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The Liberal Left’s Machiavellian Covid-19 Fearmongering Maneuver

Pendhamma Sindhusen is an independent political columnist and analyst.

Illustration of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19  (Image from Shutterstock.)

Illustration of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 (Image from Shutterstock.)

Fear and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are incredibly intertwined terms. In one context, with astronomical accumulative case counts and casualty tolls worldwide, the latter enabled the proliferation and aggravation of the former, whereas in the other, the former is integral in influencing humanity’s response to the latter. At first glance, this might appear so convoluted and maybe asinine in some senses that one would spontaneously dismiss it. Yet, their attitude towards it could change entirely if another word is to be inserted into the equation: fearmongering.

Fearmongering has been a common but perspicacious tactic in the playbook of politics. Fear is powerful and often preponderates over everything else in impelling one to traverse their own volition and possibly their conscience. Many serpentine political figures throughout history have successfully tapped into it to navigate their respective crusades, from Joseph McCarthy’s “Red Scare” during one of the acmes of the Cold War to the bipartisan establishment’s installment of intelligence apparatus in the proximity of infringement upon the constitutional right to privacy in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Now, perhaps another epitome is in the process of engravement into history — that is, with the liberal left’s Machiavellian scheme to exploit the people’s trepidation of COVID-19 for the augmentation of their political power.

If one thing is to be noticed in politics in the age of COVID-19, it is that the Democratic party and its leftist allies have bountifully benefited both electorally and otherwise. Lockdowns and mask mandates have been imposed as society has been compelled into introduction with the concepts of quarantine, “work from home”, and social distancing. The economic fallout of the pandemic has left the government no other choices but exorbitant financial relief packages that accrued to the already immense national debt and deficit. The extensive and active government that liberals have all ideologically coveted has taken multiple steps towards reality as the Democrats’ victories at the ballot box last November instated a blue trifecta in the federal government for the first time in a decade. While this might resemble a combination of a convenient contingency and clever political gambits, it is infinitely more.

Notwithstanding whether they would overtly admit it, fear originally cultivated by the pandemic was instrumental in the materialization of those aforementioned feats, and in such an act, it was mobilized to adequacy and efficacy by its very beneficiaries. To elaborate, fearmongering has played a central role in the liberal left’s maintenance of the rigorous regulations implemented since the onset of the pandemic, when there was obviously a prodigious paucity in both knowledge about COVID-19 and resources necessary in combating it, and electoral and public opinion campaigns based upon the purported predicate that its right-wing opponents are so ridiculously nonchalant that the situation would head further south on their watch.

Since the moment the Coronavirus outbreak became a substantial threat to public health, liberal leftists have scrambled from once downplaying it as comparably insignificant as influenza, for which they sanctimoniously castigated Donald Trump, to portraying it as a doomsday scenario and hyperbolizing the severity of its pathogenic culprit, a pretentious political maneuver to claim the “pro-science” designation which could confer to them conspicuous contrast to rightists, whom they have viciously labeled as scientifically ignorant. Initially, such a maneuver bore the appearance of genuine care for the electorate that was righteously scientific and right for the country. Warnings about the COVID’s hazards, recommendations for extreme caution, and demands that the country go into lockdown and its members practice social distancing and wear a mask at a time when the novel Coronavirus was arcane to the science community and unprepared medical facilities were inundated with patients for whom their available apparatus was insufficient seemed largely legitimate, provided the flummoxed and reflexively apprehensive sentiment that was universal and the extant scientific evidence that had left no room for much optimism then.

However, as time lapses, more information comes to light, and more resources becomes available, including vaccines that have been ubiquitously administered, it grows increasingly revealing of the disingenuousness of its masterminds. How? Most prominently, the progressive alleviation of the pandemic potentiated by such provisions raised a dilemma for these leftists hyperactively angling to depict the circumstances as worse than they are; when the situation reaches a threshold of even some marginal decency, which there arguably is, and with a Cornucopia of knowledge unearthed in the past 2 years, detecting negative exaggerations embodying fearmongering is no longer a Sisyphean task.

Nowadays, even with studies suggesting lockdown measures are of no avail and in fact even pernicious, pushes for lockdowns by left-wingers who profess to be pro-science persist, along with outcries for continued school closure, which are glaringly in contradiction with the findings and recommendations of specialists that children’s return to on-site education is secure.

The exposure would be even more manifest should one inspect scientific evidence about mask wearing and vaccines and contrast it to the dogmatic asseverations made by liberals. For example, data overwhelmingly suggests that the risk of contracting COVID-19 outdoors is minuscule and would be even more minuscule for vaccinated individuals. Yet, many on the left are pertinaciously calling for the expansion of mask mandates and aimlessly linger on pre-vaccines habits after having been immunized against the disease.

Such an instance has been exemplified by Dr. Anthony Fauci himself. Recently, having received a full dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, he proudly said he would not travel or dine at a restaurant even though such activities are safe under precaution. While one can vindicate the venerated doctor that his refrainment was an innocuous issue of his free will, it must also be noted that as a high-level public health authority constantly paraded before national television, his comportments and utterances can greatly affect the people’s confidence and sentiment about the current state of the pandemic.

Moreover, Fauci also repeatedly advised that Americans hunker down in their residences and refrain from going out even after vaccination, which was incongruent with evidence and the original purpose of vaccines, after offering a commentary about the country’s gun issues, which needless to say was far-flung from his jurisdiction. While a respected scholar in medicine and immunology, it is abundantly apparent he has his own agendas.

Ironically, these hidden agendas of Fauci’s draw a parallel with the hidden agendas of liberal leftists who employed a fearmongering scheme to advance their political standing and realize their big-government fantasy. His dejecting the public and perpetration of the pandemic’s status as more dreadful than it is, whether implicitly or explicitly, can find its corresponding counterpart in the maneuverings of theirs as a whole movement/political bloc. Indeed, these maneuverings have sagacious and subtle, yet they are nothing more than an obscene power grab endeavor. They have to be exposed, and a grinding halt must be put to them.

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