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The January 6th Commission Hearings and Keeping an Open Mind

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


And so it begins.....

If you are one who chooses to tune into the televised January 6th Commission Hearings beginning on June 9, 2022, it is my sincere hope that along with an open mind, you will keep, a few things, in mind.

Personally, I will be thinking about what I've thought about several times since this happened back in January of 2021.

For starters, a proverb:

There but for the grace of God go I

I wanted to be there, in our Nation's Capital, that day.

I see it as our duty!

According to the first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, we the people, are to peaceably assemble and petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We had a grievance/a concern, a complaint alright

We went to bed on election night believing that Donald Trump was about to begin serving his second term.

Trump's lead was undeniable, seemingly insurmountable; but we woke up to the news that Joe Biden had, in fact, won!

Due to?

Ballots which had either come in late or had been discovered and so, the count continued on through election night.

Even mystery ballots with no way whatsoever to prove their origin or their authenticity, many with no markings, other than, apparently, a lone mark for...Joe Biden.

Throughout the night they came; showing up late in several districts; putting Joe Biden over the top, which had him, finishing ahead!

It was fishy and suspicious; everyone and their brother, surely, even Barack, knew it!

Whether everyone, their brother and even Barack are willing to admit it, that's another story!

I digress.....

I wanted to be there, alongside many others, in a supportive role of President Trump, but the friend that I had planned to go with, couldn't manage it.

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It was such a crazy, ugly time between COVID, coming off of a season of anti-America-types, rioting, acting out in hate, destroying cities, attacking police officers, toppling history and on top of everything...the shocking election results!

I've been told, more than once, to get over it and that what's done is done.

But, when one factors in the convenience of voting which was provided, due to COVID, one must absolutely factor in the convenience for fraud and for cheating to occur!

If there was ever a time for a redress of grievances, this was it/this is it - as far as I, and millions of others, are concerned!

Especially if you've seen any of the evidence which the Democratic Party and mainstream media have sought to keep under wraps.

Such as *mules who worked tirelessly throughout election night. Seeing to it that these mystery ballots were delivered to various polling places.

I, personally, wanted to go to D.C., to support President Trump, to be a part of a large constituency, by our presence alone, saying loudly and clearly, this is not okay; this must not be swept under the carpet, suppressed and forgotten.

I know that was the reasoning for the majority on that particular day!

I heard them, in real time, being interviewed over the radio and on television, as the events of the day began to unfold and throughout the coming days, in the aftermath.

Lest we forget, we the people have also been commissioned!

Yes, I believe that many troublemakers were in our Nation's Capital that day, there always are...but I also believe that the majority were there, because they, as I, felt it their duty to be there, if they could:

"or prohibiting the free exercise thereof - the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

While you are considering our commission, consider this, Amendment VI:

"in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed."

If you choose to tune into the Jan. 6th Commission Hearings, keep in mind that U.S. citizens who were there that day, many who did nothing wrong (other than ignore their gut or some signs of something developing) have been imprisoned since that day {or soon after} for well over one year, without getting their day in court!

Keep in mind that there is video evidence of an open entrance in the Capitol Building, with Capital Police standing aside, as many of the attendees, U.S. citizens, walked through the open doors and right past them!

I, personally, do not believe that the January 6 Commission Hearings will consider any favorable video evidence or any favorable eyewitness evidence.

After watching two bogus impeachment trials of President Trump, after watching Brett Kavanaugh (whose life has now been threatened by the way) raked over the coals for no reason whatsoever, I have become disillusioned over what should happen in our Nation's Capital and what actually happens!

But For The Grace of God

Stay With Me

I know that I am asking you to consider a lot of things when and if you decide to tune into the January 6 Commission Hearings, but I am going to add to the list.

Consider the plight of Ethan Nordean, don't dismiss him because he is a member of the Proud Boys; there is no evidence, as is the case with members/followers of BLM and ANTIFA, that the Proud Boys have done anything close to what these leftists organizations have done.

