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The Keystone XL Pipeline: Facts and Fairytales

Gemini previously lived almost smack-dab in the middle of Oklahoma and was a firsthand witness to how oil companies operate.

The Keystone Pipeline System is an oil pipeline composed of several sections. The Keystone Pipeline (Phase 1) and the Keystone-Cushing Extension (Phase 2) are already in place and operational. The Keystone XL Pipeline would be composed of two new segments: one extending the pipeline from Cushing, OK to Port Arthur and Houston, TX (renamed the “Gulf Coast Project” due to negative media attention and operational as of January 22, 2014) and the other traversing the upper Midwest from Steele City, NE, eventually crossing the border into Canada.

Keystone XL Pipeline

TransCanada wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta through the center of America rather than to Canada’s west coast simply because it would be easier for them. Although the distance to its west coast is shorter, that route is plagued with a multitude of problems as it would cross the land of dozens of Native American tribes who are vehemently opposed to it. But the Keystone XL Pipeline’s route through America will directly affect a fairly large portion of the United States, and it is critical that the citizens of this country separate the facts from the fiction before it is allowed to do so.

It is surprising how many articles regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline are so misleading with much of the mainstream media blatantly disregarding the facts surrounding the project. Perhaps not too surprising as TransCanada, the Calgary, Alberta based energy company building the Keystone XL Pipeline, has made a concerted effort to create a campaign of factual distortions, coercion, and fraud in its single minded trek towards enormous profits, its website created specifically to address their pipeline being a "spin" masterpiece.


Disgusting, although not surprising either, is how many politicians have willingly picked up the company’s lies and continued to expand the public’s ignorance. It’s time for this country to put aside the fantasy. Fairy tales are fine so long as one doesn’t believe in them.

All the necessary environmental studies regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline have been completed and approved. What is the hold up?

FACT • However . . .

Drafts for the Initial environmental studies were being released as early as mid-2010 by State Department staffers eager to rubber stamp the project and push it through without conducting thorough reviews. They may have accomplished this had the BP oil spill and then leaks in Keystone Pipeline (Phase 1) not occurred. Once these failures happened, the Keystone XL Pipeline became the center of a storm of controversy. Under this scrutiny, it was revealed that the initial studies should be deemed inadmissible for numerous reasons including: inexperienced and unqualified staffers were held responsible for gathering data, study requirements did not include the environmental scope necessary and that one staff member had questionable ties to TransCanada itself. [6]

The most recent and supposed final report from the State Department has proven to be no more viable than the previous attempts. Released January 31, 2014, the report downplays the environmental risks involved in the project and, considering the circumstances, this should come as no surprise. TransCanada itself recommended the firm Environmental Resources Management (ERM) as the consultant to review the State’s report and paid ERM for that assessment – a blatant conflict of interest essentially rendering ERM’s report a moot point. [11] The Office of the Inspector General’s review of the matter concluded that while ERM did follow the guidelines required for the contractor selection process, those guidelines “could be improved” – in other words, until those guidelines are changed, dirty deals will remain business as usual. Attention has now been turned to the Government Accountability Office which will begin its own review of ERM’s environmental report.

The Keystone XL Pipeline will bring a $7 billion dollar project to the U.S.

FAIRY TALE • $7 billion dollars may be the total budget number for this project but only a portion of this figure will ever reach the U.S. Part of this budget has already been spent on the first two phases of the Keystone Pipeline and on Canada’s side of the border and only $3 to $4 billion will be spent in the U.S. on the last two segments. [1,2]

The Keystone XL Pipeline will create tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs.

FAIRY TALE • Although politicians cannot seem to stop endlessly repeating this lie. And assuming TransCanada believes its own website, neither can the company itself.

According to the State Department, the Keystone XL will create approximately 2,500 to 4,650 temporary jobs during construction. This data comes directly from TransCanada itself. Additional data, also from TransCanada, states that there will only be “hundreds” of permanent jobs produced, not thousands. [1] Unfortunately, a study done by the State Department in March 2013 found that not even that will be true. The study revealed that it expects the project to create a whopping 35 permanent jobs and 15 temporary jobs upon completion. [12]

The project does not even produce a large number of spin-off jobs (employment created around the construction of the Pipeline such as truck drivers, etc.) although figures as high as 500,000 have been promised. These incorrect and highly inflated numbers are believed to have been extrapolated from a report, also paid for by TransCanada, that stated that the Pipeline would create over 119,000 “person-years” of work. A person-year is the amount of work that would keep a person employed for one year – which does not translate into 119,000 “jobs”. [1,2]

The Keystone XL Pipeline will actually kill more jobs than it will create.

