workers who watch as their jobs are replaced with immigrants or shipped overseas understand what Mr. Trump is fighting for. The military families who have proudly served this nation understand that Mr. Trump will make sure they are taken care of after their service and while on active duty. Small business owners who are buried under mountains of regulations understand that he “gets it.” Legal immigrants who waited years for American citizenship to become Americans, casting off their past lives to join this life get it and support him. All citizens who see the daily violence caused by Muslim extremists understand that Mr. Trump’s plans are for our security. Trump has support from all across this nation and his record breaking numbers at the early primaries show he’s bringing voters out in force. It’s about time we had someone in Washington who was an American President, not a Muslim President, not a Big Business President, not a Socialist President, not a Special Interest President, and especially not a Pro-Immigration President.


Take That Washington

Mr. Trump is anything but politically correct, he’s anything but your say-a-lot but do-a-little candidate, he’s a proven business leader who understands how jobs are created, how to understand and abide by a Profit & Loss statement, and who can start and complete large projects. He might be offensive, but most Americans understand that he’s just expressing their collective anger. He’s a symbol for every American who has been trampled on, fired, called racist because they don’t want to surrender our way of living to illegals, or fascist because of their viewpoint on global warming, or anti-everything for simply speaking their 1st Amendment protected right of Freedom of Speech. He’s a defender of the rights established in the Constitution, not some interpretation. He’s everything the establishment fears and will do everything to stop. He’s an American Patriot and you can take that to the ballot box.


The establishment has a bullseye on its back.....Donald Trump has a bow and arrow.....any questions?

Please don't hijack my thread - contributions are welcome, but only if they stay on topic.

Blessed be!


Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on March 18, 2016:

Thanks Ken - appreciate the support !

Ken Burgess from Florida on March 18, 2016:

Excellent write up, will give it some air time today.

Americans need to wake up and take their country back, to put an end to the foreign rape of their nation. Trump the outsider is threatening to undue all that the Washington elites have done the last quarter century, he is the one person running who says he will try and do something about it, it is why everyone from the left and right from corporate media to extremist organizations are trying to destroy him.

Dem and Rep are in it together, and those Americans who are now awake see their farce for what it is. For more than 20 years now our politicians have fed us lies while passing one law after another that destroys our economy, our industry, and our Freedoms.

It time to Take America Back... Vote Trump!

Brad on March 17, 2016:


Thanks, I will check it out.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on March 16, 2016:

Thanks - I appreciate your taking time to check it out. I just posted another long one on George Soros that you might find interesting

Brad on March 10, 2016:


Another gem article. bravo.

In my hubs, I have used the seesaw to describe the swing you describe with the pendulum. We both have the same idea, and neither the seesaw, or the pendulum can move forward. Although, they do seem to somehow move backwards. It must be a physics phenomenon. lol

I can't really add to your hub, as it hits the target squarely.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on March 02, 2016:

The record number of voters who came out on Super Tuesday are because of TRUMP

Old Poolman on March 02, 2016:

By now it is very apparent that much of the American public is fed up with the Washington establishment. These numbers are growing by the day.

The establishment is scared of Trump because piece by piece he is exposing them for who they really are. Just a whole bunch of power hungry and greedy members of the good-ole-boy club who feel they are elite and above the masses.

Based on Bernie Sanders popularity it is quite obvious many on the Democrat side are feeling the same way.

Trump is exactly the kind of person we need to get the train back on the tracks where our elected representatives actually do their jobs and look out for we-the-people. There is no way he could do any worse than Obama has done during his nearly 8 years in office.

WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on March 02, 2016:

Another reason Donald Trump is so popular is his utter disregard and contempt for the political correctness that was created to shut people up concerning progressive agendas.

After the original outburst, the media has been fairly quiet about Trump. I think they are now digging up everything they can find to slam him with should he become the Republican nominee. If that doesn't work, the smear machine will be employed.

If he is the nominee, I hope the Republican establishment does not broker someone else because Trump will then run as an independent, assuring a Democrat win.

Eldon Arsenaux from Cooley, Texas on March 01, 2016:

A vote for Donald Drumpf is a vote for a fiscally responsible leader, one who will lead America by the hand, like a little wayward schoolgirl, back to its former greatness at the top of Drumpf tower.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on March 01, 2016:

Poolman - we are related...were REAL Americans. We have the same values, the same feelings about what qualifies people to be citizens, we're up front and to the point (like all Americans used to be before the Liberal onslaught on our youth turned them into weaklings.)

I'm the quintessential angry young man, but in an older guys body. I speak out loudly and proudly about the injustices I see occurring in hopes that I can open others eyes to do the same. If everyone found a way to get back to speaking their own opinions and their own thoughts instead of regurgitating those of others, the nation would benefit greatly. We'd have a country of statesmen (and women,) free-thinkers, and inventors again instead of sheeple, robots, and cannon fodder foot soldiers.

I appreciate your coming to read my work and certainly hold your comments in the highest esteem. Thanks, fellow AMERICAN.

Old Poolman on February 29, 2016:

RJ - I swear we must be related somehow or other. We feel almost exactly the same about the issues you write about.

I would expect his hub will draw enough heat to add to the dreaded global warming that will be the end of the world while making a select few very wealthy in the process.

I love the way you just tell it like it is with no fluff or beating around the bush.

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