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Who Is the Leader of the Illuminati? Secret Society Leader Uncovered, Named, and Shamed

Table of Contents

  • The Leader of the Illuminati Named
  • What the Leader of the Illuminati Should Do Next
  • The Illuminati Leader Enjoys a Private Moment

The Leader of the Illuminati Revealed

Much has been written about the Illuminati and this shadowy organisation's conspiracy to take over mankind, but until now, the leader's true identity has not been revealed.

As president of the Society of Ancient Historians and the one person in the world who knows all the secrets from history, as well as the things that are hidden from the great mass of humanity by those whose interests lie in exerting control over the destiny of the planet, even when that goes contrary to the wellbeing of its inhabitants, I have had occasion to mention the organisation called the Illuminati. I have written about how this organisation was originally founded by the Three Little Pigs and that the purpose behind its founding was to advance the interests of the porcine race and their eventual complete hegemony over the rest of creation. Also, in another article I published a picture that had been obtained at great risk from an Illuminati conference. Because they did not try to disguise their appearance when they believed that they were in company with their fellows only, the photograph clearly showed that they were indeed pigs, thus providing the proof for my assertions.

Since the publication of that picture, our headquarters has been inundated with requests to reveal the identity of the great leader of the Illuminati. At a meeting of the Central Circle at a secret location under an Icelandic volcano, it was resolved that the interests of humanity would be best served if that information was divulged. The medium chosen was HubPages. This made sense because several other earth-shattering revelations have already been published by me on its platform. Had I chosen the ordinary media, people might have doubted my words. But because anything written here has my personal imprimatur, there can be little likelihood of it being disbelieved.

Anyway, to get to the point of my article and reveal the hitherto hidden name of the leader of the nefarious sect.

If you read my article "The Illuminati Revealed" you will recall David Oink, the individual identified as the leader. That is indeed his correct name, but he is rather better known by the one he uses in his human disguise. That name is David Icke. It may seem incredible to you that the person who goes all over the world warning about the dangers of the Illuminati could actually be the leader of that organisation, but it is the unvarnished truth, and one of the most fiendish examples of double bluff that has ever been used since the dawn of civilisation. The late unlamented Dr. Goebbels once said that when you tell a lie you should always tell a big one, and it is based on that principle that Mr Icke/Oink has pursued his career.

You can see the beauty of it. The surest way to blind people to the nastiness of your own activities is to use the old nazi trick of seeking a target of blame and then sticking to it no matter what. Keep hammering the message home, and eventually you will accumulate a loyal following that will believe any old rubbish that comes out of your mouth. Hitler and his gang picked on the Jews. Icke/Oink has picked on a target that, like the Jews in '30s Germany, are unlikely to fight back. Chief amongst them are the British Royal Family, most particularly the Queen whom he says is secretly a Reptilian shape-shifter. It is one of the cleverest projections of guilt that has ever been managed.

Up until this moment, no one imagined that the individual who was telling such "porkies“ about the leaders of our society was doing it to cast a smokescreen over the activities of the True Illuminati, and was actually the leader of that organisation himself.

How deliciously ironic.

The Leader of the Illuminati in Both His Guises

David Icke/Oink: Shapeshifting is an art.

David Icke/Oink: Shapeshifting is an art.

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Picture of the true leader of the Illuminati.

Picture of the true leader of the Illuminati.

What the Leader of the Illuminati Should Do Next

Certainly, there will still be some who doubt my story. But further evidence can be found by examining the derivation of the name Icke. You see, that name is derived from the Breton name for swine. Sometimes, when someone decides to use a pseudonym, they adopt a name similar to the original. That is what the leader of the Illuminati has done. Not so clever, really.

If David Icke/Oink or any of his followers object to my exposing him in this way, I have a suggestion. That is that they get on a plane to Bangkok, book a public stage, and make the same accusations against His Majesty the King of Thailand that they regularly make about Elizabeth II. After they have spent fifteen years in a Thai jail for the crime of "lèse-majesté" (disrespecting the royal family), I might then stop attacking them.

The Illuminati Leader Enjoys a Private Moment

Possibly the weirdest book ever. Readers love it though



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