FACT • A study completed by the Cornell University’s world-renowned Global Labor Institute (GLI), the only independent study done on this project, determined that the Keystone XL Pipeline will not only create less jobs than TransCanada claims, but also actually destroy jobs in the following ways:

  • A rise in fuel prices in the Midwest will cancel the positive effect of the few jobs actually created by the pipeline. This increase in prices will affect families and the agriculture and transportation industries. [1]
  • The oil spills that will invariably happen may create some temporary clean up jobs but they will be outweighed by the direct loss of many more existing permanent ones. [1] It is estimated that job losses from the BP oil spill range from the tens of thousands to possibly one million over the next five years. [9]
  • The diversion of moneys into the Keystone XL Pipeline will prevent that investment from forwarding the green economy which has already created 2.7 million jobs. Long term, the move to more environmentally sustainable energies will create tens if not hundreds of thousands of additional new jobs. [1]

The Keystone XL Pipeline will raise the cost of gas for people in the Midwest.

FACT • Oil that is currently being held in Midwest refineries will be diverted by the pipeline to be sold for a higher profit overseas. The reduction in supply could increase the cost of gasoline per gallon 10 to 20 cents in this region, 15 states to be exact. [1] Other sources claim this increase could be as high as 20 to 40 cents per gallon. [12]

The steel pipes needed for the Keystone XL Pipeline will be produced in the United States and are an example of a spin-off job created by the project.

FAIRY TALE • Based upon the construction of the previous phases of the pipeline by TransCanada, half if not more of the steel and pipe to be used in the Keystone XL Pipeline will be imported from the Indian company, Welspun Corp Limited, and the Russian company, Evraz, which has mills in Canada. Only the final processing for a portion of this pipe will be done at Welspun’s Arkansas plant. Instead of giving the ailing steel industry here in the United States a boost, it is cheaper for TransCanada to buy foreign made.

The Keystone XL Pipeline will give our country the energy security we need.

FAIRY TALE • But another favorite talking point of both politicians and TransCanada. This project’s primary goal is to move Canada’s crude oil reserves to U.S. refineries where it will be converted into petroleum products. These products will then be transported to Texas ports and then ultimately sold, not to America, but to foreign markets - for huge profits. According to the New York Times article, “Say No to the Keystone XL,” “What pipeline advocates . . . fail to mention is that much of the tar sands oil that would be refined on the Gulf Coast is destined for export. Six companies have already contracted for three-quarters of the oil. Five are foreign, and the business model of the one American company – Valero – is geared toward export." [3]

There are already numerous pipelines crisscrossing America, one more isn’t going to hurt. The Keystone Pipeline System is a safe method of transporting oil.

FAIRY TALE This is according to TransCanada. The reality is a very different:

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The Phase 1 portion of the Keystone Pipeline System was touted by TransCanada as meeting or exceeding “world-class safety and environmental standards” and projected to have less than two spills in a decade. 14 leaks occurred in the United States within its first year of operation, at one point forcing federal pipeline regulators to shut it down - making it the newest pipeline in U.S. history to receive such an order. While a majority of the leaks were small, one of those leaks in North Dakota was a 60-foot geyser. [5] A leaking oil pipeline is bad for the environment wherever it is located but the Keystone XL Pipeline is to be routed across the world’s largest fresh water aquifer, the Ogallala Aquifer, that supplies 30% of the groundwater used for irrigation and 82% of the drinking water used by millions of people living within its boundaries. Since there are places where this aquifer runs fairly close to the surface, even the potential for leaks is unacceptable. [1]

As at least half if not more of the steel pipe produced for the project will come from foreign countries, there will be no oversight of the quality of its production. TransCanada glibly hands all responsibility for meeting relevant regulations, codes and specifications to these companies. Welspun, has a track record of and has been sued for producing substandard products. The reason for the aforementioned 14 spills was poor quality piping from this particular company. [1]


The pipe to be used in the Pipeline is labeled “Tested 1910 PSI”. Unfortunately, according to TransCanada’s own documents, the diluted bitumen (dilbit) will be forced through the pipes at 2200 PSI – quite an obvious problem they’re apparently choosing to ignore. [10]

The oil to be transported through the Pipeline will not be your typical unprocessed crude oil. It will be a heavy, tar-like sludge called “bitumen”. For the bitumen to be moved through the pipes, TransCanada will have to dilute it with chemicals (that are particularly corrosive to steel) and then force the mixture through the pipes under high pressure. Worse, TransCanada views these chemicals as company trade secrets and refuses to make them public knowledge. When a spill occurs, and it is not ‘if’, it is ‘when’, the EPA’s crew will be facing the cleanup of unknown toxic compounds. [5]

