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The Movement that will Change the Philippines

one of the photos taken during the rally in Nueva Ecija

one of the photos taken during the rally in Nueva Ecija

People around the Philippines has started a pink revolution just like the yellow revolution that happened 36 years ago when Ferdinand Marcos was in power. This type of revolution has built unity among the Filipino in building a better community and future for their country. This revolution has amassed about thousands of people to go to rallies wearing pink to support this movement. The one who started this movement is a woman named Leni Robredo and she is what started this movement but the question is who is Leni Robredo? To answer this question we should first dive in to her life.

Ms Robredo,57, is a former human rights lawyer and economist that ran against Bongbong Marcos for presidency in the 2022 elections. She first became a politician in 2013 when she successfully ran to become a representative in Camarines Sur in congress. She gained reputation by visiting low income and remote provinces, speaking directly to people. She took a prominent role of distributing PPE’s and testing kits during the pandemic. While some have compared her political career to that of former president Corazon Aquino after her husband was assassinated and because of this it spurred massive protests which led to the ousting of Ferdinand Marcos.

She took part in that protests and even used the colour yellow running as a Liberal Party candidate in her 2016 campaign for vice-president in which she won. In this 2022 elections she ran as independent regardless of the Liberal Party which she still chairs that has long been associated with the colour yellow. This might be the reason why she switched to pink when she launched her candidacy. In her run for presidency, she promised an honest government and reforms to spur an economy battered by Covid and soaring national debt.

People in the pink movement are hoping that Ms Robredo will be the one to steer their country back to family and the rule of law but her supporters, which are fuelled by young volunteers, had to battle misinformation and years long concerted effort to rewrite history. Social media posts had misled the people in believing that the time of the Marcoses was the “golden age”. Platforms also have been deployed to discredit Ms Robredo, including sexist and misogynistic remarks and allegations of affairs but all accusations was denied. Her supporters was not deterred even until now.

Now with the election done and the Marcoses back in power, it has fuelled the youth more in bringing down the people who caused the downfall of the Philippines. Even if the party of Ms Robredo didn’t win she still wants and helps people that are in need. She started to build a Non-Government organization which is called Angat Buhay project that aims to bring together the public and private sectors-organizations and individuals alike to address the need of families in the farthest and poorest communities in the country. This project is a reminder of unity made by the pink movement and the revolution to fight against the inequality in the country. The Pink Revolution will never be forgotten for it is the beginning of a greater cause for the Philippines.

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