Did you know that he {Nordean} has been imprisoned for 13 months, most of that time in solitary confinement, not even charged with a crime until this week, the week of the January 6 Commission Hearings?

Thirteen months later and he has finally been charged!

He was charged with *sedition.

He isn't the only U.S. citizen who has been treated so horrifically, there are many!

What have I been thinking about?

As the Commission Hearings are now upon us!

This could have been me!

Is it possible that I could have gotten caught up, ending up in the wrong place, at the wrong time, ending up, as Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt did - dead?

She was shot in the neck by a Capital Police Officer; all charges against him have been dismissed. Again, it was a crazy day, a crazy time, I think most of us understand the plight of Police Officers by now, I am not passing judgment on this man.

Contrary to what you may have heard, she, Ashli Babbitt, was the only person to die that day!

She was a veteran, a staunch Trump supporter, patriotic and she was also unarmed and not threatening anyone that day, but nevertheless...she's dead!

I'd like to think that I would have been in close talks with the angel on my shoulder, in tune with my gut, and left after Trump's speech, as many did.

But, I can't say for sure - if I heard that people were being allowed into the Capitol Building, I might have been tempted....

No doubt, some took it too far that day, I am absolutely not condoning their actions!

I am simply questioning why, although there is no evidence of many of these people doing anything wrong or participating in any crime, they have been imprisoned (often in solitary confinement) for over one year now!

Another man, also there that day, not a member of the Proud Boys, but rather the founder of the Walkaway Campaign, Brandon Straka, a former Democrat, has been treated very much the same as Mr. Nordean.

The Walkaway campaign began with longtime members of the Democratic Party, getting behind President Trump and leaving behind, a political party that they had grown fed up with and felt had left them, long, long ago!

Whatever you think about Mrs. Babbitt or the two men I've mentioned and their personal reasons for being there that day; thinking they should have known better, thinking they should have known when to walk away, yet again, would you deny these men their day in court?

Add to the growing list of things to note, as you watch these Hearings, what of BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa?

These left-wing groups who, for months on end, started fires, looted businesses, threw Molotov cocktails, assaulted police officers, assaulted innocent shop owners and any random person who just happened to get in their way, because they don't care about anyone or anything else....

They who toppled statues and first responder's vehicles; they who covered their neighborhoods and their graffiti, trash, vulgarity and filth!

Why have they gotten a pass?

Because they aren't conservatives, because they aren't Republicans, because they aren't Trump supporters!

Why does a person who walked through an open door, {in many of the cases on January 6th} get put away in a prison, locked away and forgotten, deprived their rights, while these groups were/still are, continually ignored and when asked, the left describes them as "understandably angry"?

Why can't those on the right ever be seen as "understandably angry"?

Because they are conservatives, because they are Republicans, because they are Trump supporters!

2000 Mules Movie Trailer

Stay Tuned

I don't know that I can watch any of it.

I've seen enough of the bias waged against the right, Republicans, Conservatives, this Country, those who have chosen to walk away from the Democratic Party, those who have chosen to take a stand for America, in the past few short years, to last an entire lifetime!

I will keep tabs, but that may be all that I can tolerate and stomach!

I will revisit this article once the January 6 Commission Hearings have ended and write the final paragraph.

There but for the grace of God, go I.

Stay tuned.....


As stated, I proposed revisiting this article in order to add, the final paragraph.

However, we have been informed that there is new evidence, more people coming forward, some with ties to the Trump Administration and that this "Hearing" isn't wrapping up quite yet.

New leads are coming in quicker than mystery ballots came in for Joe Biden on election night!

So we must all stay tuned and tuned into this ever-developing "Hearing".

The committee hopes to have it all wrapped up, by the time Fall {and the mid-term election) rolls around.

But, I will add this. I realize that this update is dripping with sarcasm, but these prosecutors and that's what they are, don't leave much room for me to keep an open mind for a fair and just outcome!

© 2022 A B Williams

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