Evan Vokes, while a pipeline inspector for TransCanada, filed numerous complaints with his employer regarding code violations and subpar construction he witnessed out in the field. After being ignored, Vokes finally turned whistleblower and filed a complaint with federal regulators. His complaints were still ignored and he was promptly fired. He continues to investigate TransCanada’s pipelines and his most recent investigation into the construction of the Texas leg of the Keystone XL has revealed that TransCanada has no intention of changing its ways. [13]

Instead of adopting the newest technology to detect pipeline leaks (infrared sensors or fiber-optic cables), TransCanada decided to cut costs and rely on more outdated software-based systems. [14]


Not that TransCanada will be overly concerned if their pipelines do leak. The government requires pipelines to pay into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund so that taxpayers will not have to pay for spill cleanup. However, TransCanada knows full well of the loophole that exempts pipelines carrying “unconventional” oil (the Keystone XL’s dilbit) from paying into this fund. So while TransCanada’s website claims that they, not landowners, are 100 percent responsible for cleaning up a pipeline leak (which is true), they conveniently neglect to state that it will be the American taxpayers who foot the bill for them to do this.

America Does Not Need Even One More Pipeline

The above video is an analysis done by Richard Stover, Pd.D. of the Center for Biological Diversity from data compiled by the government's own Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The data shown reflects only incidents classified as "significant" meaning incidents in which a person was hospitalized or killed, that incurred over $50,000.00 worth of damages, more than five barrels of a highly volatile substances or 50 barrels of another chemical leaked or the chemical exploded or burned. [4]

Oil extraction from tar sands is a more expensive and destructive process than the standard process used to obtain regular crude oil.

FACTThe process of producing fuel from tar sands was once considered too expensive as it requires the extraction of oil from the sand in which it was created versus typical drilling methods. This process, which entails surface mining, also referred to as strip mining, destroys vast amounts of untouched wilderness and requires enormous amounts of energy and water. The byproducts are massive strip mines and vast toxic tailings “ponds”, so large they can be seen from space.

Although the actual mining for the oil that will eventually travel through the Keystone XL Pipeline is not occurring on the U.S. side of the border, it does not excuse this country from participating in the environmental depravity TransCanada is reaping on Canada. It is difficult to put into words the utter devastation this type of oil extraction inflicts upon our natural world. Garth Lenz is a photographer who has visited the Athabasca oil sands of Alberta: “I had photographed industrial devastation all over, including some of the most massive clear-cuts on the planet, right in British Columbia and in Chile and Patagonia, so I’d seen that massive industrialization of the landscape on a huge, huge scale. But I was completely unprepared for what I found. Because this is just completely off-the-grid crazy—the scale is unbelievable.” [8]

It is in the nation’s best interest to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

FAIRY TALE • However, the Keystone XL Pipeline is very much in the best interest of the politicians supporting it. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, has not only received campaign funds from the six oil companies and one electric company directly involved with the Keystone XL Pipeline but also began investing in them in 2009 as the project began ramping up. And he is hardly the only politician in this position. [7]

The Keystone XL Pipeline is wrong in practically every way imaginable. A few workers and a handful of politicians will benefit, millions of Americans will assume enormous risk and the foreign oil companies involved will make obscene profits. When stacked against the incredible drawbacks, it’s just not worth it.

TransCanada's Lies Exposed

The View on the Other Side of the Border

Whistleblower: Big Oil PROFITS From Spills


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© 2012 Gemini Fox


Mike S. on January 24, 2017:

There are people (Trans Canada and investors ) who promised to push the vetoed Keystone XL Pipeline through after President Obama vetoed it, and by golly they wasted no time! It is the WRONG thing for Trump to approve it, proving he is listening to media and others who are not representing the true facts and consequences. The Keystone XL will carry tar sands low grade, nearly toxic raw oil meant to flow through pipelines running across the most sacred areas of the West where highly endangered animals and birds live in our country! I did a podcast series on this not many years ago and thought this was finished. Trans Canada is a terrible and irresponsible company, and their work will provide virtually NO JOBS for Americans! Also, the oil is to be piped and transported to the east coast of Texas, and then sent by boat for export to Europe! No benefit to the US or North America! The media lied about all this and this is still the case. Trans Canada has a terrible record and the pipe will surely leak and cause irrepairable harm to wildlife and natural wetlands as well as areas that can’t sustain such damage! This is a real f___up by Trump! I liked the guy until now… but he needs to get his facts straight, something his people are not good at!

