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Parasitism And The Marriage Strike

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Disclaimer: If you are a woman who can look in the mirror and say you are a decent human being that treats men with respect, then this is not directed at you. This about the other kind of woman-the female parasite and the legal system that enables them.


"An organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense”

-The Oxford dictionary

Ex-Husband Jailed By Ex-Wife For Failing To Pay Alimony And Child Support Exceeding His Income

The Institution Of Marriage Is Breaking Men And Killing Them

Modern Marriage And Slavery, What’s The Difference?

Why get married? That is the question a growing number of men are asking, as this gynocentric culture continues to strip rights from men and treat them as disposable utilities. Today marriage represents a form of parasitism. Men can literally be reduced to slaves under our legal system and law enforcement. Don’t believe me? Think I am being too harsh? Have a look at the adjacent video of a divorced husband and his ordeal in prison. Women are now treated like judges of their ex-husbands under our legal system.

The institution of marriage is a totalitarian matriarchy. Women are wondering why men are not marrying. That is like asking why you would want to be free! Men including myself, have no intention of voluntarily signing up to a relationship where our rights as human beings go out the window and we are simply exploited as financial utilities. Read on and view the embedded video content, if you are still not convinced modern marriage is a form of parasitism that is used to entrap men in a system of exploitation for the benefit of women and the state.

A Female Parasite Introduces Herself

An Extreme Form Of The Female Parasite-The Sociopath

And Another One, Not Really Uncommon Is It?

The Female Parasite

It is around this time, that I will hear someone cry that not all women are like that. You are absolutely right, in an absolute sense not all women are like that. However the exploitation of men by women through the use of the biased and yes corrupt western legal system and law enforcement, has become frequent enough for men to notice and alter their attitude toward marriage. These women are parasites. Yes you heard me correctly, I called these women by their name and I have no respect for them. These women see men as merely a utility to pursue their own interests and just a means to an end. The man’s interests are of secondary concern and if they get in the way of female narcissists sense of entitlement, they will be quickly bypassed through use of the divorce process and family court.

Of course many of these parasites attempt to manipulate men before using the legal system. Shaming tactics like, “be a real man” or “man up” are generally used. Sex is used as a weapon and withholding it is used as a training tool (which generally backfires very badly as men cheat, dump these women or start their own retaliatory manipulation). Their attitude toward men is condescending and generally there is an underlying superiority complex and a well developed sense of entitlement and victimhood. They are self righteous, are accountable for nothing and consider themselves blameless. They are generally the type of woman that wants equality and then demands chivalry when the bill comes. The female parasite attracts a male and then begins to use the man financially and otherwise. She will use pride and shaming tactics to attack and control the man’s identity. She will not care about his feelings, his rights, or his needs. The relationship is a one-way transaction, with the occasional use of sex to keep him interested.

Good Men Are Boycotting The Exploitative Marriage, Divorce And Family Court System

Today's Men Have Witnessed This Happen To Too Many Of Their Fathers

This Is How Corrupt The Family Court And Divorce System Is

Where Have All The Good Men Gone And Why Did They Leave?

Where have all the good men gone? Good men are protecting themselves from these parasites and the corrupt divorce and family court system. They are not willing to enter into a marriage and divorce pipeline with parasitic self-entitled women, in which they as men will be exploited. The unfortunate consequence of all of this, is that good women are now paying for the poor excuse of a human being these women represent and the corruption of the divorce and family court system. Good women cannot find good men, because good men have either been hurt by these female parasites, have wised up to how screwed up the divorce and family court system actually is, or both. A lot of the time, men have seen what has happened to their fathers and made a decision not to get married.

Divorce and family courts, strip men of their rights to their own income and more importantly their rights as fathers. Men are treated as nothing more than a paycheck under our legal system. Men are obligated to pay alimony to their ex-wives, who often divorce because they are just “bored”. Men are stripped of their right to be in their own child’s lives and yet are obligated to pay child support. This is parasitism and it does kill a lot of men. The suicide rate among divorced men and particularly divorced fathers is alarmingly high. No one cares and no one talks about it, so why should men care about marriage and supporting a system that exploits them? Why should we cater to the wants of parasitic women? I could not care less about arrogant, self-entitled princesses that think the world revolves around them. You are a parasite and men don’t want anything to do with you. Grow up and be accountable!

