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The Joe Biden and Hunter Biden Dilemma

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Obama, Joe, Hunter

Obama, Joe, Hunter

It may not be a smart move for Joe Biden, former VP of the USA, to run for President in 2020. There are numerous problem areas that will bog his attempt down into the mud. It already has started with good cause. While Joe has his own problems, his son, Hunter, simply acerbates the whole thing and sends out a "red" signal, or at least it should.

Sure, Hunter Biden is not running, but with all the criticism that Trump has got regarding his family, Biden should think twice if he wants to get into the fray.

Unwanted Touching

Joe Biden is a touchy type of person, perhaps where it is really unwanted or needed and can be misconstrued for sure online and in photos. Even before Lucy Flores' charge of creepy and unwanting touching during a 2014 campaign for a government office (where Biden endorsed her) sent Joe into panic mode. He quickly responded it want not his intention for her to feel this way or that there was any sexual intent, just a hug or pat on the shoulder. Lucy Flores stated that it is not about what was intended, but how the action was received or perceived by the victim (as in sexual harassment). She said it bothered her greatly that this older man was touching her. She is not alone. There are many photos and videos out there showing , how in the past, Joe Biden hugged or patted or kissed women or girls. The visual is simply not good especially when it is clear, very clear, that the victim tries to move away or makes a face showing displeasure. It may and probably is, all very innocent from the perspective of Biden, but unfortunately, in the public eye and now accusation, it will not go down well.

Hunter Biden

Hunter is like the "troubled" son and love from his dad is no doubt forgiving, but just how the Republicans and general public see it may prove too much for dad in the end. It looks creepy.

Hunter has had a cocaine habit in the past. When his brother Beau died, Hunter, at some point after, started to have an affair with Beau's widow. Whether they are in love now or in the past does not matter, the appearance DOES matter. It just looks creepy and bad, but love works in mysterious ways.

Hunter also got an officer commission at age 43 in the Naval Reserve with the help from his dad. The age limit for such a commission is age 40. Getting such a commission is a very difficult thing to do when you are over 40. He then was discharged when he tested for coke. While all this is bad, Hunter's association with a bank account that he used to withdraw funds from 2014-16, was given $3 million dollars (as well as from other depositors) from Burisma, a Ukrainian company owned by a Russian oligarch charged with money laundering in previous years. The charges were ultimately dropped in Ukraine in 2014. Another deposit into the same account came from Bohai Harvest, a Chinese firm. There is another $1.2 million deposit from a LLC with a Swiss bank. The people behind the LLC are unknown, but the bank has been investigated by six countries for money laundering.

This is the more serious things that could derail Joe Biden because when these things occurred to Hunter, he was VP in the Obama administration. Joe directly dealt with the same countries as his son did. It, again, looks bad. During the Obama years, it usually was the VP interacting with China or Ukraine and he was a push over when it came to the Chinese in the South China Sea.

Like with the Trump family members, countries like to befriend the American administration with perks and donations to its family members, whether it is Biden or Trump. It hopefully gives them a favorable status. It's a very touchy issue because as Joe Biden went to China for agreements and negotiation, Hunter was there making deals with the Bank of China for his own company, Rosemont Seneca. Naturally, Hunter gained income from his father's status. No different that any of the Trump kids and their father's real estate empire. They are all making financial gains.

The mess just never ends.

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Brad on April 04, 2019:


For what question?

perrya (author) on April 04, 2019:

I don't think Biden is the answer

Brad on April 02, 2019:


How about that he is like Hillary a part of the president Barack Obama heritage? Is Barack Obama not part of the democrat political force, and if so wouldn't Biden be associated with him for his run for the presidency?

His age wouldn't be a factor, if he was only running to dethrone the republican president? He wouldn't have to go for reelection.

perrya (author) on April 02, 2019:

Not so sure about that. Biden does represent the past and even the boomers over 60 may not like his age issue, but want a new face. Still, if he does enter, he should be prepared for the shit to fly on his past record and on his son. The whole optic is just creepy and bad. By the time 2020 is here, may voters will be sick of both parties and their candidates.

Brad on April 01, 2019:

That is a shame because no democrat could beat Joe Biden for the primary.

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