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The Myth of American Empire

Monumentality has hidden many less than monumental attributes.

Monumentality has hidden many less than monumental attributes.

Basically, what Economic Hit Men are trained to do is to build the American empire. To create situations where as many resources as possible flow into this country, to our corporations, and our government, and in fact, we've been very successful.

-- John Perkins

Let me say it up front -- there is nothing anti-American in this post, and should some simple facts postulate such a possibility, they have no intention to belittle or to mock -- regardless of the style they are using.

Now, to quote myself from so many of my articles -- being an individualist, I am terribly against generalizing; so if you ask me "what I think of Americans", I am bound to answer with question "which one?".

For, in just about any nation in this world there is a same diversity of individuals -- some geniuses, some idiots, those successful, and those homeless, law abiding and criminals -- and America is no exception.

However, judging by all those Americans who are making some sense in their lives, we could say that Americans are quite industrious, goal oriented, materialistic, but also tending to think big -- which then spreads over the way they are seeing themselves.

"American Dream", which refers to ambitions for attaining prosperity and beyond, doesn't stop at that, but also involves a dream about American "global leadership", "medical superiority", "military supremacy", "best standard of living", "the happiest nation"...what not.

It's hard to live up to standards suggested by our dreams, and it may be nowhere else so obvious like in America, as we are about to see, according to some statistics and some simple logical reasoning.

As for a "global leadership", in a so called "free world" -- the phrase particularly popular there -- leaders get elected, not self-imposed, and if leadership implies followers, we don't see anybody in the world showing any signs of being American follower -- each country deciding about their own political, socio-economic, and religious arrangement.

Indeed, no one seems to ask for either American opinion or an approval -- albeit some choices may be imposed on them through economic coercion, blackmail, or sanctions, which is merely a nice name for economic terrorism.

Then, talking about a "medical leadership", there is a staggering number of some 350,000 yearly deaths in the US caused by medico-pharmaceutical establishment's screwups, with many pharmaceuticals being first approved as safe, and then recalled for their damaging or lethal effect. That resulting with a massive movement towards alternative therapeutic modalities, upon dissatisfaction with the medical practice.

Someone even said, jokingly: "It's a kind of scary that doctors are "practicing" medicine".

As for mental health in America -- as if established by that "medical leadership" -- statistically one in every five Americans has some mental issues. One might say how it's a small wonder that every few seconds there is an arrest made somewhere in the US.

Talking about the "best standard of living", America is only the13th on the global list of the best conditions of living. That with 27 million people being without any medical insurance, and over half million homeless, in that "most prosperous country in the world".

When it's about national prosperity, the number of the rich certainly doesn't hint at a prosperity of the whole population.

Maybe at least a "military supremacy" could justify that dream about a global empire -- so let's visit that theme.

It's only a matter of a common sense that for all practical purposes it makes no difference whether we have fifty or thousand nukes -- because we could never use more than maybe five before the whole world would gang up against us for polluting atmosphere with a massive radiation.

On the other hand, when it's about conventional weaponry, it's a historically proven fact that wars never look the same in War Rooms as they turn out on battlefield. Napoleon learned that lesson, so did Hitler, and almost any other military biggie all the way back to the Greco-Roman times.

With no need to study history for those proofs, in our recent history we have that war with a tiny Vietnam, which dragged itself for 9 long years with 50,000 American soldiers killed, and as many killing themselves later on, tormented by the horrors of combat in the jungles of Vietnam.

That particular war also showed how you can't attack a country without also fighting a biggie in its shadow. It was the Soviet Union in Vietnam. Likewise, attack North Korea, and you are fighting China; attack Iran, and you are fighting all biggies whose economy depends on Iranian oil.

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So, all in all, we are facing some military realities behind that rosy dream about American military supremacy. If anything is big about it, it's the astronomical chunk of the national revenue spent on military advancement, bribes to all countries of some strategic interests, and maintaining those over 75 military bases scattered around the globe.

Well, one must feel terribly paranoid to be the only one so "prepared" for a phantom, imaginary enemy -- at this unique time in history when no one is ever to attack a bigger country, due to the nuclear potential in the world.

But hey, we have to appear "very scary and impressive" for all psychological warfare going on incessantly.

Known already for its constant wars and military presence abroad, America doesn't even care anymore to find a rational reason for it.

Known already for its constant wars and military presence abroad, America doesn't even care anymore to find a rational reason for it.

I've never met an American who wanted to build an empire.

-- Chalmer Johnson

Patriotism Does Not Define a Country

I think it's fair to say that people all over the world think highest about their "natural habitat" which they proudly call their "homeland". And why not, we are all entitled to being patriots, regardless of how our dreams may, or may not, blow our patriotism out of any rational proportion.

When our patriotism translates to a dream of a global supremacy, then the expression "national narcissism" doesn't sound like an exaggeration. But, why not, since there is no one who can stop us from seeing our country as we choose to.

This little article is far from being enough to rain on that parade -- even if that was my initial intention, rather than merely presenting some facts.

So it's all right to have a dream, as long as we are not expecting others to share it with us, because -- surprise!!!-- they prefer dreaming their own.

