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How to apply for a Ugandan Drivers License/International Drivers License Exchange


Applying for a Ugandan Driving Permit or a Drivers license exchange is a process which involves filling in the different forms which are obtained from the URA b

Not so long ago, my long awaited dream came to reality when the International Non Governmental Organization i had been working with as a volunteer approved my request to be posted to one of its branches located in Kampala Uganda. Just like you ever heard of people referring to Uganda as a pear of Africa, indeed it is as the country is rich with natural resources including forests, the lakes, the mountains, the world animals only to mention but a few.

Back at home in my native country, I had a valid drivers license which in my dreams though that it was the same license I would use when it comes to driving on Uganda roads not knowing that things were very different and all foreigners needed to apply for a Drivers license exchange so as to be given the one made and recognized in Uganda.

In regard to all the procedures I went through during the Permit exchange, I choose to write about it so that if any one is in the process of traveling to Uganda with a hope of driving on Uganda’s soils, one must be prepared to undergo almost all the below steps I went too through.

How do you go about the whole process?

  1. You will need to visit the Uganda Revenue Authority Website at
  2. Scroll down and locate the Payment Registration link.
  3. Select option NTR and under Tax head, scroll down and choose Full Exchange D/P.
  4. Continue filling all parts especially those with a red start as they are mandatory, click accept and register and then on the next page, click print.
  5. Go to the bank you choose as your payment bank and enact your payment.
  6. Go to any URA branch; pick the Drivers license application forms (Form A – Make sure to check box with Driving Permit Exchange and Form B – Medical form).
  7. Fill in the form A and take form B to the nearest eye care clinic or hospital for thorough checking on especially the eyes.
  8. Take back the filled forms together with your bank payment receipt and drop them to the URA branch of your choice.
  9. Go to Kyambogo Face Technologies, the official Driving permit processing center after the period as recommended by the URA staff.
  10. You will be given a Temporary Paper driving license which will be valid for one month after which you will take it back so as to get the Real Drivers License.

That’s how the whole process works and every one willing to drive in Uganda should pass in a similar process of exchanging his or her Foreign Drivers license. Good luck.


tugume eria on October 02, 2017:

actually am a new applicant who is interested in knowing what exactly the requirements ...

Carlos Buyungo on July 29, 2017:

Thanks! Good information.

George on May 10, 2017:

Are they actually taking away the "old" (in my case european) license? or can I keep it in case I go back and drive in the EU

KT on November 21, 2015:

You also need to have your original passport and original foreign drivers license when you go to Face Technologies

Joseph on September 02, 2015:

I am a Ugandan and thanks for posting this because it has helped me alot.

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