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The Immigration Dilemma

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In the 2016 Presidential race between two horrible candidates, immigration is a hot topic. The issue revolves around the 11 million or so immigrants that are more likely than not, here illegally. Some have suggested to herd these people up like cattle and send them home, breaking up families, if need be. It is more likely, the children of illegals are Americans while their parents are not. Some families have already been divided up, some purely American kids return to their parent’s home country when deported only to find it hard in a Third World country. These kids speak only English. They are American in every sense of the word, yet, because of the immigration policy suddenly find their lives upended.

Of course, there are criminal dogs that give immigration a bad name. The murder of Americans hiding in sanctuary cities is simply a crime itself. These cities harbor those hiding in the shadows. They prevent ICE from knowing when they are released from jail just to do the crime again. Like radical Islamic terrorism, whereas, few bad Muslims tarnish the entire religion with suspicion and hate, the illegal criminals give immigration a bad name. However, it is well known that most immigrants arriving are not this element. Without the illegal immigrant, crop production would hurt greatly, 50% of the workers in those fields are here illegally. They get paid $12 hr. Farmers will tell you that Americans refuse to do this work. In one case, out of a crew of 300 that picked fruit, only two were American citizens. Americans think this type of work is degrading.

Illegal immigration comes in two forms, either, sneaking across the border or expired visas. Those arriving on a visitor visa can usually stay up to six months time. They may be able to do this several times if the visa is B1\B2 over five years. Usually, after such a stay, they must leave for several months before returning. The American immigration created a large part of this problem. Once the visitor is in the USA, there is no tracking or reporting system in place. Once the visa expires, the person can just remain indefinitely until caught in a crime, working, or is reported to ICE, using their anonymous hotline at Unlike many countries, there is no electronic tracking or flagging in the visa system to alert ICE that a person has not left the country when due. How would they even find them? Most earn money “under the table”.

My Dilemma

This brings me to this dilemma. I do know someone from Jordan. A nice middle aged man who has been here 2-3 years. Originally, he was granted a B2 visa and arrived and worked for his American brother at his gas station. His visa expired years ago, as he could stay up to six months. But, he wants a better life and does speak English well. He and an American woman are now living together, in love, marriage may occur. He will be safe once this happens.

Would you file an anonymous report with ICE to investigate? Would you do nothing and look the other way? Is there a right thing to do here? What if it was a family where the kids are American and parents are not? Could you REALLY file a report?

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