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The Recent Josh Duggar Scandal Is Receiving More Television Coverage Than Before

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*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on November 7, 2021.

"thetortmaster" is the creator of this image.   The license to it can be found at

"thetortmaster" is the creator of this image. The license to it can be found at

In the springtime of 2021 when the sex scandal regarding Josh Duggar first surfaced to light, most of the information about it that I was coming across was either somewhere on the Internet, on YouTube, or on some other social-media platform. The most thorough and accurate coverage of it could be found on the Without A Crystal Ball channel on YouTube. Katie Joy Paulson operates that same YouTube channel, and she has handled the coverage of the Josh Duggar sex scandal even better than Rona Barrett or Diane Diamond would have done so; and I make that comment in a positive light, because Ms. Barrett and Ms. Diamond would be sure not to overlook even one detail about that same scandal if either one of them had been covering it.

Elle Bee, Nicki Swift, and Tuff Topic, who are all three on YouTube, have given the Josh Duggar sex scandal a fair amount of coverage. However, none of them have dug as deep into it as Katie Joy Paulson has done so.

The television networks did not seem to take as much interest in Josh Duggar's Federal indictments and arrest for child pornography earlier this year as they did when he got exposed for other related crimes of moral turpitude back in 2015. In any event, as Josh Duggar's criminal trial in Federal court approaches, it appears that the television networks can no longer ignore what has been going on with him and his family.

Very recently, Dr. Oz broadcasted an edition of his regular television show (The Dr. Oz Show) wherein he described Josh's 2021 confrontation with the law and what led up to it. You can watch that same television show in the video below.

Dr. Oz Provides A Detailed Account Of The Recent Sex Scandal Involving Josh Duggar

My question to Dr. Oz would now be, "What took you so long to do an entire television show about Josh Duggar's current sex scandal?" Television shows and television news programs should have been reporting about Josh abundantly months ago rather than waiting for his criminal trial to approach. If Entertainment Tonight and TMZ and other television shows like them were all over Josh's case back in 2015 when all his depravities were exposed to the world, they should have been doing in-depth television shows about his recent brush with the law from the spring of this year instead of brief mentions about it here and there.

The public has the right to know about the events and the details regarding Josh's reprehensible crimes, especially now that his father, Jim Bob Duggar, is running for office. I completely get it. Back in 2015, it may have seemed more important to television networks to put Josh's dirty laundry on exhibition, because a large number of people were fed up with all the double standards that the Duggar family promoted. However, we are talking about the safety and well-being of children.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

Local Networks Began Picking Up The Recent Story Behind Josh Duggar's Sex Crimes Against Children At Its Outset

Fortunately, local news channels throughout Arkansas did not keep the sex scandal involving Josh quiet as a result of his family's celebrity status. They have been picking up the story about him all along, which is good. Below is a news clip from one of those local television stations in Arkansas.

Channel 5 Refused To Cover Up The Josh Duggar Sex Scandal From Its Outset In Early 2021

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It makes me happy that at least the local Arkansas television networks are giving the Josh Duggar sex scandal the coverage that it so deserves. That is what I call responsible journalism. However, it is still not enough. Our national television networks have a duty to inform the American people about these atrocities in which Josh has been involved. Nancy Grace did not overlook this same crime story when information about it first got out into the open, and she discussed it on a podcast of hers back in May of 2021.

Jupilu is the author of this image.

Jupilu is the author of this image.

Josh Duggar Will Have Nowhere To Hide From The Public Eye Once His Criminal Trial Heats Up

Mainstream media networks have not seemed to have said much about the current situation involving Josh. Once in a while Fox News will broadcast a word or two about how the Duggar family is dealing with all the legalities that Josh has caused them in relation to his current sex scandal.

Nevertheless, once Josh's criminal trial goes underway, news networks around the globe are going to be interested in the findings of the court and the results of the trial. For years, Josh has misrepresented himself as a clean-cut young man who follows all the rules by getting married before the age of 23 and procreating a large family. He has even partaken in the promotion of Puritanical propaganda regarding how one must walk the white line in life. However, he has lived a life that is quite opposite to the image of himself that he deceitfully sells to the public at large.

If Josh is convicted in a court of law of all his crimes of moral turpitude involving children, it will mark the beginning of the end of the Duggar family's walk in the spotlight of fame. His parents are desperately attempting to fool the world into believing that Josh could never have committed the kinds of offenses he did against children on the Internet. They will sink with the Duggar ship once the truth prevails.

I can appreciate anyone's argument that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, I do not believe that the Federal authorities are seeking to send Josh to prison for a long time only to satisfy their own personal whims. If they did not have the kind of compelling evidence that they needed to convict him, they would have likely dropped the criminal charges against him or they at least would have offered him a very generous plea bargain deal.

If Jim Bob Duggar does get elected to office again, my major hope would be that District Judge Timothy L. Brooks along with Assistant United States Attorneys Carly Marshall and Dustin Roberts do not cave in to pressure from the public in their locality and allow for Josh to weasel his way out of this one. Justice must be served; and if Josh really committed these same crimes, he must be punished for them.

DaModernDaVinci is the author of this picture.

DaModernDaVinci is the author of this picture.

Final Thoughts

Josh Duggar has run out of options in his and his lawyers' efforts to get the criminal charges against him dismissed on technicalities. He went as far as trying to put the blame for the Federal indictments against him on two different occupants of the Oval Office as explained in my article titled "Josh Duggar Should Stop Blaming Presidents For His Crimes." His father, Jim Bob, can run for office and try to get elected. However, if Jim Bob does get elected as a state senator in Arkansas, the Federal officials involved in Josh's trial will not necessarily submit to his attempts to use his political influence to get Josh off the hook. Why Jim Bob would want to run for office and expect to get elected is beyond my comprehension as explained in my article titled "Jim Bob Duggar Is A Fool To Re-enter Politics."

Joshua Barbour from the YouTube channels named The Dad Challenge Podcast and The Dad Challenge Channel needs to stop wasting his time doing derogatory videos about YouTube family vloggers and concentrate the bulk of his efforts on exposing reality television show celebrities like Josh Duggar for their heinous crimes against children, because this is where most of the entertainment industry's problems lie. This same YouTuber used to be a minister himself. Therefore, he has to know something about this kind of abuse that goes on within these people's family and social circles.

If Josh Duggar is able to walk away from this rap against him unscathed, he will be very lucky. He has been getting off the hook most of his life. It may be time for him to find out how actions can and do have consequences before he does even greater harm to another human being than he has already done.

Meanwhile, the television networks need to continue to heighten their coverage of the Josh Duggar sex scandal so that the public will stay informed of what is happening with it. Public awareness is a valuable tool that is necessary to protect a society from the ills of ignorance.

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