However, we don't hear others' dreams to include a "global empire". It's almost as if American government has indoctrinated people to believe in their being "God-chosen" creatures.

I have been in America some dozen or so times, even lived and worked there for a while (with a green card and a social security number), but in all that -- albeit short time -- I never had a chance to meet an avatar-like, advanced creature. Didn't even find anything out of the ordinary about those fine folks.

Yes, many people move there; but also many people move out of there, as we have quite some born Americans here in Canada. Many more would probably move out if they just had guts to do it and start all over in life, like I have done it twice.

Indeed, patriotism is a very, very relative thing, hardly pointing at any advantages of our country -- except that we choose to be there, and share all good and all crap with our people.

Well, I may be wrong about most of the stuff expressed in this post, but I just happen to be in this habit of an out-of-box thinker to use my own mind, and all this thing about patriotism is not telling me much about livability in any country.

As someone freakishly fond of studying human nature, I just can't but give a certain taste of bare humanness to this topic of patriotism.

Namely, from my impressions, so many folks in America seem to compensate for their mediocre living with an imaginary grandeur, as if that will add anything to their personal importance if they are a part of something "superbly dignifying, superior, supreme, and glorious".

It's their political collective consciousness which insists on those flashy attributes -- but a miserable dude or dudesse in America can't dump enough patriotic sugar on their emotional crap to make it look more like a life success.

I hear them say all those proud words, and I see them glowing in their victorious
"superiority" -- and then, out of nowhere I get a flashing scene from "Looney Tunes", with Donald Duck running amok and yelling: "I'm rich!! I'm rich!! I'm filthy rich!!"

It's friends who make us strong, not forced followers.

It's friends who make us strong, not forced followers.

The American empire will not disappear...because America does not have an ampire.

-- Michael Mandelbaum

Finding Global Friends, Not Unwilling Followers

That myth of American Empire, as experienced by those stubborn dreamers, wouldn't even be so bad; but the problem arises when, during sleepwalking, they start bumping into reality.

Like, here comes China as a new competitor on global market. No imposed tariffs seem to help. only makes them more alive, as they rapidly spread their new markets in Africa and Latin America. A metaphor pops up in mind with a squeezed balloon at one end just making it bigger at the other end.

"How dare they compete with one mighty America!" -- goes the political outcry, instantly labeling China as a "national enemy". With apparently no way of realizing that China is not "plotting" anything against America, but simply taking the same liberty to grow as any other country.

Maybe we could stop being so focused on what others are doing against our interests, and try to figure what we are doing against our own interests.

Like maybe, just maybe, that much trumpeted self-image of "global supremacy" is not really working for us.

Maybe, just maybe, people don't really appreciate political bullyism, with coercion, blackmail and ordering who may be whose friends and business partners, and who may not.

And maybe, those European NATO allies are getting tired of participating in American military adventures in the Middle East catering to their friends Israel, while none of it has anything to do with their own national security.

Could it be time to start making friends instead of unwilling "followers"?

Maybe it would also help to remember how all empires in history crumbled of their own weight, not defeated by outside enemy. Allegedly, after American government nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, someone in Japanese headquarters asked: "Should we retaliate?" A general replied: "We don't have to; they will destroy themselves".

And for my last words here -- hey, if a scholar of Noam Chomsky's caliber sounds like he might agree with most of the stuff being said in this post -- maybe it shouldn't be scrapped as "just another anti-American crap."

For, it ain't that at all. In the eyes of those sober ones, it will be properly interpreted as only a friendly reminder. Just forget about my satirical style of presenting it -- I had to make it look a little spiced for the readers.

I love American people. They are people like any other. Governments don't give a character to their nation.

Empires start with conquering some people, but karma makes sure there is no peace to follow.

Empires start with conquering some people, but karma makes sure there is no peace to follow.

Change occurs in direct proportion to dissatisfaction, but dissatisfaction never changes.

-- Douglas Horton

I got inspired to add the following rhyme to the above text. Those who like rhymes, may like it.

Pissed Off America

First it was the Native folks who got in the way

some killed, some contained, problem went away

but then, all of the Blacks suddenly decided to stay

after granted freedom, and somehow it didn't feel O.K.

Mexicans got useful by performing cheap job

welcomed as such, or so it would only seem

for soon they got classified as intruding mob

when they dared to share American Dream.

Ethnic varieties merely passing for a joke

as America was turning into a melting pot

with forefathers only some European folk

now the national pride being pushed a lot.

Then political differences created deep gap

and that's become a fuss of a different kind

if not about minorities, then a political crap

brother hating brother for an opposite mind.

Then even that somehow wasn't enough

as the whole world got after American ass

new policies enforced unfriendly and tough

to secure supremacy over that "hostile " mass.

Imaginary enemies becoming a political must

turning even good friends into dubious allies

paranoid eyes couldn't spot anyone to trust

all that nothing but big money in disguise.

American people, that biggest of all treasure

which has from ever kept their America great

turned servant to this weird political pleasure

with peace of mind seemingly hard to create.


I hope you liked this story-telling rhyme, as I enjoyed making it.

© 2022 Val Karas

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