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The Misogyny of Feminism

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Gender Equality was labelled Feminism because it demanded equal rights for women and not equality of gender. How can one demand equal rights for a certain category of people? Aren't you indirectly asking for special rights? And then you wonder how to bring the 3rd gender into the umbrella of feminism. Well, honey, you can’t because they aren't feminine and the term feminism is misleading and in a lot of ways biased. So glad, there is an LGBT movement!

Yes, there are misogynists in the society and yes, women are mistreated and stifled. Statistically, the numbers of men who are mistreated and victimised aren’t very far from women. The term feminism to be understood has to be read in deep and a lay man or woman working a day job will simply associate it with male bashing and call it feminazi.

You know what? Women have special rights, not equal rights which may not always be in our favour. In basketball, women play with a 6 sized ball whereas men play with a 7 sized ball and also the 6-sized basketball is a bit lighter. What the hell are you trying to prove here? Not just that, no night shifts for girls, no out of station job for girls is very much a reality of corporate India. That isn’t equal opportunity, is it?

I see women behaving weirdly all the time. They simply want to take privilege of being a woman. They walk in the middle of the road as if it is nobody’s business. I know of driving instances that leave me aghast (yes, I saw them with my own eyes). I know women who take a million years to get ready and take everyone else’s time for granted. I know women who won’t pay the bill but still scream feminism. I know women who will do selfish things because they want to and they can get away with it.

A lot of them expect the man to take care of them and to pay for them and then they claim that this is feminism because feminism is a woman’s choice. Well, is this equality? It is just opting for comfort. I don’t buy the take care of the house logic very well because those women who take care of the house are given house expenses but not personal expenses. A lot of men and women buy the idea that the family loves the woman. A lot of families love their pets even if they don’t take care of the house such as fishes, cats, sometimes, even dogs. You are treating the woman of the house worse than an animal honestly.

The woman is left with no choice but to save from house expenses for personal expense and then to save from personal expense for savings. Now, you can’t deny her money on the pretext that she just wants to splurge, what she does with her money is none of your business. Well, and if you want a smooth and sexy body for your pleasure, you know that money can give her chance to wax. Also, women need tampons and pads, if nothing else. So, why should they have to ask you for money all the time!

Similarly, if the woman goes out to work and the man sits at home, he also should be given personal expense. Homemaker is a much better term than housewives in earnest.

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I know men who have been victims of domestic violence because they couldn’t be the man of the house. The wives in spite of being managers at MNCs and earning good salaries wanted the men to bring home money. So many men are victims of extra-marital affairs! Now, some will say that is why women should sit at home! Did the men who had an extra-marital sit at home? No, right! They had to bring home money, they were bread winners!

When women aren’t allowed to play sports because it’s not feminine and men aren’t allowed to cook because it’s not manly, we don’t need a feminised movement. We need Gender Equality.

We need to break away from ‘The woman has to adjust’ mentality. We need to do away with our orthodoxies that are creating these inequalities. We only talk about covering or uncovering women’s bodies. Hell, I’d love to see some abs, biceps and boners. I’d watch a flop movie like ‘Bang Bang’ on repeat because Hrithik!

No one asked him to cover his body because it was turning women on. His legs in Guzarish, oh honey! But Sunny Leone is bad, Urmila Matondkar is bad and all Bollywood actresses are spoiling our culture. Oh wait! Women by simply getting turned on are spoiling our culture. But men...they can rape if we don’t cover our bodies. Also, men cannot get raped, only women can and hence, how can men report their rapes because how is it possible nah! It is impossible because it is feminism and not Gender Equality.

We can call people anti-national, aunty national, Pakistani, slut, shameless and what not on the smallest of pretext. Also, a girl has dignity that she needs to cover but boys, oh, we can gape all we want! It’s on display! I mean they should wear dhoti kurta or pyjama kurta no, I see those boners and dude, and hormones fly in rage. Their dhotis and kurtas will protect them from rape. Oh! Also, they shouldn’t eat Chinese, that noodle hanging out of their lips near their jaw line, sigh!

Patriots, take note! Please ask these men to stop spoiling our culture and to start behaving! Oh wait wait! Men can’t get raped because women aren’t supposed to think or feel anything sexual, to do something, never! It is against her dignity and against Indian culture. So, who are the men having sex with then?

Too much talk about sex? Let’s talk about politics then! Why do we call them amma, didi and aunty! I never saw someone calling male politicians uncle, bhaya or abba. Can we see them as individuals please? Let’s talk about Modi! He is a powerful prime-minister today but once upon a time, he was involved in riots. Indira Gandhi is no more.

Let’s talk about media! Which woman wears a heavy saree and suffers a whole lot of shit for her husband in the 21st century? These women don’t seem to have a life apart from the family and the husband.

Feminism is truly a bastardised term because its concept is difficult to understand for a common man or woman. Here, the need for Gender Equality or social equality of just equality for that matter!

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