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The News is Great: Poop, Pimps and No More Smelly Cars

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The government is always ready to snatch your freedom when you aren't looking. And this is time when you should probably not be looking. What does that mean. Well, now it is illegal to crap on subway trains in New York.


The New York Transit Board has decided to outlaw pooping on subway trains. Oh, it was always against the rules. It just was never against the law until now. They did it because of COVID-19 health concerns. The idea being: they want the trains to be just that much cleaner.

I don't know about you, but after hearing this I am ready to grab my flint lock musket and powder horn and stand on my roof calling out my fellow patriots to put a stop to this violation of our rights. As a former New Yorker, I know it was always my God given right to urinate anywhere in the city at anytime.

I mean what's next... are they going to tell me I can't blow my nose on the drapes at the court house. I don't know about you. But this might be a bridge too far.

Our government seems to be determined to gobble up our rights at every turn. They keep adding to the list of things that a citizen can't do. And at the rate things are going, pretty soon freedom will be a thing of the past. I mean can you imagine a world where you can't malign the reputation of a Supreme Court nominee without proof or you can't use words like fascist, racist, or Nazi unless they are actually applicable to the situation? That would be terrifying.

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In recent years (2015-20) Seattle, Wa., has been the site of number interesting happenings. For those of you unfamiliar with the history, there have been riots, protests, riots, sit ins, riots, an occupation, riots, a brief secession (from the union), and then more riots. Seattle has struggled with how to deal with all the turmoil and fires. The city council has decided a new way of moving forward is what they need.

In that bold move forward, the clerisy of Seattle has produced a new city job. The position of "Street Czar" was created to help the city government communicate with racial justice activists and look into alternatives to traditional policing. For this the Street Czar gets paid $150 thousand per year.

Sounds great doesn't it? And to make sure of or double down on their great decision, a retired pimp was selected to be the first Street Czar. The understanding being that others in criminal professions are more likely to be open with someone of a similar background to them.

If that is true, however, then why stop at Street Czar. Wouldn't it make even more sense to replace most of the city government with persons of similar skills and training? Can you see a day when a tricked out Caddie pulls up in front of police headquarters. The license plate reads "MA-YO", and out slides the coolest cat with the slickest threads. Than everybody would know: the Mayor is here and the Police Chief better have his money.



Recently, Gavin Newsom, the governor of the People's Republic of California, signed into law a statement that internal combustion engines will be phased out over the next couple of decades. The idea being: if smelly gas burning cars are removed from the equation then people will be forced to use non-smelly electric cars or public transportation (which will also be electric by then).

That sounds great. A couple of weeks before Newsom signed the law, the power companies announced there were going to be "rolling blackouts" as a way to deal with the weaknesses in the electric grid and overuse of electrical power during the summer months. Some of this stems from California's reduction in generation capacity when it started converting from some methods (fossil and nuclear) of generation to other less productive methods (wind and solar).

California has dealt with this deficit by relying on the open market to fill the gap in it's power needs. This all translates to: A state that has to buy electricity from neighboring states is converting to a system where all transportation will run on electricity. The neighboring states where they use fossil and nuclear.

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