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The Heroes of Flight 93


United we stand divided we fall. Lesson to be learned. Can we learn it is the question.

Seventeen years ago I went to bed, for the first time in my life, afraid. Afraid for the future of our country and for the future of the whole world. That fear changed me. I no longer took for granted what I believed to be the America I grew up in. I no longer took for granted that our country was a safe harbor. I felt fear when my Dad died. But this was different. It was a realization that we were up against a hatred aimed at our country, our way of life, at us. It was a hatred few of us understood.

I guess an innocence was lost that day for all of us.

But even in the darkest of times, Americans find a way, no matter how threatened, to come together to find a solution. We see this time and time again.

This was never more evident than on United Flight 93, hijacked by Muslim terrorists, which went down in Shanksville, Pa. on 9/11.

The real story isn't just the incredible heroism of those people who charged the cockpit, but what drove and pushed them to do what they did.

Think about this. They voted on what to do. I cannot think of anything that shouts AMERICA more than the fact that knowing they were facing imminent death, these heroes decided to put the decision on what and how to do it, to the very essence of our republic.

When we think about unity, we need to remember that when faced with the ultimate loss, being death, it mattered not to those people who was a Democrat or who was a Republican. It didn't alter the vote who was black or who was white. It didn't change the resolve to do whatever they could do to save the Capitol Building if someone was gay or straight, rich or poor.

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At the moment when those brave people accepted their fate, they also accepted that they were Americans and by birth and therefore, patriotism, they had no choice but to be united and do what they could do to save any lives they could save.

We should all be honored by their sacrifice. We should all remember that when it mattered most, nothing mattered more than being united. We should all remember this when being united seems as far away from our reality as dying that day seemed to the passengers on United Flight 93.

Nothing was more important than being one nation, under God, to the heroes on that plane that day.


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