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The New Republican Right-Wing Code Word: Let's Go Brandon

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Just more WTF from Trumpers

So, for awhile now, many not in the loop regarding the new, seemingly innocent, Republican code for their hatred of President Biden, have many heads asking, who is this Brandon?

So did I. That was exactly the question I was asking myself. The "Let's Go, Brandon" is the new, silly, stupid, childish, Republican code words for, "Fuck Joe Biden". While many refrain from using the F-word due to American culture values (I mean, it IS just another word. One that is used daily by millions to express either positive or negative thoughts. Of course, it still also means sexual intercourse), this one is even more innocent or vague than the ever popular, WTF, acronym.

The birthplace of Let's Go, Brandon, recently originated at a race car track. Brandon Brown, 28, was one of the race car drivers participating in the race and was being interviewed on TV. As the interview went on, a large crowd of people in the distance began chanting a phrase difficult to make out. As the interview continued, it was suggested that the crowd was saying, Let's Go, Brandon but in reality it was the more vulgar, Fuck Joe Biden.

Somehow, in those weird minds of right wingers, and because many refrain from using vulgar terms in public, the Brandon slang represented code for much hatred for Biden. This was reinforced greatly when many notable Republican Senators started using the code phrase also in the media. Once this happened, it was a signal to all Republicans who hate Biden to use the phrase in public, which seems harmless.

Now, there are signs with the phrase and it is all over social media to show anger towards President Joe Biden. So, when you encounter someone saying this or holding a sign with the phrase, just translate it and know the person is most likely a right-wing Trumper.

As far as what Brandon Brown thinks, as well as many others in either political party, its just another childish and humorous thing that develops when a country is divided on so many issues.

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