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The Left and The Right

Just a small town conservative accountant, Jeff Vickery loves to hunt, talk politics, and drink sweet tea.


A Nation In Turmoil

Are we on the brink of civil war? It used to be the North vs. the South but today political affiliation and beliefs seem to branch out. Almost every fly-over state is now red and almost every highly populated state is blue. There are a few exceptions but it's very obvious that people in heavily populated areas think nothing like those in areas with a lower population. They practically hate each other. A person from Los Angeles has about as much in common with a small town Arkansan as a diamond ring has with a piece of fecal matter.

The left has adopted this new policy of "If you don't agree with me, you're wrong and I'm going to shut down your Twitter account." Great. We basically have Jim Crow law like policies in place for conservatives now. Donald Trump asked his followers to protest peacefully and now he's banned from social media. There seems to be a double standard for how the left is treated because when leaders such as Ayanna Presley called for "unrest in the streets" they were allowed to continue on spreading their rhetoric and encouraging their supporters to riot and destroy the property of private businesses.

Let me be clear, I'm against what happened at the capitol. Those people who damaged the building shall be held accountable. But I also want to recognize the fact that the whole thing was fishy. I've seen videos where police officers were actually letting protesters inside the building. I'll post a video. It may get taken down but I'll try to put it back up if it does. What gets me is the double-standard and the hypocrisy of the left. They've been shunning conservatives wildly about this capitol building protest and I call it a protest (not a riot) because according to the definition of "peaceful protest" that the left used repetitively during the beautiful summer of 2020, this was the most peaceful protest that has taken place in half a decade. I honestly laughed a little seeing those politicians cower. They felt scared and pushed into a corner. That's exactly the way their constituents have felt for the past year. Just look at all of the people who are behind on rent and look at all the small businesses that have failed. We've been taxed with very little representation. Democratic mayors have forced business to close claiming that it was unsafe due to the virus but now they've given them the okay to open back up now that the election is over and the coronavirus cases are at an all time high! These leaders are traitors to us all. But you can't just blame the Democrats. There's two sides to every story. Look at how McConnell refused to pass much needed stimulus funds for American taxpayers. He cost his own party two seats in the Senate. It really makes you want to ask. Is this some kind of game?

The Capitol Police Allows Protesters In The Capitol Building

Coexisting Is Getting Hard

I've been seeing a lot of these "Coexist" bumper stickers lately. These are usually radical left wing Democrats sporting these stickers of course. You ask me to coexist. Fine. Practice what you preach. Hilary Clinton called Trump supporters a basket of deplorables. That doesn't sound like coexist to me. The left wants to take away our guns which would likely spark a huge uprising. That doesn't sound like coexist to me. Facebook and Twitter are censoring conservatives just for posting things that their business executives over in Silicon Valley fairy-tale land don't agree with. That doesn't sound like coexist to me. That sounds like the left wants to re-create this country without conservatives. That sounds like they want to wipe us out, maybe throw us in gas chambers. Who knows?

The left has a problem with almost everything that people on the right do. Whether it be hunting, owning guns, making an honest living, driving a car that uses a lot of gas, etc. They hate us. They don't care what we think. They just want to silence us and ignore what we have to say. They want to indoctrinate our kids. The number of liberal teachers and professors is growing rapidly. I feel like they will resort to genocide if that's what it takes to get what they want. And when we won't give our guns up that may be what takes place. Stay tuned patriots.

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