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The New Normal Wearing Masks and Afraid to Live Life.

We can't turn on the TV without seeing something Covid-19 related. It's in our face everyday and it's stressing people out. People are tired of hearing about it. Everyday we hear the words " The New Normal", but is it really? Everyone has their own thoughts on this pandemic , and it's causing people to fight and become violent towards each other. And then of course there are people who think they are the mask police, and mask shame people if they are not wearing one. Who are they to tell other people what to do!

Then there are the people who walk down the Street with a mask on , and people driving cars with masks on. Why? Also people are wearing designer masks like this pandemic is gonna last forever. Of course there is the Great Debate whether masks actually work or not, and whether it is healthy to wear them for hours on end, day after day. So lets think about this, if the bacteria isn't escaping your mask, where does it go ? Oh wait that's right , it accumulates on the inside of your mask. The mixture of bacteria, the oils, dead skin, and sweat is a nice cocktail to breathe in for hours on end. Not to mention the bacteria you accumulate from touching your mask all day long. Not to mention a virus is 100x smaller than bacteria. But let the propaganda commence.
And what about all the symptoms related to covid-19 , everyday they come out with a new one. Isn't there any symptom they have not added to the list ? Lets see what we have so far:

Fever or chills , Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New or loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or rummy nose, Diarrhea, Eye problems, Itching and that's just a few.

Now lets think about the fact we totally skipped over Flu season. What happened to the Flu ? Everything went right to the Covid-19 pandemic. And every person who died was from the virus or virus related, no matter if it was true or not. And now we are going into flu season again, and they say it will be hard to tell if it will be covid-19 or the flu. I myself have many of these symptoms on a regular basis, because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it is an autoimmune disease. I have not been tested and I will not get tested for the virus. Because magically I will test positive for it.
With all of the serious diseases we have ever had, and many people died before, when did we ever shut down the country ? Think about the fact it is an election year and the Democrats hate President Trump and will do anything to stop him from being elected again, especially considering everything they have done in the past to get rid of him. So where am I going with this ? They want as many people as possible to vote by mail. My thoughts are so they can rig the election. They are using covid-19 as an excuse for people to vote by mail. Listen if you can go shopping at Walmart and supermarkets or any stores, then why can't you vote in person. I guess you can only catch it at the voting polls, but not when you are out shopping all the time. Right?? Also you can only catch it at any gatherings or restaurants or any public places , but you can't catch it at public protests where there are thousands of people standing close together . Right??

They already shut down the country and made people lose their jobs, income, businesses and their homes. They threw the unemployed people a bone of $ 600.00 extra a week in benefits, but now that has ended, except many people still are not back to work, and many more are still losing their jobs everyday ! The Democrats are heartless and won't give us another stimulus check. They are not for the people and they are hurting so many people who really need that extra money. It's not about the people ! It's all about politics and which side will win in the end. They forgot they work for the people. Instead they have their own agenda , which is lining their pockets and becoming richer everyday, while us little people who pay such high taxes become poorer everyday until we have nothing left.

They made sure to keep the country in quarantined for months and scared to go out or even breathe. We must still social distance every minute of every day. Every social event has been cancelled , concerts, shows, county fairs, fun parks. The list goes on. However protests are acceptable. Right?? And when the threat of the virus was about to die out , and people wanted their freedom back, What happened ? Oh right , now we have another spike and people are dying left and right again. Ya know we never hear about all the homeless people getting sick or dying or politicians getting sick. Look at Governor Cuomo he travels all over the place and never wears a mask. He hasn't gotten sick, but he has ordered all us peons to wear a mask and social distance, but he can go anywhere he wants.

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Now with the holidays coming up they are trying to tell us how we should celebrate with our family and friends. Or better yet they are telling us not to celebrate with anyone outside of your household. The last I knew we were adults, not children. We can decide for ourselves how we want to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones. We don't need medical experts to tell us what to do.

Also the government is still doing everything possible to make families and teachers afraid to go back to school. The government wants us to teach all kids online. What kind of life is this that we are headed for?? Not all children can learn virtually. This can be very stressful for them, and not all parents are good at teaching their children. And what about the parents who have to work? Who will watch their children? Not everyone can afford daycare. Also not everyone can afford internet especially if they are not working. And if they do open back up there will be plastic walls between each students desk. No contact what so ever. They are trying to put fear of living into people and control them.

You know what else? They are so Hell bent on coming up with a vaccine , which they are going to try and force people to get!! The last time I knew this was my body! MY CHOICE!!! There are many theories and thoughts about these vaccines. One of them being the tracking of peoples lives or altering peoples DNA. with the use of a chip in the vaccine. This is not going to be like your everyday Flu shot. This vaccine will affect your life. I for one don't want any part of it. Why do you think the Covid-19 pandemic has not faded out yet ? Because they want that vaccine that will alter and change your life so they can control us even more. At least that's what I'm hearing so much about. You know what though ? Many more people are starting to wake up and see the truth for what it is, and how we have been lied to, and we are just test sheep for the government. All this testing is not helping people. It's stressing people out and making them fearful to go anywhere, just in case they might be exposed to the virus somehow. They don't want us to have herd immunity , they want us to stay masked and weak so they can have more control over our lives or what is left of our lives. Where does that leave us in the future ???

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