This time he is siding with the media which he has taken polarization against!

This is one thing (vetoing the Keystone XL) Obama did that was great during his tenure!

progressivist on November 08, 2015:

Fortunately, this is one issue that has been resolved in favor of the facts! When people want to understand why the KXL pipeline was rejected, perhaps this article will help them.

Alan on February 04, 2015:

Two years have elapsed since you wrote your article...and the American public seems to still be in the dark. I agree with you and others submitting comments...Americans just are not well read when it comes to facts and statistics concerning important issues. If the media were to spend a few weeks now addressing all aspects with straight facts, photos of the Tar Sands extraction sites, projections of the amount of this extracted oil moved by both rail and pipeline (am guessing the pipeline will eventually occur), the percent to be sold as refined fuel in the US, vs. exported, and the potential dollars these companies involved will various prices per barrel of oil, then maybe America will wake up.

Gemini Fox (author) on January 29, 2015:

Sanxuary: lol . . . don't give 'em any ideas!

Sanxuary on January 24, 2015:

The latest news claims that after they build the pipeline that there will be 35 new jobs in America. They lied, because they will need hundreds of people to clean up oil spills and more then 35 lawyers alone to fight anyone who claims damages.

HellOnWheelz from Hyattsville, Maryland on January 09, 2015:

We will get our own version of the Alberta stripmine as KXL will set the stage for develop dilbit in Utah, CO and WY. There is already a Canadian corp developing a site in NE Utah.

Sanxuary on November 28, 2014:

What is it as oil prices continue to fall.

Gemini Fox (author) on November 23, 2014:

Hi Sanxuary - and have you heard about the Alberta Clipper? Obama has apparently just quietly approved it! What a weasel!

Gemini Fox (author) on November 23, 2014:

Thank you for commenting R. Fitzgerald - I'm not sure I totally understand what you're saying but think that it's that every state that has to put up with a pipeline running through their land should be compensated for it . . . ? IMO, that should be the least of our worries.

Sanxuary on November 19, 2014:

Not currently being reported much is the plan to place the pipeline through an Indian reservation. The tribe has threatened to close its borders and fight a war. Even better other tribes plan to join them. Now we have Canada starting a civil war in our country, how nice. Like all lying politicians the facts only become reality after they approve the plan.

R Fitzgerald on November 16, 2014:

If the pipe line is put in every state should charge a state tax on every gallon that flows through the line within each border of each state

The European oil company's and us company's want Americans paying 8.00 per gallon for gas as they do in Europe

Like the returns on the development of the horiziontal drilling which was funded by the us tax payers .

our return on that investment was 4.00 per gallon gas

Gemini Fox (author) on July 31, 2014:

Chrissy: thank you for responding. However, I’m not quite sure you actually read the hub:

- 35 permanent jobs and 15 temporary jobs are the numbers given by the State Department (reference #12). I myself have seen pipelines being built where I live and there were less than 30 workers building it. Once the pipeline is in the ground I can see it being entirely feasible for only 35 workers to maintain it. Comparing the maintenance of a pipeline to running a McDonalds is completely ludicrous.

- Again, I have to wonder if you even read the hub. TransCanada is claiming they are building the safest pipeline but the reality is a telling a different story. When it comes to crossing a fresh water aquifer that sustains millions of Americans and a large portion of America’s cropland, ANY possibility of an oil leak into it is unacceptable. If this is hard for you to grasp, I can’t help you. No need to do research re: the problems with transport by train – the dangers of that have been in headlines over and over recently. And I’m guessing that you have no idea that the reason for all these problems is, again, oil companies’ greed and interest in profit over safety. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then it is you who needs to do the research.

- We, as a country, are still hooked on using oil and not very seriously researching and improving alternatives because the oil companies want it that way. TransCanada is not trying to take over the United States because our oil companies already have – and they have a major hand in running it. Alternatives are possible: Germany gets 50% of its electricity from solar and there are cars that run on water. But so long as the oil companies are raking in obscene profits, those types of alternatives will never be taken as seriously as they should be – their lobbyists will see to that. It should be obvious that America’s true energy security will only come by being self-sufficient. Anyone telling you different either has an agenda or is delusional.

Again, I appreciate your comment. It is always interesting, although very frightening, to see how gullible some of the public is when comes to oil company lies.

Chrissy on July 24, 2014:

I think you are missing the point with this article, you are just trying to paint TransCanada as some money hungry idiots trying to take over North America, but really isn't the argument environment versus economics. The fact that you think '35' people will be employed from a 1170mile long pipeline is completely naïve, you can barely run a McDonalds with 35 people...

