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The New York Times, Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon and Racism

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Is Trump a Racist?

Did you read the New York Times headline for Monday, 14 November 2016? Critics See Stephen Bannon, Trump’s Pick for Strategist, as Voice of Racism. Wow, now there's a problem for Trump and his supporters, isn't it? One of Trumps first appointments is a confirmed racist –– right? I mean, that's what the NYT headline says. It clearly implies that Bannon is a voice of racism.

So you read the headline. Did you read the article? If you did, then you know what I know. There is not one confirmed example of Bannon being racist. Not one. Rumors? Yes. Allegations? Yes. Proven? No. In fact, racism primarily came up in the article when the name Jeff Sessions was mentioned. About Sessions, the article states that "...he was once rejected for a federal judgeship after officials testified that he had made racist comments."

I have a question. What does Jeff Sessions's alleged racist comments have to do with Steve Bannon being named Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor for Trump?

Bannon is the former chairman of Breitbart News. He also made some documentary films. One would think that his film making would betray his racist views. But his documentaries are about Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin, names that do not make liberals happy, but this isn't even related to racism. Bannon's name appears alongside names such as Mark Levin and Matt Drudge. These men are conservatives, not racists.

The article and other articles like it, report that the KKK and David Duke are happy about Bannon's appointment. These far right, radical extremist groups are supportive of Bannon, but the article does not show that Bannon is in any way connected to or supportive of these groups. The KKK has supported Donald Trump throughout his candidacy and the election. But no one has shown that Trump supports these groups. It seems that in the case of each of these men, bad groups support them. But can they be held accountable for what these groups do or who they support?

Why are radical, racist organizations and individuals so supportive of Donald Trump? It really is simple. At one point their interests cross. That point is immigration. Trump sees illegal immigration as a national security issue. Racist groups see immigration of any kind as a threat to white supremacy in the United States. The point of common interest does not mean there is a common purpose.

The mainstream media is not finished with trying to smear Donald Trump's name and they have only begun to try to ruin his term as president. This article is an example of how they will do so. They have stated in a headline that Trump's appointee is a racist. The implication is therefore that Trump is a racist. But the fact is, the article doesn't even attempt to prove that Trump's appointee is a racist. But really, all that matters to the NYT is that people believe the headline, right?

Maybe Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon are both racists. I don't know if they are or aren't, but articles like the one in the New York Times on Monday are not helpful in getting to the root of these allegations. Articles like this have one purpose and that is to create the illusion of racism and to convince you and me that the illusion is real.


savvydating on December 03, 2016:

Chris, Thank you for being a proponent of critical thinking. I appreciate this article very much, as facts and fairness are hard to come by these days. As for The New York Times, I no longer believe anything they have to say about politics. Bias and hysteria are rampant in today's society. (Sigh)

Chris Mills (author) from Traverse City, MI on November 17, 2016:

Ruby, actually, Duke was the Imperial Wizard of the Knights

of the Ku Klux Klan from 1974 to 1980. I believe he is still affiliated with the group, but he isn't currently head of the KKK. I too regret that we seem to be losing ground in race relations. If Trump simply focuses on improving the economy for everyone, then he will have succeeded in my way of thinking.

Chris Mills (author) from Traverse City, MI on November 17, 2016:

Paula, A gentleman, huh. If I've succeeded at sounding like a gentleman in the current debate, then I have accomplished something. People are going crazy right now. Time will tell if Trump or any of his appointees are racist. If it's true, then we have to admit it and deal with it appropriately. If it is all lies, then we are probably in for four years of a smear campaign. The proof that these allegations are not true will be if everyone benefits from programs and policies put in place by the new president and the Republican congress. They have the opportunity to show us who they really are. Let's hope we are not disappointed.

Chris Mills (author) from Traverse City, MI on November 15, 2016:

Bill, it is very hard to know if accusations such as this are true. But this NYT article does nothing but declare in the headline that the highest office in the land is now occupied by a racist. If he is, I want to know. We deserve more than second rate tabloid style "journalism." What we need is a news source that we can trust. No such source exists. Hey, Bill. We could start a newspaper.

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Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on November 15, 2016:

Is Trump a racist? I do not know. He acted like he'd never heard of David Duke when told he supported him. PLEASE, anyone living in America knows Duke heads the KKK! I want to believe that he is not a racist, just dumb. I know the media will keep people in an uproar, it's good for ratings. I do know that raciest remarks are escalating, the signs above the water fountains in school that said, " Whites only. " Students yelling, " White power " It sickens me to see and hear this. We've come so far in equality. We must not go back. It will be up to Trump to set the pace for our country. I pray that he steps up and demands equality for all Americans. Free speech can only go so far before the line is crossed.

Suzie from Carson City on November 15, 2016:

Cam.....Thank you for being an open, honest & fair gentleman. So few of your kind left. You give me hope.

If I never hear the words, race, racist or racism again in my will be too soon.

It is plainly & simply nothing more or less than a BUZZ word. Period, the end....overused, misused, abused, whispered, shouted, muffled, thrown around willy nilly and at this point....meaningless. Precisely what happens to anything when it is used for all the wrong reasons, by the wrong people & in an inappropriate manner or situation, to attempt to prove a moot point.

You are to be commended. Have a great day, Cam!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 15, 2016:

It's real hard to tell what he is, isn't it? Is he 90% showman who will say anything to get what he wants? 70% 10% I guess we'll find out soon enough, won't we?

Chris Mills (author) from Traverse City, MI on November 15, 2016:

pstraubie48, thanks for the personal account. It's time to regain our integrity and pride as a nation.

Chris Mills (author) from Traverse City, MI on November 15, 2016:

Haha, Eric. Very funny. We do focus on headlines. It's true. I believe a lot of people are going to be much more inquisitive in the future.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 15, 2016:


I thought I would try out a yelling headline to see if that made my accusation true. Shoot it does not work for me. I think I would need to back up here in my comment. But I guess I don't have to any more with so much information floating around on a daily basis, I guess people only have time for headlines and sensational video clips?

This was really well done. Thank you.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on November 15, 2016:

All I have to say it that if we want our country to settle down and move forward we the dissension and anger provoking words and deeds need to cease, Yesterday.

My Daddy, a very wise man, who fought valiantly and bravely in two wars for the nation he believed was the best despite its weak points...and he taught us, his daughters, that. He also taught us that when a President was elected he had not voted for, that it was our responsibility to support him. And it was / is our responsibility to watch what he or she did and be sure that our democratic way of life would be preserved. Sounds like what we need to do...thank you for sharing, did not read the article but will find it and read. Angels are on the way to you this morning ps

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