The Illusion Of Female Power And The Fallacy In Using Sex As A Weapon

Some women are under the illusion that their own gender has all the power in relationships. Women have as much influence as men are prepared to give them. Often some men like to stroke the female ego and make them think they have power to satisfy their own ends. True power comes from choice and men are exercising their choice not to marry. Despite what some women think, men are not controlled by their genitals. We actually have a brain and we use it. If women attempt to control us sexually, that is a red flag that they are a manipulative parasite and we will drop them like a hat. One woman suggested women collectively withhold sex from men until marriage, to encourage men to marry. Seriously? That is the worst thing you could do. All it will accomplish is to reinforce the already established image of female manipulation and parasitism and encourage even more men not to marry. Believe it or not, but sex does have a finite value for men and is only worth a certain amount to us. Men won't do anything for women or sex and we do have other priorities of higher concern in relationships and in other areas of our lives. All that withholding sex will do, is to price women out of the market and turn men's attention to investing in other pursuits in life with higher returns.

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Stop Yelling And Start Listening

What Men Really Want

Men need a lot more than just sex to want to be in a relationship. We want to be emotionally connected to our partner and be able to relate to them as equals. We want to be respected and accepted for who we are as people and not pressured to change into some other person you want us to be. We want women to treat us the way they want other people to treat them. We want someone we can trust and confide in and not someone who will manipulate us. We want women that respect themselves, but can see beyond themselves and their own needs. I don’t think that is too much to ask. Basically we just want a decent human being and not a parasite!

Men Are Going On Strike

Men Have Had Enough Of The Drama

Men Are Fed Up

Slowly but surely, more and more women are starting to wake up to the fact that men are not doing as they are told. Men have stopped being good male drones and are fed up with being spoken down to, disrespected and mistreated. The jig is up and the male backlash has been a long time coming. As Dr. Helen Smith has courageously identified in her book, men are going on strike (see adjacent video). The only reason it has not come sooner, is because as with most things, men will put up with a lot of nonsense before that get upset and react. We are not prone to whinging about every single thing. The flipside of that though, is when we do get upset, we get really upset and our reaction can be quite intense. This is why it often catches people off-guard when men suddenly start protesting. People mistake men’s silence for their acceptance of the status quo. Men have decades of stored up anger and resentment toward this system of exploitation. Many of them have their lost their fathers because of it. The marriage strike is not going away, it is going to get much much worse.

A Canadian Lawyer Discusses Divorce And The Broken Family Law System

How To End The Marriage Strike

To end the marriage strike a number of things must happen. Firstly the legal system needs to be changed. The bias against men in family court and divorce is literally draconian. It is totalitarian, oppressive and treats men as slaves. Secondly our culture needs to change. The male backlash is giving women of the princess culture quite a reality check. Women need to start respecting men again and accepting them for who they are. They need to stop blaming men for everything wrong in their relationships and society in general. They need to start accepting that men are human beings and have feelings. That it is wrong to relate to men in a condescending manner and to exploit them. Until those things happen and women start accepting responsibility for letting things get this bad, the marriage strike will not end, it will get worse.

Congratulations, we have been pushed and pushed and pushed. Women have now activated our survival instincts. We are no longer concerned about wanting a relationship, this now about self preservation. I am no different. I see marriage as a direct threat to my mental and physical health and therefore I will not marry. Like gambling, it is something best avoided. I have no desire to become a suicide statistic or a broken human being. I will not gamble with my own life or my future child’s life. If women want to blame someone, then blame the friend you have that belittles men in your group conservation's and the feminist hypocrites that have allowed these parasitic women to exploit men. They are ones responsible for keeping good men away from good women like yourself.

All in all it is pretty simple-Start treating men with respect. That is not really too much to ask.

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Marriage, Divorce And Family Court Are Dangerous For Men


Ryan (author) from Australia on June 10, 2015:

Saintluger-There have always been bad women, just as there have always been bad men. The difference now is that we have a one-sided divorce process and corrupt family court system that these parasites use as a weapon against their husbands to turn them into financial slaves, imprison them, psychologically abuse them, alienate fathers from their children and the list goes on. The legal system enables these bad women and if society is to have any semblance of a positive and functional future, then the gender inequity in the legal system where men are marginalised must be corrected. Until then, more and more men will opt out of the marriage and family track and stay single. For men it is not worth the risk or the effort in the modern age and in the toxic legal and social climate. Men are dying from the financial exploitation and legal enslavement of divorce and from being alienated from their own children by the biased family court system. Marriage is an institution that men are rightfully shunning and opting out of.

Ryan (author) from Australia on April 27, 2015:

Happy MGTOW writes-"I've been MGTOW for two years and couldn't be happier. More and more men are joining this explosive movement. I guess bicycles don't need fish either :)."

I am not permitted to allow responses that have website addresses in them, so I edited your response and posted your comment under my own username Happy MGTOW. I am sorry but those are HubPages rules.