TransCanada is a business trying to transport a product in the most efficient and safest matter, and will transport that product pipeline or not. Pipelines have come a long way and although there are problems, they are still superior compared to transport by rail. Which if you did your research, also has an extensive list of problems.

It's pretty easy to convince people that the company is the problem but if there is a need for that product then they will sell it. When people stop driving their cars, or traveling by air/train/ship, or heating/lighting their homes, or all the other products that is made from hydrocarbons. Then maybe these companies you so clearly hate won't have as much as an impact. But I don't think the world is going to be switching to solar energy completely anytime soon. Maybe you should rethink your argument....

Sanxuary on June 28, 2014:

We can only hope they drill for gas next door to his house. After the toxic fumes kill his family and he becomes even dumber as he lights his water on fire each day to drink it, his dead yard collapses from a fracking quake.

Gemini Fox (author) on March 05, 2014:

Sanxuary - hard to educate people who claim to know the “facts” when it’s blatantly obvious they don’t know the meaning of the word. Some of these people are so easily brainwashed it’s frightening. They are the people who probably actually believe the BP ads claiming that the oil spill has been cleaned up and everything is back to “hunky-dory”. What a joke! Completely false! The BP spill should have been a huge wakeup call to this country. Instead the pro-KXL blither on about the pipeline creating “thousands” of jobs when the BP spill lost America TENS of thousands of jobs if not eventually 1 MILLION – and of course that’s just the tip of the devastation!

Sanxuary on February 22, 2014:

I would not want one job from this company in America. I guess we forgot all about BP. Everything there oil spill touched they had the right to tell every American to leave the beach. No one actually even knows if the hole was ever sealed. They never paid 99 percent of the victims and after spraying the ocean with dispersants no one even knows how many victims their will be. They were powerful enough to hush the media and bury the whole story that really has never ended. This is what you will get the day you allow these people in. A company that will be above National Security, I would never want to live next door to that.

Gemini Fox (author) on February 19, 2014:

Mark - how many jobs have I created? As a “job creator”? None – pretty much like 80% of the rest of Americans. What’s your point? That the Keystone XL is creating jobs? What, you mean the 5,000 max temporary ones? Or the 35 permanent ones? Old news – don’t make me laugh.

Am I caught up in the way our society functions? Yes – just like 99.5+ of all other Americans trying to survive. However, I am aware of what I do and try in every way to cut down on my “footprint”. Unlike you, I’m sure.

Gemini Fox (author) on February 19, 2014:

Patriot - thanks for responding again. But unfortunately, it is you who is completely ignorant when it comes to the facts:

1. Yes, there has now been a second study done which appears to be as flawed as the first due to a conflict of interest with ERM and TransCanada having previous business ties.

2. Don’t think you actually read this hub. As pointed out previously:

“The Phase 1 portion of the Keystone Pipeline System was touted by TransCanada as meeting or exceeding “world-class safety and environmental standards” and projected to have less than two spills in a decade. 14 leaks occurred in the United States within its first year of operation, at one point causing it to be shut down.”

So much for computers watching for leaks . . . And for your information, computers watching for leaks is only second rate technology. Infrared sensors or fiber-optic cables are both better technologies but cost more so TransCanada decided not to use them . . . so when they lie and say the Keystone XL will be the safest pipeline ever built . . .

3. I did not know that fact about the caribou – interesting. However, as is typical with your shortsighted crowd, you completely ignore the fact that eventually the oil in the pipeline reaches a harbor and is put on an oil tanker and another set of potential possibilities for oil leaks arises. Oh, and by the way, an article dated 2006 spoke of 500 leaks in the Alaska Pipeline in that year alone – and that pipeline, which was only made to last 25 years, has only gotten older since.

“Some 500 spills a year occur in the Prudhoe Bay oil fields and along the 800-mile, three-decade-old pipeline system.” – Christian Science Monitor

Yep, those computers are doing their job!

4. Solyndra, Solyndra, Solyndra . . . Once again, a factless response. Solyndra: a) was selected and pushed by the Bush team prior to Obama taking office (the reason I point this out is that I’m quite sure if you knew that there wouldn’t be a peep about Solyndra), b) was backed by private investors (including Richard Branson and the Walton family) who had diverse political interests – and lost money, too, and c) comprised only 1.3% of the DOE’s overall loan portfolio to green companies. Oil is not the future – alternative energies are. It’s time to wake up and get with the program.

5. Halliburton was given no-bid contracts in Iraq – yeah, I’m sure they “earned” their money after it was handed to them on a silver platter. And neither the Solyndra, Halliburton or GM issues have anything to do with the Keystone XL.

