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The No-Fly Zone Dilemma Over Ukraine

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As Putin directs his "scorched earth" policy in Ukraine with a total destruction of cities targeting non-military sites, this terrorism has turned the world against him. As his own Russian economy tumbles due to the massive sanctions and the average Russian suffers for his action, more and more Russian protests will happen. But as all this happens daily, the slow cobra-like strangle on Ukraine continues getting tighter and tighter.

What More Can Be Done?

The rejections of NATO and the USA of imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine is completely understandable from their own point of view. It would cause an expanded war and involve direct Western interference. But NATO has nothing to fear but fear itself. A more limited no-fly zone over Lviv, for example, might work since Russian advances have seemed to ignore that city. That could be part of a humanitarian effort so the millions that are fleeing are safe. Whether Putin would really start WW3 is part of his poker game play. Just as his threat to use tactical nuclear weapons in localized areas of Ukraine. If he did, what then, would be the NATO response? Just more sanctions and isolation, after all, this attack would just be on target inside Ukraine, a war zone that is his own playground with no outside intervention.

Sending in more weapons seems to be okay with Putin since he has not sealed the exit routes from Poland leading Lviv. That kind of intervention is permissible to him. Eventually, all the sanctions and isolation on Russia will have been done. What more can be done with more immediate results?

  • Create a UN sponsored no-fly zone as was done in 2011 over Libya and enforced by key NATO members. A UN sponsored zone would put the world (not just NATO) against Putin. This type of no-fly zone is purely defensive and to protect civilian targets. Of course, dealing with Russia is far different than Libya.
  • Remove Russia from the UN Security Council that it currently presides over.
  • Insert special forces (either NATO\Ukrainian) secretly armed with Stingers and Javelins to attack Russian advances.
  • Recruit all Ukrainian pilots to go to NATO countries to receive old MiGs and they will fly them back into Ukraine to fight.
  • Challenge Putin's threats with the West's own counter threats. Do not cower to Putin allowing him the advantage. Match threat with counter threat.
  • The West should announce it is "reconsidering" direct intervention. This would put Putin on a more cautious mode since the war is not going as he thought it might.
  • NATO should immediately accept Ukraine into NATO. Just do it. Now, NATO can intervene. That changes everything. But is NATO now afraid of doing this move? It would force them to intervene.
  • Provide the existing Ukrainian military there with key targeting data for its ground forces, this includes giving their commanders advice on reacting to Russian advances and their progress.

All the world's support and admiration of the Ukrainian army and people remain just talk. Zelensky needs more than that. He needs more direct outside help now inside Ukraine. Time is on the Russian side as its slow moving strangle chokes off one city after another.

Ukraine's Popeye Moment

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What is this moment? One of the most famous old cartoons in America was Popeye. He fought against bullies. His nemesis was Brutus, a much bigger man and Putin-like bully. Popeye was always his target and when they fought, Popeye's secret weapon was his can of spinach that made him superman.

The most famous episode that I recall as a kid was when Brutus and Popeye were in a terrible fight. Brutus was really demolishing Popeye and the fight scene just got worse for Popeye. As a kid seeing this in the movie theater, it was truly emotional for me. I was so upset that nobody would help Popeye! As Brutus continued to ravage my hero, Popeye tried in vain to pull out a can of spinach, but Brutus seeing this, knocked it out of his hands. Popeye was helpless as he was obliterated. Finally, in a desperate last ditch plea, Popeye turns his head looking at the me in the audience. This was stunning for a cartoon. Then he pleaded: " Is there anyone in the audience with a can spinach?" Brutus continued to beat on him. Seconds seemed like hours, but he again desperately repeated his plea for help! As I watched his horrific scene, I started to cry. Seconds later, in the cartoon, a boy responded, " I do, Popeye". The boy tossed him a can of spinach that Popeye caught and opened and then swallowed. Suddenly, Popeye transformed and completed destroyed Brutus.


Is there anyone in the audience willing to toss Ukraine their can of spinach?

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