I completely agree with you Happy MGTOW. There is no benefit to marriage for men in modern society. Marriage does however involve a heck of a lot of risk to men's health, well-being and finances. Men are walking away in mass for a reason. Marriage has become a toxic one-sided institution that exploits men for women's benefit and men understandably no longer want to participate in it.

For those that are unfamiliar with MGTOW, MGTOW is a term describing a social phenomenon (not a movement) involving millions of men opting out of a gynocentric social system that exploits them for women's benefit, particularly marriage. Men are Going Their Own Way (or MGTOW in short). I did not initially realise that there was a label for men like myself who are avoiding the marriage track because of the legal and financial hazard it has become and are opting out of one-sided gynocentric social norms, practices and institutions that benefit women at men's expense. I do identify with the term MGTOW. Like you Happy MGTOW, I have no intention of getting married and having children in this climate where men are essentially treated like disposable ATM machines. Millions of men in the West and across the globe are going MGTOW. Many don't realise that MGTOW is a description for what they are doing with their lives, but even among those that do know of MGTOW, we see huge growth in the MGTOW community online at the moment and it continues to grow at an ever increasing rate, as more and more of these men connect with each other.

There is indeed a huge upside to MGTOW. Greater personal control over ones finances, less risk, less stress, greater control and mobility over ones life in general, just to name a few of the benefits.

Ryan (author) from Australia on September 20, 2014:

This is not in reference to any of the comments published in this commentary feed. It is extremely important to me that the direction of the commentary for this article remain very specifically aligned with the topic of the article, which is to showcase the heavy bias against men in the divorce process and corrupt family court system, the female parasite (not all woman obviously) that exploits men and the broken nature of modern marriage in the West and the risks it poses to men. The modern marriage, divorce and family court exploitation pipeline, is literally driving many men to suicide and reducing men to financial slaves for the state and their ex-wives. It is destroying families, causing enormous damage to children and forcibly removing fathers from contact with their own children, leaving many fathers psychologically devastated. Debtors prison is also a reality for men in some parts of the West. The reality is that is there is portion of women in the female population that care very little for men and do exploit them.

There has been some commentary, including some of my own, that has gone beyond the scope of this article and discussed relationships in a broad context. I have made the decision to remove this commentary for the reasons stated above, to make sure the discussion for this article remains on focus. Therefore I ask that people refrain from leaving comments that don't specifically relate to topic of the article. Given the gravity of the topic of this article, I am sure people will respect my decision. Thank you.

Ryan (author) from Australia on September 15, 2014:

Bill-If a woman thinks the world revolves around her or is a bit of a nutter, then it is best to get as far away from her as possible. Cut them off completely. For a man that could literally mean the difference between jail and freedom or even life and death. Men-Don't take the risk by associating with a parasite in the current legal climate. Protect yourself and mitigate your risks.

Ryan (author) from Australia on September 15, 2014:

abc123-Well said. I would personally recommend to men that they avoid modern marriage in it's current form. With how the family court and divorce process is set up, it is simply too risky. For those that disagree with me, read this Hub article again, then read the linked articles I left at the bottom of this Hub article and then watch a documentary called Divorce Corp. Men-Don't play high stakes gambling with your life by getting married. Until there is serious reform to the system, I would recommend men go de facto and get legal advice on the laws in their area before settling down (as living in the same house for a certain period of time can put you in the family court exploitation pipeline even if you are not married in some places). I would also suggest men take precautions financially as well, should the relationship becomes serious. As for your comments abc123, about looking for particular traits in a partner, I wholeheartedly agree. Dr. Helen Smith made a very insightful comment on that. Men need to stop and consider very very carefully, whether they want to get into a serious relationship with the woman they are involved with. Men-Don't just rush into it! The laws are such that women really do need to pass a very high bar of trust, integrity and accountability these days for a relationship with men. It is a shame that it has come to this, but with the legal system set up the way that it is, men need to protect themselves. Men need to be very picky and cautious when choosing their partners. Many men are now not even bothering to enter into relationships because of the costs and risks involved. It is simply no longer worth the effort. That is sad, but that is what happens when the female half of the population are not held accountable for their behaviour and use the legal system as a weapon against men.

Bill on August 22, 2014:

Women aren't parisites-only the ones I've met...!?

abc123 on August 13, 2014:

Hi -- Thank you for writing this with such clarity and wit. I am a woman dating a divorced man, and have witnessed the wreckage of his parasitic ex spouse. I've also read many horrifying stories from divorced fathers / husbands...

For all the men (and women) out there, definitely read up on what happens during/after a divorce, and don't settle for anything less than your equal: equal in values, equal in vision for future, equal in financial matters, equal in work ethic and ambition, equal in expectation, and an equal who will respect and consider you as much as you do them.

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