As to your second response . . . seriously?! Come back when you feel coherent. And stop watching Roger Ailes’ fanatical version of “As the World Turns” via Faux News, educate yourself with some real news and get YOUR facts straight.

Sanxuary on February 17, 2014:

Get a grip Patriot Quest. What did BP do for the Gulf? they never paid a dime, never plugged the hole, and sprayed enough dispersant to kill anything that was not already dead. Someone works for them but they are not supporting anyone I know. Now I have no desire to live or visit the Gulf and I do not want to eat contaminated seafood. You claim they make money but at what cost to the people who do not work in the oil business. Unreported is the effects of this disaster that never ended just because they claim to have stopped the leak. A leak that happened because they did not care about people or its long term consequences. Everything you wrote supports normal ordinary people in a contest that they have no freedom or voice and should suffer anytime money trumps them. Then you claim this invisible money will somehow appear in the pockets of ordinary people.

Wayne Joel Bushong from America on February 10, 2014:

mark, there is no changing their minds, I hardly ever comment because they choose misery over joy in their lives. Anything positive or creative is somehow wrong in their eyes while the true wrongs are excused. They will give a single mother of 4 thousands of dollars along with housing and food stamps yet never stop to ask why that person should not be held responsible for his or her life choices. They will rebuke big oil when its one of the few companies left in America supporting us! They will cheer for bankrupt car companies when the fault lies with democrat unions and not the product, all the while the rest of us have our wallets stolen by Democrats to pay these greedy self serving union employees of the backs of working, producing Americans that will never have the same luxury. They cheer for states that stop drilling and impose strict regulation then wonder why those governments are broke and all the income left the state, leaving behind the dirt of the earth. They cheer for the tiny minnow in California that was saved when thousands of acres of farm land was abandoned and bankrupt and thousands lost their livelihoods. .............forgive them Lord for they know not what they do....

mark on February 10, 2014:

I wonder how many jobs the poster of this article has created....I'm guessing zero, and she probably uses thousands of joules of energy derived from fossil fuels every day...another tree hugging hypocrite.

Wayne Joel Bushong from America on February 10, 2014:

guys and gals its one thing to be against something but another to not educate ones self to the facts.....not one but TWO independent studies show the pipeline to be safe. At the moment Warren Buffet owns the train that hauls that oil to the coast. Recently one of those trains derailed and had a major many of you knew that? Pipelines of this magnitude have computers watching for leaks so they are caught at a faster pace. You on the left fought against the Alaskan pipeline and lo and behold that same pipeline increased the number of caribou due the tiny fraction of heat it put off enabling newborn caribou the opportunity to with stand harsh cold during the winter. You all hate big oil but stand by idle while Solyndra steals millions and closes shop! You hate Halliburton because they were awarded big contracts in Iraq, yet they EARNED the money we gave them while GM and the Solyndras stole it!...........get your facts straight and stop reading fanatical blogs on the net!

Gemini Fox (author) on February 09, 2014:

Yes, I agree, Sanxuary. Canada is owned by the oil companies just as America is. Frankly, I think the world should stand up to Canada and stop them from the devastation they are causing - it's absolutely unbelievable and sickening! Unfortunately, with Big Oil (as with the banks, Monsanto and so many other large corporations) it will always be solely about money and profits.

Sanxuary on October 15, 2013:

I recently saw the Canadian Prime Minister speak about this project. What I witnessed was the first completely Corporate bought World Leader. What an arrogant piece of garbage who basically stated that ordinary Americans would have no choice but to accept this pipeline. He demeaned ordinary Americans but would not answer a single question that was independent of the corporate lines he was bought and paid for. Basically he said you people of no importance will have no choice but to accept this pipeline being built in your front yard. I never pay any attention to Canada but imagine if your President was the owner of WalMart or the last Republican Candidate for president. I lost all respect for Canada its just a Corporation, not a Country. Then again I could only imagine what are leaders have said and done to other Countries.

Gemini Fox (author) on March 03, 2013:

Patriot – thanks for reading!

As I pointed out above, the study done by the Cornell Institute found that the KXL will probably raise gasoline prices in the Midwest. Several other studies done have shown it will have little or no effect on gasoline prices but none have shown it to lower prices (I think that was another fabrication by Faux News).

Again, while the project may bring a couple of thousand jobs to the areas where the pipeline is being built and boost the economy of the towns close to it, all of this is temporary, a matter of months. The US is really just the obstacle to Canada’s access to the refineries and the ocean ports it needs to export its crude so that it can make billions of dollars shipping gasoline overseas. While the citizens of this country may benefit minimally and temporarily, we have far more to lose in terms of the danger this pipeline poses.

