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The Militia Act of 1903, Reserve Militia and the Organized Militia (National Guard)

Charles Dick, U. S. House of Representatives from Ohio

Charles Dick, U. S. House of Representatives from Ohio

Militia Act of 1903 (also known as the Charles Dick Act, after the author.)

It was also known as the efficiency in Militia Act of 1903. this act divided the Militia of the various States into two classes; the Reserve Militia, which included all able-bodied men between ages 17 and 45, and the Organized Militia, comprising state militia (National Guard) units which received federal support.

Many who argue for very restrictive gun control legislation cite this Act, saying that State Militia's is now the National Guard. Therefore, individuals who are not members of the National Guard can have their rights under the 2nd Amendment restricted.

However, they never want to talk about the Reserve Militia in their discussions.

Since ratification of the 19th Amendment in August of 1920, and the 'Civil Rights Acts' of the 1960s and 70's. I will say that Woman and Minorities are eligible to serve in the Reserve Militias of any State.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary...

Most people arguing for unrestricted access by individuals for gun ownership, fail to talk about the first segment, "A well regulated, being necessary to the security of a free State,..."

This section tells me that the various States do have the right to regulate who, in their State, can purchase, and carry a firearm, as well as what type of firearm. The State governments retain this Right, not the Federal Government. The Reserve Militia, according to the Constitutions of most, if not all, States can be called into service, in times of emergency, can be called into service by the Governor of the State in which they reside. This gives the Legislature of that State the power to regulate their Militia.

Assault weapon vs Hunting rifle

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Is there really a difference?

Look closely at the Specs on both. The hunting rifle has a greater muzzle energy, in ft-lbs. of pressure upon exiting the weapon. The hunting rifle has almost twice the range of the so-called assault weapon, neither one, without an illegal modification, is capable of firing in fully automatic mode, i.e. squeeze the trigger and empty the magazine before releasing. Both can be reloaded in 2-3 seconds. It takes approximately 18 seconds longer to fire 100 rounds of ammunition. Difference, 30 round magazine on 'Assault Weapon', vs 8 round magazine on Hunting Rifle. Neither weapon is used by any military in the world. Exception, majority of Military and Law Enforcement Snipers prefer the hunting rifle style because of the increased accuracy greater knockdown power at greater ranges.

Who should be allowed to serve in the Reserve Militia?

Any citizen, or legal immigrant, who wants too, provided they meet certain criteria laid out by the Legislature, and approved by the Governor of that State. Minimum requirements should be the same as those for Law Enforcement and Military personnel; 1. A comprehensive and thorough background check. 2. A comprehensive psychological profile. 3. At minimum of at least 16 hours of firearm safety and qualification training by a certified trainer. 4. At least 8 hours of refresher training annually, in both areas.

Considering the fact that in many communities throughout our Country, the people they will be asked to defend their community against will have illegally purchased, fully automatic weapons, manufactured overseas and then illegally smuggled into this Country, I don't think that is to excessive of a requirement.

Now is the time for Good, Law Abiding Citizens to do something.

I believe that now is the time for decent people, who are volunteers for the Reserve Militia, to join forces with their local law enforcement, and take their communities back.

Several judges in the southern counties of Texas have declared the uncontrolled, illegal immigration, illegal drug trafficking, the constant and usually violent attacks against Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and I.C.E. agents at our Southern Border an invasion, and rightly so.

It took the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, less than a day after the declaration to activate the Texas National Guard and tasked them with escorting illegal immigrants caught by Law Enforcement officials back to the Border for Deportation.

What did President Joe Biden, he immediately tasked the U. S. Justice Department to investigate these practices to insure that the Civil Rights of the drug dealers, human traffickers, Cartel members, and known terrorist are not violated.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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