Repairing and improving this country’s infrastructure (which includes far more than just bridges) would literally take years and pump hundreds of billions of dollars (versus the paltry $3-4B for the KXL project) into the economy all over the US. A country’s infrastructure is an essential part of its economy, and right now the US’s is crumbling . . . so its repair and improvement would be anything but temporary.

Wayne Joel Bushong from America on February 25, 2013:


This oil as our own oil is being shipped overseas will certainly happen, but that oil will be shipped to refineries on the coast that can use it to make gasoline. The worry in the oil field is that this new pipeline will provide too much oil and lower gas prices thusly affecting drilling and production. Those in the know would not have this worry if we were not planning on using this oil for gasoline. I live within 10 miles of where that pipeline is going to cross. 2500 to 4000 jobs? yes just for the pipeline, this doesn't include the trickle down jobs, heavy equipment, mechanics, welders, under highway contractors, fence repair, gate sales, wood sales from clearing land, Cement repair, literal tons of food for workers, tires, fuel for equipment and so on. Any project of this magnitude is good for America! Why don't you do a real study on the bridges that Obama has been saying for years will save Americans jobs. about temporary,

Gemini Fox (author) on January 23, 2013:

A company out of India (Welspun Steel Ltd.) - but apparently TransCanada (for reasons unknown and which should be questioned) has taken it upon themselves to stamp the piping "Made In USA".

Lee Russell on January 22, 2013:

Who makes the Pipe?

Gemini Fox (author) on October 31, 2012:

Thank you for reading, HSchneider! Just found out yesterday the pipeline will be going in about five miles away from me! The whole mess is truly scary!

Howard Schneider from Parsippany, New Jersey on October 31, 2012:

Thank you for writing this excellent informative Hub, Gemini Fox. There are too many rumors and mis-information flying around the media and internet.

Gemini Fox (author) on April 25, 2012:

Thank you, billybuc, for your kind words! It's a rather dry subject but the whole topic of Big Oil just gets me fired up so of course I had to write about it!

Yes, I can imagine the mayhem going on up in ND - today's equivalent of the Gold Rush bringing with it all the inherent problems. Heard housing was at a premium if nothing else.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 24, 2012:

Very, very well-written hub! I am quite impressed with the research and knowledge behind this one. Excellent job my friend and I look forward to more from you.

I was talking to my nephew who lives in North Dakota and he said it was madness around their area; way too many problems and not nearly the solutions needed.

Anyway, great hub!

David from Idaho on April 09, 2012:

I certainly acknowledge that the oil companies are deploying tactics to manipulate the markets. The latest one is shutting down refineries because they weren’t profitable enough; that was just a couple of months ago, when did gas prices start to go up?

I still remember the energy crisis we had in California years ago. Enron was creating shortages so they could get rich by jacking up the prices of electricity. Same thing is happening now, just a different energy source.

Gemini Fox (author) on April 06, 2012:

Read your hub - it's good!

But you realize that it's not only rumors about this or that calamity happening around the world that's jacking up the prices (via spec.)? Did you know that the oil companies have super tankers, filled, sitting out at sea holding oil until the best opportunity to come into port and sell at a higher price? This is not just theory or conspiracy - saw a video (can't find) on in which the lead editor has an inside source to one of the oil companies AND a friend told me she's heard the same thing (maybe you have by now too). Unreal! The video I was trying to find was actually calling for legal action against this.

I am not knowledgeable about the background of the oil industry so don't know if it was ever gov't regulated but really can't think of an industry that needs it more - and never understood why it wasn't. Oil prices affect so much in this country.

Not to get off on a tangent, but food prices are going up for the same reason, and that only affects our pocketbooks here in the US but in other places in the world, I hear people are going hungry/starving because of it. Obscene!

David from Idaho on April 06, 2012:

I actually did a hub about oil speculators over a month ago because I got sick of hearing so many people claim prices were going up because of supply and demand, what a joke. Our production is up and our consumption is down. These speculators are causing so much of this unrest and the prices are fluctuating because of it. I have seen more stories about the speculators this week alone than I have in years. Maybe people are finally waking up to what these people are doing to the prices?

Gemini Fox (author) on April 05, 2012:

adjkp25: Thanks for reading!

Yes, this pipeline is mainly to enable Canada to reach a port so that it can EXPORT its oil - most of it is not staying here because the companies are going to make more selling to foreign countries! And the reality is that the price of our oil is not affected by drilling here or importing more or less oil - the price is being manipulated by speculators due to lack of government regulation. But, of course, our politicians, being paid off by Big Oil, spout what they think will encourage people to back the project.

David from Idaho on April 05, 2012:

Too many people think extra oil here domestically will reduce our prices at the pump but that is not the case. Fuel is actually a top export for the US right now because the oil companies are getting more for it on the open market by shipping it elsewhere. What is stopping these oil companies from producing more here and then shipping it out to the highest bidder? There is no regulation in place mandating that this domestic oil is to only be used here that I am aware of.

Definitely some good information about what is really going on with the pipeline and not just the talking points that we keep hearing.

Gemini Fox (author) on March 08, 2012:

loua: thanks for reading and the compliment!

I keep thinking (and hoping) that more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that you can't trust the mainstream media. But in the end it's about being a thinking person and not just blindly accepting everything you're told . . . which means as Americans we've got a long way to go! There's a whole lotta sheeples out there!

Your comment on the media trading notes is interesting. I may be misunderstanding your point but think that the media should get their info. directly from their sources (which, of course, they can't always reveal), not from other media. That's actually one of the huge problems with the mainstream media today - they feed off each other without validating. 60 Minutes actually did a piece interviewing Knight Ridder about this issue and the m.s. media's roll leading up to the Irag war - they TOTALLY failed us and if they had actually done their job, the war may not have even happened!

loua from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet on March 07, 2012:

Great Article!!! It's too bad there is so much misinformation out there; but people are convinced by what they hear from the mainstream media as if it was gospel... The public is fed so much crap and most believe it... I don't wish to be cynical but after so may instances of catching them in half truths its disconcerting that they got people believing the stuff they sell as truth, because the general public is that unread and that naïve they buy the stuff as if it could not be any other way than what the broadcast says... You would think they'd get a hint from weather forecast, on how accurate the process is not...

PS Wouldn't it be something if the media compared notes with other references and gave citations on how they know what their talking about... Why don't they ever say how they know what their talking about is true or not? They just repeat what they are told and never question it... I guess they leave that for Sixty Minutes..

Gemini Fox (author) on February 16, 2012:

Jillian: thank you so much for the very kind comment!

Yes, it is amazing how the mainstream media actually upholds and reiterates some of the falsehoods out there about the KXL. So much for news! Imagine how Americans would feel if the news actually did their job and spread the truth - on many, many topics!

Donna Lichtenfels from California, USA on February 14, 2012:

Dear Gemini,

I noticed on your profile page that you have always been interested in writing---Well, no wonder! You have talent!

The supporters of the pipeline have somehow managed to convince most people that this oil will be the property of the U.S. It is just like offshore leases- that oil is not ours, either...When will people wake up?

Your article needs to be read by the people who are so convinced that America needs this pipeline!

Gemini Fox (author) on February 05, 2012:


“If we do not expand oil production in North America, we will have to continue importing via ship from abroad. And each ship burns fuel (waste) and risks spills (waste and environmental damage).”

If you read my hub, it points out that the KXL is not going to give the U.S. the energy security most politicians want us to believe it will as most of the fuel is not going to be sold to the U.S. The KXL is primarily an export pipeline for Canada (to foreign countries). Also, both of your points here are perfect examples of why the U.S. needs to expand green energy.

“The XL pipeline shut down is just an appeasement by the Obama Administration to environmentalists who literally want to de-develop the US.”

Unfortunately, you are probably right that Obama put a halt (probably temporarily) to the pipeline for political reasons rather than the right reasons. However, environmentalists are not wanting to “de-develop” the U.S., just develop sustainable energies that are already out there but not being used as they should be – energies that will not peak and run out or continue to pollute our environment as oil will.

“That high energy prices hurt those who cannot afford higher electric and gas bills is irrelevant.”

Again, if you read my hub, the Cornell University GLI is pointing out that in reference to the number of actual jobs created by the pipeline, a raise in the price of fuel will negate the benefits of those jobs when people in the Midwest cut back on spending due to that increase and the increase that will be transferred to them by the transport and agricultural industries. I am quite sure that those people who are affected by higher gas prices will not consider it to be “irrelevant”.

Tamara Wilhite from Fort Worth, Texas on February 05, 2012:

If we do not expand oil production in North America, we will have to continue importing via ship from abroad. And each ship burns fuel (waste) and risks spills (waste and environmental damage).

The XL pipeline shut down is just an appeasement by the Obama Administration to environmentalists who literally want to de-develop the US. That high energy prices hurt those who cannot afford higher electric and gas bills is irrelevant.

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